Warning: This is what happens when you let your imagination run too wild. I cannot stress enough how completely fake all this is, and that I don't condone this kind of "play" if it isn't consensual. I wrote it purely for fun and not to upset or offend anyone. Please enjoy an read and at your own risk.

Its Kendall Kink, and I really love it. I hope you all do too! Let me know what you think!

"I find it hard to believe you have never let me do this before. You are such a little treat…it hurts to know that for the past 3 years we've lived together, you've never let me…eat you up." I could tell there was a small twitch of her arms. She was either gripping the ropes tied around her wrists, or flexing her arms to push up off her back. Whatever reason, she was very affected by my words and my actions. That only egged me on further. "You are pretty God damn sexy for letting me do this. Now for the last time, before we get actually into this…you remember our safe word right?" I watched her pretty little head nod once while her lips tightened around the tie in her mouth. It was one of my black ties that just seconds ago, I had put in her mouth, and tied around her head in the back, under the high pony tail on her head. Her pretty pink lips looked so damn tasty I wanted to start right now, and suck and bite all over them. "Tell me what it is…" I stood up slowly form my chair and reached down with my right hand and gently brushed over her bottom lip with my thumb. I stuck in my pointer finger and tugged on the tie releasing it form her mouth. As soon as it was out of her mouth she gasped quietly, and smiled, turning her head to face me.

"It's bingo, and I don't think I'm going to use it especially because my mouth will be tied shut. I'm 100% in, it was my idea, just please stop teasing me jerk." I smirked as wide as I could seeing her wet her lips with her pink little tongue. "When are you going to grow some balls and just fuck me into Tuesday?" Without giving her any warning, thankfully, the other black tie around her eyes shielding her form any of my advances, I grabbed the tie, again, and shoved it in her mouth. A small moan vibrated from her throat making the buldge in my jeans twitch once again.

"Fine little girl…we'll play you're way. I hope you're ready because right now, I'm not your sweet lovable, kind, sexy boyfriend anymore. I am now…" I moved closer to the dining room table until the top of my thigh touched the wood and pushed my hand in between her legs. She was wearing a costume, one that she surprised me with when I go home tonight. I wanted to just rip off the stupid fabric already but kept it together. She attempted to arch her back off the wood, the restraints of her arms keeping her body pretty still. I loved that the way I tied her, first her ankles, then her wrists, behind her back. Then to go just a step forward, going along with her fantasy, and mine, I put the rope around her stomach and tied it under the table. It seemed too extreme as a kink for me in the beginning, but when I saw her completely tied, at my will, ready for me to do absolutely anything to her, my hormones got the best of me.

I was still a little fuzzy on how her being tied up and the "story" she wanted fit together, but I honestly didn't care about logistics right now. I knew I just wanted to take her, in any position, anywhere for the rest of the night. The first thing I knew I had to do was get myself ready for the part. The part of a teacher disciplining one of his students for being too…sexy. She obviously wasn't trying to have a thick plot line, only thinking with sex in mind, which I didn't mind, I just thought it was a little too corny. The rope, which I made sure not to tie to tight, was set just above her belly button. The costume she was wearing, had a tiny little white button up shirt, cut off just below her breast. There was a small tie, that with one pull form my fingers, would open the shirt completely exposing her perfect, round, supple double D's. I ignored the shirt, letting my eyes dart down to her plaid red and black Minnie skirt. Actually you couldn't really call it a skirt because it barely covered her ass, or her center. You could clearly see the white laced thong in the front and her cute little bubble butt in the back. She also had on a pair of black high pumps that seemed to really turn me on. "So…" I put my fingertips on her thigh making her tense up and turn her head away from me. I slowly started to walk down the table, dragging my fingers with me. "You're the naughty little slut who likes to show off her sexy body to her teacher, and thinks she can get away with it." A low moan left her muffled mouth just as my fingertips went over her knee and down her shin. I continued until I made it to her foot. I turned and walked tot eh end of the table looking down between her legs staring up her skirt. "For some reason…I have a hard time believing those white panties mean you're…pure. I guess the only way to find out is…" I now put both my hands between her legs, down at her ankles, and forcefully shoved them apart. A moan, another one this time louder came from her while she turned her head, again to the other side. "You like showing off your skin, and your tits? Do you like letting every guy eye fuck you as he walks by? You're just a bad…bad little girl. You need to be punished and punished you will be." I reached forward, fast and gently slapped the inside of her left thigh. She groaned kind of loud arching her back off the table, popping her chest out even more. "Oh you don't like that? Huh…you don't like a little punishment. You want to tease but you don't want people to touch you. Do you know what guys call you?" I quickly walked to the other side of the table and put both hands outside her head on the table and bent down to her ear. "You're a cock tease. You are a dirty filthy cock tease and you need to have a taste of your own medicine. Now…keep your legs spread just like they are, do you understand me?" She nodded her head softly and just for a second I broke my character to bend down and gently kiss her ear. "I love you." I whispered it gently seeing a small smile form as I straightened back up. I breathed out slowly and softly, and turned away completely form her. Sitting on the kitchen counter, just feet from me, was one of my black duffle bags I use for going to the gym. It wasn't big, but when she set the bag on the counter it sounded heavy. I hadn't looked at it yet, but I had a few ideas what was in it when she it was her bag of "tricks".

