It's been a long day. Way, way, way too. Especially for it being the one day that's supposed to go nice and slow and easy. My birthday. I actually wished I hadn't woken up. I woke up to nothing. No sunshine, no balloon's, and no breakfast. I woke up to a zombie apocalypse. Not literally obviously but…it felt like it. No one even called me let alone sent me a text. No happy b-days from my girlfriends, and no long over done call from my mom telling me about how much of a woman I am growing into. And even more upsetting, no call or anything from my supposed boyfriend. Now I can't complain about much because I just moved. TO a new state. For college. But that's why we have phones jerks! And that's why we have internet assholes! The only person who even brought up my birthday was my English teacher. Literally all she asked me if it was my birthday. I smiled and nodded nicely and she said…nothing. So I took my seat and went on the rest of my stupid boring depressing day with no one at all. School sucked and so did work, and getting home after 9 hours all I wanted was to curl up into a little ball and die. My head was fuzzy and angry, I didn't even notice the lights on in my house. Only when I shut the door and I threw my black messenger bag and black purse down onto the coffee table in my small living room did I notice the music. I looked up quick and felt a weird tug at my stomach telling me danger. I shoved my hand in my purse blindly and grabbed my phone. I swallowed hard and plucked up some courage. "Hey…hey you…whoever is in here I…I have a bat…and I'm calling the cops so…either get hit or…or I call the cops." I shakily unlocked my phone blindly and looked down for one second to get the keypad up and call 911.

"Babe…" I looked up quick and dropped my phone hard and fast. I covered my mouth to stop a scream from escaping, but it was silenced with a squeal of approval. The love of my life, my boyfriend, my everything was standing in the frame of the hallway smiling big at me. My breath was forced out of my mouth and I felt dizzy. He looked so good, like always. For some reason he looked way to dressed up. Especially for not giving me any attention on my birthday. "I thought you said you had a bat?" He smirked in a smug jerky boyfriend way and started to walk towards me. "I didn't mean to scare you…I just wanted to surprise you."

"How? By not saying anything to me all day so I could have the worst day in the history of my life?" He stopped quick and his cute smile fell and the dimples disappeared. He put his hands in the pockets of black dress pants and sighed out softly. "I just want to take a shower Logan to wash this day out of my pores. Make yourself at home." I walked past him quickly trying my hardest to ignore the beautiful scent of his cologne and natural scent. I had missed it. But my pride was too strong and I wanted to make my point. To make things better, and to make him really feel bad for not being the amazing boyfriend I know he is. I slammed the bathroom door open hard and flicked on the light. Even though I didn't need to. I was stopped again by one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. My bathroom which was usually pretty depressing having just a tub, leaky shower head and a toilet next to a small sink was covered, head to toe in flowers and candles. Because it was so pretty I turned off the light fast to get the full effect. My bathroom smelt like fresh roses and…vanilla? I slowly walked in the rest of the short way and smiled small feeling some tears forming in the corners of my eyes. My tub was full of steaming water and rose pedals here and there. There were two big white soft fluffy towels on the rack opposite the sink that looked brand new and very expensive.

"I know I should have called you…text you or left you a voicemail but…it's a long story and I'm going to explain." He stopped right behind me and set his hand son my hips moving them slowly to the front where my belt buckle was. "But first you're going to get out of these clothes and get in this bath while I pour you some champagne." My belt came undone and my button and zipper followed close behind. Two fingers on each hand tucked into the denim of my jeans and pushed them down. I closed my eyes, lying my head back on his shoulder and sighed.

"I'm sorry I got mad at you. I just had a bad day."

"I know…shh…" There were soft kisses all over my neck while I kicked out of my jeans also pushing my converse and socks off not as gracefully as I would have wished in front of Logan but the thought left my head. "I'm sorry. I'm gonna make you forget about your bad day and make you feel like a queen." I shivered letting his hands roam up and under the front of my long sleeved black shirt. I effortlessly lifted my arms and let him undress me from behind him. I assumed he bent at the knees because there were kissed startling at the top of my panty line all the way up my spine to the back of my neck, while he took off my shirt. "Happy 22 Birthday beautiful. You don't look a day over 21."

"What a charmer." He chuckled quietly behind me and I turned slowly pushing my jeans to the side. He set his hands on the small of my back and pulled me into him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my tippy toes kissing his lips softly.

"Get in the tub baby girl. I got a few surprises for you." I giggled like a little school girl and shamelessly pushed my butt into his hands. He smirked and smacked my right cheek softly before letting me go and walking out. I turned quick pulling my hair up into a messy bun and glanced at myself in the mirror most of my make-up had stayed on since this morning thankfully so I could look good for Logan right now. I unhooked my bra and slipped off my panties stepping into the tub fast. I bent in the water running my fingers over water and shivered. I got in completely picking up a soaked rose pedal and sat back pulling my knees into my chest. I laid the rose pedal on my arm and laid my head back and closed my eyes.

"So when did you get into town?!" I heard his beautiful laughter from the kitchen and sighed out turning my head and opening my eyes.

"Well…" I heard footsteps and watched the whole time as he walked into the bathroom with two full glasses of bubbly liquid. He set the glasses on the edge of the tub and knelt down rolling up the sleeves of his light blue button up shirt. "About an hour after you left for school." I frowned and he shook his head smiling. "I know…when I woke up this morning my phone died and I had to catch my plane front eh last town we were in for tour. So I get to the airport just in time mind you because my flight got changed and had no time to charge my phone. I didn't want to ask anyone to use their phone because I didn't want anyone to have your number so I just came right here. Your landlord gave me an extra key, mostly because I'm in a famous boy band. So I get here take a shower and go back out to grab all this stuff and a few more things and now I'm here." I smiled and gladly picked a glass of champagne and brought it to my lips. Logan rolled both sleeves up to his elbows and also grabbed his glass raising it slowly. "To my beautiful girl on this beautiful day when you were brought into this world. Happy birthday." Before taking a sip form my glass I clinked it against Logan's and smiled.

