"Oh my." Lauren breathes.

I crawl up to her laying my head on her chest. "I second that." Lauren and I had spent most of the night celebrating our engagement at the Dal and when we returned home we took a shower and went to straight to bed. This morning I was awoken by Lauren running her hands up and down my body biting her lip, that led to mad love making and severe shortness of breath. "When did we become more bangin' than usual?"

She chuckles still catching her breath. "I think we always have been we just feel it more now." she kisses my head. "Am I hearing complaints?"

I scoff. "Not at all ." I look up at her smiling face planting a kiss on her chin. "I still can't believe you had the balls to tell everyone about the baby and engagement last night. I wasn't even planning on saying anything. And the thing with Dyson, wow. I could never be more proud to have such a wonderful fiancée than I was then, and turned on for that matter."

She pulls me up to her face running her hand through my hair, "Well it was either us or Kenzi to tell them and I figured it would mean more coming from us." she laughs. "And what doesn't turn you on Bo?"

"Well," I ponder, "I'm not really sure. The thought if someone else's hands on you is the first thing to come to mind."

She laughs, "Only your hands with ever be on me Bo."

I plant a lingering kiss on her lips. "How about breakfast in bed my treat?"

A smile spreads across her face, "You cooking? I don't know."

"Hey I can cook." I shriek. "Toast, eggs and orange juice coming right up." I say hoping off the bed.

"Why must you leave when your body looks more appetizing than ever." her voice low.

I giggle wrapping my cameo around me. "If you're good you'll get some dessert with breakfast."

I walk downstairs and Kenzi is passed out on the couch. I smack her on the ass, "Rise and shine chica!"

She snaps up and looks over at the table noticing the bottle of wine she chugged last night. "Get it away! Get the nasty booze fairy away." she whines sluggishly getting up and walking over to the island. "Is there some crazy Faelore that can fix a hangover?"

I laugh, "Well when we thought my mom was Saskia I figured out how to give people my chi," I turn around looking at her. "if you're willing I'll help out."

"It's nice for you to offer BoBo but I don't want to swap spit with my bestie." she says pulling on a pair of dark sunglasses. "I'll just deal with it the old fashion way. Coffee and sleep."

"Last night was crazy so I understand why you drank so much." I laugh.

"Oh to the my to the god, right?" she throws her hands in the air letting them flop in her lap. "I mean hotpants was all like she's mine bitch. Meanwhile Dyson walks away with his not so manly tail between his legs."

I smile widely to myself, "Yeah, she's something isn't she?"

We get to the Dal and Kenzi stops us at the door. "Before we go in just know that it's just our main homies so if you were expecting Super Bowl party type shit you will be disappointed."

"Actually Kenz I wasn't expecting anything." I sigh looking over at Lauren. "Lets get this over with so I can have some alone time with my fiancée."

"Alright BoBo damn." Kenzi opens the door and lets us through.

Of course when we get inside there's only Trick, Dyson, Hale, and now Kenzi there to congratulate us. Trick is smiling widely at the bar, Dyson is at the pool table with Hale, and Kenzi has made her way to the bar pouring herself a few shots. Wrapping my arm around Lauren's waist I walk us over to the bar. "What will you ladies be having tonight?" my grandfather asks.

"Just two glasses of champagne would be nice thank you Trick." Lauren says smiling at him.

Once we get our glasses I tap on mine to get everybody's attention. Everyone but Dyson turns at looks at me and I know exactly why. Why doesn't he just be happy that I'm happy instead of acting like I'm killing someone or something? I don't get him at all. One minute he's okay with being friends and is glad that I'm happy then the next he's snubbing me off because I'm happy.

I clear my throat, "I just want to say thank you guys. For the party no matter how few and for all the support that you've given me." I look over at Lauren. "And I want you guys to know that me and Lauren..." I was going to tell them but I guess I just couldn't. I stumbled over my words. "Lauren and I um..."

"We are engaged and I'm pregnant... With Bo's child.." Lauren says bluntly looking at me.

