*The Hellhound of Beacon Hills*

The next morning Stiles awoke first, his eyes slowly being blinked opened. He turned his head and looked up slightly to see the face of his sleeping werewolf. His werewolf. Stiles sighed blissfully—finally they were together. He lifted his torso up from the bed then, his arms straight as he looked around the room. Their clothing were scattered, the sheets were in disarray and the room smelled of Derek's cologne and sex. Stiles closed his eyes and he breathed steadily. Now that this was accomplished in his life, his next goal was to save Burke. Stiles realized however that he should have probably saved Burke first, but then Burke would get jealous and try to keep them apart—not that he wouldn't be jealous now.

Stiles yawned then and kicked his feet over the sides of the bed. There wasn't much time to waste. He had to find Burke before Peter got to him and above all they have to stop the rogue alpha before it really gets out of hand. Stiles slinked onto the floor, his lower half hurting due to the events of last night, but he remained on the floor to collect their clothing, he throwing Derek's onto the bed and he putting his on. Well, just his briefs at least, he was planning to take a shower soon.

The hellhound couldn't believe that he was now officially with Derek, the werewolf that saved him from certain death when he was a pup. He was sure that it was because of that meeting that Stiles had fallen in love with the broody werewolf. He paused in his tracks in his path to the bathroom. No. That's not quite right. It was before that.

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt a pair of thick, strong arms surround him, followed by a kiss being placed upon the curve of his neck and shoulders. Stiles turned his head, his eyes sparkling red if only for a moment due to the 'honeymoon phase' of their relationship. "Good morning, Derek." Stiles mewled.

Derek's eyes bore holes into Stiles', the eyes also shining blue for a moment before fading away. "Where are you going?"

Stiles chuckled softly. "The shower… what? Us being together now makes you clingy?" Derek's eyes narrowed but he said nothing in defense. Instead he placed his face into the side of his neck, breathing in his hellhound's scent. They stood like that for a moment before Stiles moved his eyes down to the bathroom. "Did you… want to join me?" The hellhound breathed with a blush creeping onto his cheeks.

Derek hummed his answer and the two continued into the bathroom together.

*The Hellhound of Beacon Hills*

Burke watched as the two ruling hellhounds of Beacon Hills walked slowly through the forest, not because they were on a mission—though one would call it that—but because they were making sure their little runt of a pup—the future leader of their family—was keeping up with them.

The runt wasn't anything special. Sure it was a rare rainbow hellhound—it was the only thing that allowed him to surpass his siblings and be next in line—but he looked like a spaz. He was getting distracted easily and his parents kept on calling to him, the pup then bounding after them.

Burke wasn't even so sure why the Grand Marquis sent him here to watch them. The Hellhounds of Beacon Hills were powerful beings; they protected the town for almost three decades now. Though in the files Burke read, the hunters that have moved to town have been causing quite a bit of mischief, disturbing the balance of the town.

But that wasn't a surprise. Add hunters to any mix and it's bound to tether a bit.

Suddenly behind Burke a twig snapped and the hellhound did a complete one-eighty to see a group of four humans—no hunters, their method of walking wasn't something that a regular human would do in the woods—make their way through the forest. Burke watched them for a few moments, following them at a distance. He couldn't do anything however. He's just here as a scout, nothing more. He was still a whelp himself, though a good whelp. Top of his class and slowly climbing up the rankings.

After a while he stopped following the hunters and turned to leave Beacon Hills at the heather rock. He slinked through the woods towards the boulder, leaving the area quickly.

If he had followed just for a few moments, he would have seen the hunters approach the Hale manor and begin their dastardly plan to eliminate the werewolf pack completely.

When Burke heard the news of what happened, and learned that the runt's parents had died that night, he felt his heart stop. He was there and he couldn't do anything.

Burke was suddenly then approached by a full-grown rainbow hellhound he recognized as the runt. But he knew that it couldn't be. When he last saw the runt it was a few days ago and he was still just a pup. What the hell?

"You could have done something Burke." The runt spoke to him, the voice sounding familiar. "Why didn't you do something?" The voice was breaking, tears flowing down the fur of the rainbow hellhound.