"Thank you handsome. I love you." He smiled and nodded taking a sip the same time I did. I loved the taste of champagne but I'm definitely more of a beer girl. He drank about half of his before standing up and setting his glass on his skin counter.

"So…you relax in here for a while, take your time and then we'll go out dinner." I frowned not liking the sound of that idea at all and set my glass on the edge of the tub. "Or not…you don't look happy with that plan…" I shrugged and glanced down at my completely nude body and wanted nothing more to have his hands on my body and to feel him inside me. Completely. "Tell em what you want me to do baby. It's your day."

"Well…" I glanced up raising one eyebrow and he laughed putting his hands on his hips. "You've been gone on tour for…a couple months and I've been…super lonely." I slowly pushed myself up in the tub letting some pedals fall off while some stayed on my body. I reached up quick and pulled the hair tie out of my hair letting my curly blond hair fall down around my shoulders. His hands slowly fell off his hips and his mouth dropped open. "Come on…I'm already in my birthday suite. Don't let it go to waste." I ran my fingers through my hair and shook my boobs just a little to give a little tease. I had one foot out of the tub just as I was run into by a strong sexy body. I actually almost slipped in the tub but his arms were around my back fast and he pushed me hard into the side wall of the tub. He steppe din the water with me. In his dress pants and shoes still. His mouth was on mine and we started making out like eager teenagers in the back of a car. He moved his hands down to my ass and squeezed, lifting em quick. I wrapped my legs around his waist and set my hands on his chest. One of his hand slipped down between my legs and quickly went to work on rubbing my clit. I pushed away from his mouth and set my hand on the back of the wall groaning. "Pants…are in the…way." I pushed my own hands down to his belt and undid them as best as I could. I looked down turning my head slightly so he could suck on my neck.

"Don't take um off…just pull out my dick." I closed my eyes gritting my teeth and felt him shift me a little so my center was closer to the crotch of his pants. He was already hard as a rock. "You're going to wish we had gone out instead because you aren't going to be able to walk after this." I lifted my head shoving my hands into his pants and boxers and smiled.

"You're all talk." He smiled back and squeezed harder onto my ass cheek, which he was still gripping onto for dear life.

"We'll see…" I aggressively tugged his dick out of his pants letting it point directly out. He again shifted me until my slit was grazed the tip of his cock. One of his hands left my ass and probably grabbed the base of his cock. I put my hands on his shoulders and squeezed locking eyes with him. Without one word exchanged between us, he slammed into me, completely balls deep. I yelled too loud for this tiny bathroom letting my yell bounce into my ears, making me close my eyes tight. His groan was loud, so fricking loud it actually hurt my ears. I squeezed really hard onto his shoulder and shamelessly let him pound into me. Hard. My back which was soaking wet was slapping into the wall behind me and every time he hit into me he'd dig his finger nails into skin on my ass. "Fuck…I missed you." I nodded back grinding down onto his dick not caring about my breast bouncing up and down in his face. In fact he was looking at them with such…lust. He'd watch them and one time he even licked his lips. I was probably dripping wet. "Shit…I'm losing balance. Hold on…" He set em down quick and spun me even faster. I pushed hair out of my fast and breathed out hard feeling the southern part of my body just blazing in flames only Logan could put out. The middle of my back was pushed and he made me bent down in front of him. I gasped out putting my hands on the edge of the tub and pushed my ass out into him. He grabbed my hips and again silently slammed into me, this time not going slow, or soft. He was ruthless. He was pounding the living hell out of me. He wasn't joking about me not being able to walk after this.

I tried to keep myself standing and on sturdy feet but he wasn't making it easy. I braced myself and I tried but I had to stand up. When I did I crashed into his back and made him pull out of me. I stepped out of the tub fast dragging him along with me. He didn't seem to mind as I pulled us out of the bathroom and walked us into my bedroom. I almost didn't notice the presents placed here and there, almost everywhere in my room until I stopped at the foot of my bed. I let his arm go and gasped quietly picking p a long small little box. Box with a red bow on it. It only had to be a jewelry box. Maybe with diamonds…"I know it's your birthday but…" I was gently turned and shoved onto the bed. He grabbed my calves and lifted them setting my ankles on his shoulders. Again he slammed into me and went back to pounding me. I loved it and I was pretty damn close but my curiosity was making me crazy. I smiled taking the lid of the box and throwing it to the side. I gasped out at the beautiful diamond bracelet in the white silk looking box and also because he hit my g-spot and I was seconds away from cumming.

"It's beautiful babe." He was sweating and panting like a dog. I set the box next to me and put my hand son his which were holding onto my hips.

"Yeah…just….a few more…" He grunted and groaned and surprisingly came at the same time as me. We screamed in unisons, and thrashed around like wild animals in nature. I arched my back of the bed letting him push my legs off his shoulders and bent down putting his face into my neck, breathing hard. "Fuck…Jesus Christ…" I giggled and let my arms and legs fall limply to the bed. My neck was kissed as he laid on top of me. "Good birthday present?"

"Yeah and the sex wasn't bad either."