Kenzi starts yelling "Woo! I'm gonna be an auntie!" taking another shot.

Hale's mouth is halfway open staring at us. "You gotta be kidding me? I mean that's fantastic and I'm happy for you guys but the pregnant part I don't get."

I raise an eyebrow at him. "What are you trying to say Hale?"

Dyson steps forward his face in a hard line. "I think what he's trying to say Bo is that you're beloved Lauren here could've worked up some weird serum or something in that lab of hers. Maybe she's just saying it to get you to make a commitment to her so you'll stay away from other people you might care about. She doesn't trust you and never will. She knows she's always been the second choice and would do anything to stop you from choosing your first."

"Hold up man that's not at all what I was..."

"Is there a problem here Dyson?" Lauren interrupts. "Because if there is it would be nice if you just expressed it instead of treating Bo and I like shit." Kenzi's eyes shot to me then to Lauren.

"No oh genius doctor. There's no problem here. Besides you being a liar and a thief." he spits.

"Dyson." I warn and Kenzi comes and stands behind me. When someone insults or tries to harm Lauren or Kenzi things can get intense.

"No Bo honey it's okay." she steps in front of me shoulders square head held high. "Listen here Dyson, I understand that you have your love back and all of that and believe me I'm happy for you. I understand why you think I'm a liar due to my past acts and I also understand why I'm a thief because I 'stole' Bo from you." she takes a step into his personal space and he stiffens. "But you understand this asshole, Bo is mine. And nothing you will ever say or do will take her away from me. I didn't steal anything that wasn't yours in the first place. You can doubt me as much as you want but trust me wolf man if you EVER think about trying to ruin my family in any fucking away," her eyes start blazing and Dyson takes a few steps back. "Your hide will be sold to any hunter who would take a pathetic piece of wolf that can't be man enough to admit to himself that the woman he loves doesn't love him anymore." she flips her hair over her shoulder. "So as I said before...Bo. Is. MINE." her voice deep and echoing.

Dyson takes a few more steps back and looks at me, I'm just standing there looking at Lauren with the widest smile on my face. "If you say so doctor."

Kenzi claps her hands together and smacks Lauren on the shoulders "Damn hotpants I didn't know you had it in you." she goes and stands in front of Lauren then takes a step back. "Woah doc your eyes. There like Bo's but mixed with gray."

Lauren tightly closes her eyes calming herself and bringing her eyes back to their normal hazel color. "Um, yeah I've noticed that." she turns around to my smiling face and smiles weakly. "I'm sorry if I took it too far but he needs to know his place."

I shake my head and pull her lips to mine kissing her briefly. "You. Are. Amazing." She really was. I knew that Lauren didn't care for Dyson but she was always too professional to say anything. I was as stunned as everybody else by this amazing woman, who was all mine.

"That wasn't half bad." Lauren says finishing her glass of orange juice. "I didn't notice how hungry I was until now."

"I told you eggs and toast were my specialty." I smile.

Lauren leans forward and kisses my nose. "You're special."

I blush lightly, "When do you have to be at the compound? I'll take you so we can get that talk with Lochlyn over with."

"Hm, I don't have to be in for another hour." she frowns. "Take a shower with me and we can get going?"

I smirk, "That wouldn't be a problem at all."

Somewhere Unknown

"They're going to talk to the ash." the man waits for a response. "I don't know but whatever it is he's been waiting for it." he hang ups the phone.

"Why are we doing this again?" the woman complains.

"Shut up. We got assigned to this. Neither of us know why, it just happened." he snaps.

"Okay jeez, you don't have to bite my head off."

"Just shut up and keep listening."

Light Fae compound

"Bo, Lauren, I'm so glad you decided to come and see me today." Lochlyn says.

"Yeah I guess. What's this about?" I say dryly and Lauren nudges me.

"Right. This is about you and Lauren's relationship, the changes that have come about and that contract I drew up." he walks behind his desk. "I understand you have a little one on the way Lauren. Is this true?"