I peered in almost as if a scary monster would jump out and kill me. Fortunately, nothing scary was in there. Sitting right on top right in plain view was a simple, wooden ruler. I chuckled mostly to myself and took the rule rout of the bag. The next thing on top was something that made my cheeks a little red. It was a blue dildo that seemed brand new. I swallowed hard and turned away from the embarrassing bag, still holding the ruler. She was in the same position I had left her, except not really. Her legs were back together, and now bent at the knees raised off the table. Her heels were flat on the table which normally I would love to see, but right now I was a teacher, disciplining my student. "You just don't know how to behave do you?" I walked to the table again and harshly and roughly slapped the ruler down onto the wood of the table. Wood smacking onto wood made her jump slightly and bite harder onto the tie in her mouth. "I told you to keep your legs spread…you're such a naughty filthy little bitch aren't you?" I reached underneath her knees and quickly raised her legs. I kept one of my arms, not holding the ruler on her legs, making them point straight up in the air. I swallowed hard seeing her butt in the most perfect of lighting .I squeezed around the end of the ruler and raised my hand just a bit, before bringing the ruler back down, right onto her ass. A loud muffled moan came through the gag and her body moved around a bit at the momentary pain. A strange knot, almost of arousal tightened in my stomach seeing the immediate red mark on both ass cheeks. I could barely, but I did, turned my head to look at her face. Her cheeks were flushed which meant she was either aroused, or hurt. I was going to assume she was aroused because she wasn't trying to say anything. "Such a bad little girl. I need to teach you a serious lesson." I roughly, without care, let go of her legs, making them smack to the table with a thud. I walked two steps to the counter behind me and grabbed the strong pair of scissors I knew would cut the rope tying her to the table. I walked back to her and listened and watcher her moan and wiggle in pain. "Stay still." She went completely still fast and I snipped the rope making ti fall tot eh wood floor beneath us. Again without care, I tossed the scissors behind me and grabbed her arm pulling her up off her back. I did the one thing I had been wanting to do for quite a while and ripped open her top. She was wearing no bra, upon my request. I grabbed her left breast hard and put my face in her neck kissing it gently. I messaged her breast, paying high attention to her sensitive nipple. I squeezed it once, roughly earning a moan from her and another twitch form my pants. "Since you like to talk so much…lets what else that mouth of yours can do." I forcefully turned her body and pulled her off the table, gently and carefully, until her heels hit the floor. I knew her butt was still resting on table, but all I need was for her mouth to be…ready. I pulled the tie out again but covered it with my hand just as she was gasping for air. "You say one word besides, yes sir, or no sir, you will get punished again. Do you understand me?" I slowly removed my hand form her mouth and she nodded wetting her lips.

"Yes sir." I smiled big and let go of her breast, still holding her arm. I pulled her along with me while I walked to the chair at the head of the table. I sat down first holding her arm still and looked up at her newly exposed chest.

