Well that was it. Lumino had looked through all of the "windows" that were still intact and still had no answers. This both baffled and worried the old man. He needed to find out what was going on before even more damage could be done.

The darkness he felt earlier pulsed again. Frantically, he looked at each "window" to try and determine which one it came from. He was shocked though that it came not from one of the "windows", but an unfamiliar portal that appeared before him. He got on guard, thinking that something might come through, but soon found that this portal worked similar to his "windows" in that it can only looked through. Doing so, Lumino stepped back in shock from what he saw.

Through the window was the object Lumino had been searching for. It was the giant white hand and that was it. While Lumino was relieved that there was no giant creature attached to the hand, but it was still disconcerting that this was the thing causing the trouble. He needed to handle this now before it got away.

Putting his hands together, Lumino focused his powers and blasted the dark portal with a beam of light…only for it to rebound off the portal. Lumino stared wide-eyed as the hand-like creature let out a sinister laugh.

The man of light started to shake. What just happened? How could his power be reflected like that? Lumino was not a prideful man, but he took relief in the fact that his power was beyond all others, so why was this creature able to reflect it as if it were nothing? He had to find a way to get rid of this creature now!

Lumino closed his eyes and focused his power once again. This time though he sought for something or someone who had the potential of fighting such darkness. His eyes soon snapped open and he looked over to the right where he felt the source of strength. Where he was looking was a small "window", one he did not recognize and must have overlooked many times. He had many other questions about this "window", but those would have to wait. He needed to find the strength now!

Closing his eyes and focusing his powers for a third time, Lumino started his search.



There it is. The end of Book One. Sorry for the cliffhanger ending, but Book Two will pick up where this one ended and it will actually have dialogue between characters.

Book Two will also star an Original Character, so word of warning for that. As I mentioned earlier, Book Two will be what my first SSB fic – Light Within the Dark – was supposed to be. Hopefully, it will be better written, with a better main protagonist, and hopefully people will actually read it this time around. If you're willing to read New Smash Bros. Interviews, which I'm surprised it became as popular as it did, then you'd be willing to read my Smash Universe books.