I gasp and look over at Lauren who is wearing the same shocked expression as me. "Um, I mean, it's.." she stammers but squares her shoulders. "Yes sir, it is true."

"And you two have decided to get married, correct?"

"Yes sir." she nods.

"And all if this is relevant in what way exactly?" Lochlyn had something up his sleeve and I could tell. "And how do you know all of this? We just told the others last night."

"Well, in case you haven't noticed Bo, Lauren here has acquired some pretty interesting qualities. Now these unique abilities didn't start until after you two bonded."

"Bonded?" I ask. "What do you mean bonded?"

"Firstly, have you two felt more intoned to each others emotions?"

"Of course." Lauren whispers. "Bo that's why we are so connected now. You remember when we were at your place and you asked why we felt more?" I nod. "The bond is what's making us so close."

"How did it happen? I mean I'm not complaining or anything I love it, but how did it happen?"

Lochlyn steps forward, "Let me explain. Bo needs chi or sexual energy to thrive and the exchange of that energy can either impregnate the lover or bond them. In you girl's case it's both." he notices my confused expression and elaborates a little more. "When you take Lauren's chi it fuels you and you're needs but if you take and give at the same time it links you together."

"So you're telling us that my accidental two way chi spree made all if this happen?" I clarify.

"Precisely." he nods.

Lauren wraps her arm around my waist with a smile on her face. "See, you are truly an amazing creature."

I turn my gaze from Lochlyn to Lauren, "You're amazing." and she brings her lips to mine leaving a soft agonizingly lingering kiss and looks into my eyes. "I love you." I murmur.

"And I love you." lost in our own world Lochlyn clears his throat catching our attention. Lauren blushes lightly before taking a step away from me grabbing my hand.

"On that note. You know the dangers of the child correct?"

"Um, the dangers I know of are her blood could probably be more powerful than mine and since I don't know all of my powers yet she could be just as powerful maybe even more than me or anyone else."

"Also", Lauren interjects "the light and dark will try to get there hands on her for their own personal benifits."

"Which is not going to happen." I shot a glance at Lochlyn. "Our daughter will choose her own side and not be forced into one. Anyone who wishes to bring harm to her, Lauren, Kenzi or myself with have some steep consequences to pay."

"And not only that if she doesn't turn out not to be Fae no one is going to try and use her to make a mutant Fae bread."

"Those are all reasonable request for the light to comply with, but I can't make any promises that of the dark." Lochlyn walks over to his desk and pulls out a stack of papers. "Which is why I had the elders make a new contract. Everything is still the same, Lauren will be an employee not property and Bo is to not be badgered about choosing a side. The only difference in this contract is that you two would have the full protection of the light Fae. Protecting the baby and it's family is our first priority."

I eye him suspiciously, "What's the catch asshole." I ask bluntly.

"I can't get anything by you can I?" Lauren is reading over the contract. "If any events to surface like the Guaruda you would have to choose a side then." he looks up at me. "It's only to ensure your safety. If a war brakes out light and dark will try to have your head and we wouldn't be able to help you without betraying our own." Lochlyn walks over and puts his hand on my shoulder. "I only threw it in there because of the two of them. If a war were to break out I want all three of you and your pet human.."

"Kenzi, her name is Kenzi. And she isn't my pet."

"Well I only want you three and your friend Kenzi to be protected no matter what. I know how much a family means to you."

"Babe?" Lauren calls to me. "Come see this."

I give Lochlyn another look and stride over to Lauren. "What is it?" I look down at the paper.

"It says here that if.." she starts to read.

"If a war or something breaks out I have to choose a side for my safety. Yeah, ashhole here was just explaining that to me."

"Bo, you don't have to sign this if you don't want to. I know how much your freedom means to you." she sighs looking at her fingers.

"Lauren don't do that."

"Do what? What am I doing?" she asks irritated. "Honey, I understand that you like being able to come and go as you please but we have a family now and you protect us just fine but you have to think about the what if's."

"Lauren," I start.

