With Snow dead and the Hunger Games destroyed, all were full of hope for the future. Parties were thrown, celebrations made. No more living in fear and hunger.

But, in the midst of all the celebrations, something strange occurred. A mysterious thief came, and kidnapped 26 pure children, all 6 years old. Authorities were immediately notified, but no one managed to retrieve the kids, much to their parents' dismay. Soon, the event was forgotten entirely, and no one seemed to suspect anything.

What they didn't know was that the kidnapper was a brilliant but mad scientist. Snow's grandson, named Herald, sent away for exile years back for an unforgivable crime. He was actually sentenced to death, but since Snow couldn't bear to kill his own grandson, he sent him away for exile instead, with the hope that he will survive alone in the harsh surroundings of the Outside.

Not that anyone's been to the Outside before.

As Herald journeyed out, despairing, he came across people. They too, were exiled years ago like him. Instead of giving up, they strive on, finding food, building shelters, inventing technologies mankind hasn't seen yet. They were survivors.

They were very pleased when they found out that Herald was incredibly intelligent, and decided to make use of his abilities fully. It wasn't long before he proved himself worthy, and they acknowledged him as their leader. They named themselves Organization XII. The members consist of:

1. The leader and the brains, Herald a.k.a Hazard. The smartest and the strongest of the five.

2. The warrior, Zack a.k.a Zeus. He's all brawns and muscles.

3. The spy, Divya a.k.a Devious. Can slip away unnoticed by anyone anywhere.

4. The technician, Akane a.k.a Athena. She's a computer whiz.

5. The inventor, Daniel a.k.a Daedalus. The mad scientist, Hazard'spersonal assistant.

These five had the same purpose in mind. Revenge. Towards the Capitol. Towards the Districts. Towards all of Panem that had turned their backs on them. Genious and thirst for vengeance make a dangerous combination.

Together, they created 26 different serums that are able to enhance a person's abilities, i.e make them immune to heat, increase their agility, etc. The problem was that these serums could not be tested, so they were kept locked in a cabinet, where they stayed, gathering dust for years.

Until they heard that Snow had been overthrown, the Hunger Games no more. Hazard, with his twisted mind, came up with an idea. That they would kidnap 26 children and use the serums on them. The children will be stronger, faster, and incredibly dangerous. All the better to watch them tear each others' throat out isn't it?

Hazard was impatient to quench his thirst for bloodlust, and hear the despairing cries of their family as they watched their children mutated, now killing machines. He planned on assassinating the current leaders of Panem, especially Katniss Everdeen and her family. Then he would reign supreme over the whole country, bringing terror into the world again. Worse of all, he planned on recreating the Hunger Games, only this one's much deadlier.

The Death Carnival.