"I-I didn't know they were going to—"

"You didn't do anything! My parents are dead because of you! Because you didn't do anything!" The other continued, pronouncing each word strongly. "They're dead, Burke! Dead!"

"I know I… I'm sorry."

"Sorry doesn't cut it Burke… especially now."


Suddenly behind the runt was a larger, darker and more evil creature. A werewolf alpha Burke realized, one that has gone rogue. A large claw came down and slashed at the runt, his back being almost cut in half and his head almost being severed off completely.


Burke whimpered loudly as he woke up. He was panting heavily, his red eyes quickly scanning the area. That's right… he was being kept by Peter. He allowed himself to get captured to save Stiles.

As the hellhound clamed down, he thought back on his dream. It made absolutely no sense. Burke was never there that night. The first time he even laid eyes on any one from Stiles' family was when he met and fell in love with his elder sister. He had heard of the runt-turned leader (but everyone had—he's a damned rainbow hellhound for God's sake) but the first time he laid eyes on him was when Elisabeta introduced him to her family.

What did it mean? He understood the last bit. It branched from his fear that Peter might actually break him and he could end up getting Stiles killed but the whole first part? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Was it perhaps because he felt guilty, or at the very least pained by the deaths of Stiles and his siblings' parents? Possibly, but why would his self-conscious place him there in that time, as if he were actually there? He was so confused and it didn't help that the alpha had been beating him up for information and he just woke up—and badly he might add.

Burke sighed and rose onto his paws. He looked around the room he had been thrown into when the alpha was done with him last night. It smelled like a basement in all honestly but what he really (and finally) noticed was that he was in a cage, just a regular iron bar cage as if he was an animal in a zoo. He moved forward to the edge of the cage before stopping suddenly. He sniffed the air before quickly snorting and backing up to the center of the modestly sized cage. Looking onto the floor of the cage, around the edge, was a faintly peach-colored graduals. Burke's eyes narrowed. "Anadondron (1)…"

"So he awakens." Peter's voice echoes into the room. Burke looks up then and he sees Peter, along with his lackey, standing in the room before him, the two keeping their distance. "It's amazing how it takes three flowers to really be deadly to you hellhounds. And also, it took me a while to look this up." He sighed and sauntered closer to the cage. "Rhododendron, to paralysis a hellhound; Angel's Trumpet—the equivalent to mountain ash to us werewolves; and Belladonna to cause temporary dizziness and sometimes, in extreme cases, temporary insanity."

Burke growled at his, his teeth baring at him. "What do you want, Peter?"

"You know what I want." Burke growled again in response. "Come now. I won't hurt your friend if that's why you're so hesitant. I just want him in my pack to increase my power."

"Fuck you!"

Peter's eyes narrowed. "Fine then. Handle him for me Jennifer." Peter said before turning and exiting the room.

His nurse walked forward, her eyes glowing yellow. Burke growled at her, his shoulders tensing and his tail uncurling onto his back. "Do your worse."

*The Hellhound of Beacon Hills*

A few days passed and after another close confrontation with Peter, Stiles had enough of doing nothing. They still had not found Burke and Peter had stopped pretending to be injured from the fire, he healing his face before them one night before Stiles' one-on-one session with him. Derek had enough as well. That night was too close for comfort and if Stiles wasn't light on his feet who knows what might have happened. But that wasn't all, it was revealed that Allison was being trained by Kate and Kate has been getting more hands on with the werewolves, Derek especially.

Stiles lead the way into the woods, Derek and Scott trailing behind him. "Hey Stiles," Scott began, "where are you leading us?"

"I'm just following Burke's scent. I don't know where I'm going." Stiles replied.

"Okay then. I'm just wondering because we're really getting in here."

Stiles said nothing and Derek sighed. He recognized this area. Stiles was leading them to the manor. It would make sense since Peter was a Hale himself but why would he be there? There was no reason to be there. It was just a burnt down house with painful memories from when their family were still alive. Which reminded Derek of something else. "Stiles." He began. "Peter said that he saw two hellhounds in the manor when the place was burning down… do you know anything about that?"

