One final chapter.

Get ready for a prequel of Death Carnival. Short 100-word drabbles on the life of the tributes before they were captured.

A sequel is also coming soon; how soon, I don't know yet.


Exactly at 16 57 in the afternoon, right after Hazard declared himself winner, the invasion on Panem started. Hovercrafts of all sizes appeared in the sapphire sky, bringing with them thousands upon thousands of brainwashed soldiers, all injected with the serums of the Death Carnival contestants. They wield all kinds of blasters and rifles, all wearing armor that was as hard as diamond. Some were mutated, having paws and claws instead of hands and fingernails, baring their inhuman fangs. Some had glowing red eyes that shot lasers. Others wield whips crackling with electricity.

Chaos took over.

Guttural screams of the injured and dying.

Blood flowed like river, dripping down to the drains.


Panem's most elite soldiers were called out, but the opposing force had the advantage of surprise, not to mention outnumbering them by a few hundreds. They fell, one by one, until it was clear whose side had claimed victory. Panem; or what was left of it, is now under the mercy of Hazard's vicious soldiers.

Hazard came shortly after, his team forming a defensive circle around him. Devious, her red hair pulled up in a ponytail, carried knives capable of gutting a cow. Athena and Daedalus each wielded special blasters specially invented by Daedalus himself that shot beams which paralyze people for hours; and maybe even kill them if hit several times. Zeus really had no need for any weapons –he's capable of crushing someone's neck with one hand- but he carried a sword anyway. Hazard was free of weapons, clearly trusting his minions to clean out the enemies for him; that is, if there was any left.

Together, they stormed up to the Presidential Building, catching Paylor and her guards off guard, killing the guards with ease and had Paylor herself at gunpoint.

Deafening silence enveloped the room as everyone waited for either Hazard or Paylor to speak.

It was Paylor who broke the silence. "Where is she?" she croaked hoarsely.

"Who?" Hazard replied suavely.

"You know who. Our Mockingjay," she snarled. "Where is she?!" she hissed, eyes narrowed into slits.

"Oh, her," Hazard sighed with exaggerated boredom. "She's probably hurling insults at no one in particular and screaming her head off in her cell. Let's just say we haven't been allowing her to visit her on-the-verge-of-death husband."

Paylor let out a strangled gasp, her expression full of pain. Hazard smiled, none too kindly. "She's the least of your worries, President Paylor. I suggest you start caring about your well being before caring about others."

Paylor gave a sudden jerk, attempting to get up from her chair. Devious, quick as lightning, had her knife out, the blade touching Paylor's neck.

"Don't. Move," she warned.

Paylor hesitated a while before flopping back down on her chair, hopeless. "What do you want with me?" she snapped.

Hazard clucked his tongue, shaking his head. "Manners, manners President." He then leaned in closer, so his face was only inches away from hers. If Paylor felt intimidated, she did a good job at hiding it.

"Let's start with you answering this question." Hazard then lowered his voice to barely a whisper.

"Where is my sister?"

Thanks Ace for the suggestion! Loved the idea!