She points her finger at me. "Now you listen here Bo Dennis, I love you with everything I am and if anything were to happen to you or little Charlotte I would go completely insane." I am overwhelmed with shock. "Now please," her voice lightens. "sign it. It's like a insurance policy, and we get full time protection."

I sigh and look into her pleading eyes. "You really want this don't you."

She places her hand on my cheek and I lean into her touch. "I want you and this family. And if I have to recommit myself to him no matter how much I wouldn't want to I'd do it for us. For you." she takes my hand and places it on her stomach. "For her."

I sigh. She had a valid point. I loved Lauren and would give anything to be with her, so why was my freedom such a big deal. I give up on trying to fight it. "I will sign the paper, if and only if." I turn and face Lochlyn again. "I don't have to chose a side until I feel that the time is necessary. No trying to make me choose any time too soon."

"That is reasonable. I will have my assistant make the changes." he states plainly. "Anything else I can change for you?"

"Yes." Lauren steps forward. "When we get married I want it to be my way and like any other wedding that the Fae has held. The elders can not interfere or anyone else for that matter." she takes a few steps towards him. "I don't want anyone messing with my family Lochlyn and I mean it." she says firmly.

"Agreed." he claps his hands and his assistant runs in. "Take these and draw new ones meeting the ladies request."

"Yes sir. Right away sir." she bows then exits the room.

"Well ladies now that we have gotten that out of the way I would like to say congratulations and anything you need no matter what it is dont be afraid to ask me." he nods. "Have a nice day."

"Yeah you too." I scoff.

"Thank you ash." Lauren bows.

"Please Lauren call me Lochlyn. You aren't my servant anymore, just an employee. You can take today off Lauren, I'm sure the lab can manage without for a few days." he smiles and nods. "Good day ladies." and with that he was gone, leaving Lauren and I alone.

"Well that went better than I expected." Lauren says.

"Yeah I guess it did. I still can't shake the feeling that he might be trying to fool us." I glance over at her. "I don't want him making fools of either of us."

Lauren walks in front of me putting her hands around my waist pulling me to her. "He won't. And if he does then you'll have to control your temper."

I smile widely at her, "You've made me soft you know that Lewis?"

She laughs lightly, "Well you've made me strong so it cancels out."

I kiss her nose, "It looks that way." I run my hands over her stomach and gasp. "Lauren." I kneel down and put my cheek to her blouse. "Did you feel that?"

She giggles, "You mean the baby move? Yes, she does that all the time lately. Which is strange because it's so early in the pregnancy."

"Oh my god." I left up her shirt so I'm in contact with bare skin, "That's so amazing." the baby moves again and
I notice tears are running down my cheek. I wrap my arms around Lauren's waist to pull her closer and kiss her stomach softly.

Lauren tips my head up, "Hey, you okay?"

I sniffle and smile, "Im fantastic." I kiss her palm. "Can we get out of here? I wanna take you to get the best milkshakes in town."

She smiles her Lauren smile, "Sound perfect lets go."


"They're going to sign the contract tomorrow." someone says something through the phone. "Yes, everything will be set. But if we violate the contract in any way that's on us and I don't know what the succubus will do." the other line blinks and he switches calls.

"Ash, the Morigan is here to see you."

He sighs, "Fine send her in." he switches lines, "Derek I'll have to call you back."

"Why is your office so drab? I mean at least put some color or life in this place, this is just sad." Evony walks in with her two minions as he hangs up the phone.

"What do you want?" he asks bluntly.

"Well if you must know Lauren and the Succubitch are keeping secrets from you." she says looking at her nails.

"They just left. I know the secrets so save you energy." he spits.

"So you know that they're getting married and having a kid?" she asks shocked.

"I know more than that. So if you don't mind I have work to do." he says. "Oh, and they now have security around their home so tell your camera crew to get lost."

"Oh so touchy." she pouts. "Alright boys lets get out of here." she waves and walks out if the office.

"Jennifer would you send in our security team please."

"Yes sir."

"We need to figure out if they're hiding anything else." he says to himself.