Stiles remained silent for a few moments, Derek almost asking his question again when the hellhound spoke up.

"It was the night you and Laura picked me up. My siblings had already been sent to the locations that either needed a hellhound or needed a replacement when the hellhound there dies. My parents were training me to become a great hellhound as well as a leader…" His voice trailed off as he wondered whether or not he should say that he's the leader of his family or not. He decided against it for now. "The manor erupted in flames and my parents were unprepared for it. Usually hellhounds sense when something bad will happen—much like banshees—but instead of just telling people about it we do something about it…

"Anyway… my parents left me in the woods quite a bit's away from the manor as they rushed to save your family. I of course followed despite being told to stay where I was. When I got there I saw the hunters slink away into the woods but I was too young to understand their significance in it all. All I was focusing on was the house of fire before me for I just knew my parents were in there…

"Hellhounds aren't completely fire proof… we can only hold the flames away for as long as our energy allows. My parents were already lacking in energy due to helping me train. While trying to help your family they died in the house with the Hales… their bodies turning to ash in the flames."

Scott sighed heavily. "God… sorry Stiles. And of course to you too Derek… I can't imagine losing my mom. She's the only family I have." He then shuddered at the memory of Peter at their front door. That happened about only a week ago after Peter stopped his façade of still recovering from the fire.

Both Derek and Stiles didn't respond. Instead they thought simultaneously that their past is much more intertwined that original thought. Though Stiles knew the truth and Derek was left in the dark, the fact that the truth was spoken aloud solidified that thought.

The three continued walking and after some time Stiles stopped and turned around to face the werewolves. "Listen to me… as the hellhound I have to protect the balance of my territory and well… I need you two to wait here until I call for you."

"What?" Scott sounded. "No Stiles. We're all going together. That's the plan."

"I know but… I need to make sure that nothing will really get all askewed. It's my job."

"Yeah but—"

"Scott just let him go." Derek said then. "He can handle himself."

Scott sighed heavily and crossed him arms before his chest. "Fine."

Stiles bowed his head, his lips upturned into a smile. "Thank you…" And with that he turned and started to run the rest of the way to the manor.

"So now what?" Scott asked when Stiles disappeared into the darkness.

Derek didn't respond, just sighed and rolled his eyes. After a few minutes passed, Derek began to get the feeling as if he were being watched while Scott was kicking twigs and stones on the ground. "Something doesn't feel right…" Derek said more to himself.

"What do you mean?" Scott asked, his werewolf hearing picking up what Derek had said.

"… I don't know I just feel like…"

"Like what? If you say something like 'this is too easy' or 'I think we're being watched' or something I will kill you because after someone says that something bad happens."

Derek shook his head quickly and sighed again. "Fine."

Suddenly an arrow collided into Derek's shoulder. Scott jumped slightly as he watched Derek stumble to the ground. He looked around an on a hill above them were Kate and Allison, Allison with her bow pulling back another arrow. "Now the leg…" He heard Kate tell Allison as she let another arrow fly, that one hitting Derek's leg, this one causing him to fall completely on the ground. "Now a flash bomb."

Just before the third arrow was released Derek yelled to the younger werewolf. "Scott! Your eyes!"

The arrow flew and hit the tree behind Scott and Scott was instantly blinded, falling to the ground as he tried to regain his sight. Derek began to pull out the arrows as quickly as he could and then quickly rushed over to Scott, picking him up by the back of his jacket's collar and half lifting, half dragging him towards the manor.

Behind him Kate and Allison began their pursuit of the werewolves.

*The Hellhounds of Beacon Hills*

Cliffhanger time though really this is the last episode of season one and I'm going to follow it somewhat closely so whatever. The next chapter should be the last one…

1: Anadondron got it's name from the three flowers used to make it: Rhododendron/Angel's Trumpet/Belladonna (AKA Deadly Nightshade). An- from Angel's Trumpet; adon- from Belladonna; dron from Rhododendron. And Peter explained the rest.