"Get on your knees. Now." Without missing a beat she fell to her knees in front of me, between my open legs. I let go of her arm gently and used both my hands to undo the belt on my pants. I was fast to undo my zipper and button and reached in pulling out my hard cock. I rubbed it up and down gently, a few times before leaning back and grabbing the back of her head at the same time. She scooted forward, on her knees and when I laid back completely in the chair, I pulled her head closer. "Open your mouth." She did slowly making sure I saw her do it slowly. "Let's see how innocent you really are slut." I put her mouth right in front of my dick just so her lips could touch my tip. Her lips wrapped around my tip and I forcefully shoved my dick right into her mouth, all the way to the back of it. She made a slight gagging noise but I ignored it. I was too far turned on to even come close to stopping. I wrapped my fingers in the pony tail on her head and pulled it up making her mouth slide up my dick only so I could push it back down, harder and faster this time. Usually if I get a blow job she's slow and sensual. But I was in control this time, and I was going to love every second of it.

We had decided on a code, word in case I got to rough and she didn't want to anymore. And when she pushed away from me fast, I thought Bingo was going to come up and she was going to leave me. But Bingo never left her mouth thank God. She was just adding fuel to my fire. "No." I continued to hold the back of her hair and pushed myself up on the chair. The red lipstick she had on her lips was a little smeared form the tie and my dick which only made her that much hotter.

"Did you just say no to me?" She titled her head down gently and nodded softly. "You like to be punished down you whore?"

"Yes sir." I stood up as fast as I could hoping I wasn't about to get as rough as I wanted to. I pulled her up with me, and spun her fast pushing her back into my front. I walked us both, her kind of stumbling, with her ankles still tied together. When she pushed into the table, I put a hand on the center of her back and bent her over the table. Her ass pushed into my bare dick and the feel of her soft butt made me shiver and my head tilt back, with pure ecstasy. "Please sir…I want another spanking." I loved this dirty, kinky side of her and without even thinking, with my bare hand I brought it down on her ass and slapped as hard as I could.

"What else do you want baby?" I grabbed the rope holding her hands together and squeezed hard, rubbing my dick between her ass cheeks.

"I want…I want your dick Mr. Knight. Inside me." I let her go completely and reached under her skirt, pulling down her thong. Because of her ankles tied the thong couldn't come off completely but I didn't need it to. I reached down and in-between her legs, feeling her moist and very patiently waiting for me. I shoved two fingers inside her making her moan sad placed the side of her head on the cool of the wood table. "Mmmm more please sir." With my free hand, I raised it and slapped her ass, in the same place again. "Ohh….Mmmm more."

"More what?"

"More sir." I pulled my fingers out form her and gently tugged at my dick. I sort of teased her with it, rubbing the tip around her folds.

"Is this what you want?"

"Yes sir." I bent over top of her biting on the lobe of her ear kind of hard.

"I can't hear you slut."

"Yes sir! I want your dick!" I quickly and roughly shoved myself deep inside her. An ear shattering scream ripped from her mouth but it wasn't even as loud as my grunt. I couldn't help but push in and out of her beautiful body as fast and as hard as I could. My balls were slapping hard against her making an erotic sound that only pushed me to keep going. I could feel herself tighten up around my cock still pumping into her, only after a few thrust, telling em she had cum, and that it was okay for me to cum as well. I only saw white as I fell against her back and sputtered inside her with every ounce of energy I could muster. To me, it seemed kind of like a short coming because we had this buildup of emotions and sex, all for it to end with me cumming only 20 seconds after I got indie her. Regardless…I felt amazing.

I held around her gently and more sweetly then I had been, when I fell back onto the chair behind me. She sat gently on my lap and while I untied her hands form behind her back, she shimmed out of the tie around her eyes. When her hands got free, she bent down, still on my lap and untied her ankles. I soothingly and gently rubbed up and down her tan back, panting like a dog. When she straightened herself out, she laid back on my chest and breathed out hard running a hand over her face. I smiled into her neck kissing it softly and closed my eyes. "So?" She snorted only once and grabbed both my hands, acing them together and wrapping my arms around her stomach.