I've lived my whole life with my uncle at Hogwarts. I couldn't imagine that I would live in a normal house. I don't know my parents. The only thing I know is that they died because of one wizard. Lord Voldemort. When I'm old enough, I'll get my parents revenge.

Hogwarts is a great place to live. Next year, I won't live here anymore. I will be a student here. But for now, my uncle learns me how to brew potions and I help Hagrid in the forest. The forest is the place I discovered I can talk to snakes.

It was an unusual day, the first day of a new term at Hogwarts. I love to watch the sorting ceremony. But, my uncle doesn't want that people see me. That is the reason he taught me a way to make myself invisible. Now I can walk through the castle without being seen.

'Christine, dinner is ready.' It was professor McGonagall. She is a wonderful woman, the head of the Gryffindor house. I don't know why, but I don't like Gryffindor students. They are lazy and arrogant, just as my uncle always told me. I hope I won't be a Gryffindor next year.

'I'm coming, professor.' I told her. I tied my red curls into a braid and walked to the Great Hall. I ate my dinner always alone or with a few teachers. And today, I probably ate with my uncle and professor McGonagall. All the students were already in their common rooms.

I walked the Great Hall in and I was right, dinner with my uncle and McGonagall. 'Take a seat, dear.' McGonagall said. I took some pie and started to eat. My uncle doesn't talk much to me. Today was different. 'So Christine, what have you done today?' 'I studied the Draught of Living Death, just as you said, and I discovered a lot of mistakes in the descriptions.' My uncle smirked. 'I knew you would figure it out. You're just like your mother.' '

My uncle was talking about my mother. He only does when he is in a good mood. 'Uncle, how was my mother?' 'Your mother was the greatest witch I've ever known.' Always the same answer I ask about my family. 'Severus, tell her more about her mother. She has the right to know.' 'She is too young to know, Minerva.' My uncle stood up and walked away. 'I've had enough, I go to my dorm, professor.' I stood up. 'Good night, Christine.'

I walked to my dorm, which was in the dungeon, next to the Slytherin common room. And only I knew about it. It is more like the Room of Requirement, on the seventh floor, but a smaller version of it.

That night it was hard to sleep. I was thinking. Why would my uncle never tell anything about my parents? And I'm not too young! I become 11 in April! After a few hours, I managed it to fall asleep.

That night I had my first dream, one I never had before. I was standing in a room, completely black. I couldn't see anything. There was a voice. It was talking like the snakes talk to me. Parseltongue, they call it. The voice mentioned me and started to talk to me. 'Christine Merope Riddle…' My full name. Nobody uses it. It was so scary! 'Who is there?' I said in Parseltongue.

A face appeared. Every wizard knew this boy. That scar… a lightning bolt. The boy I saw must be Harry Potter. The only one who survived the killing curse. He survived the murderer of my parents. 'Watch out for this boy…' the voice hissed. 'He is dangerous, trying to kill you!' The room became lighter, and I woke up.