The year past and I hadn't any weird dreams. Next week I'll be sorted. My uncle and I went to Diagon Alley to buy my supplies. I couldn't believe the muggles can't see this wonderful place. 'First your books.' Uncle told me. We walked to Flourish and Blotts, I walked a few feet behind my uncle. Then I bumped into someone.

'I'm sorry! Are you alright?' It was a blond boy. 'Yeah, I'm fine. Probably my father will hear about this.' I helped him to get up. 'My name is Draco, by the way.' He said. 'My name is Christine, nice to meet you. But, I've to go, my uncle is probably looking for me.' He smiled. 'Well, I see you at Hogwarts.' I waved Draco goodbye and ran to Flourish and Blotts.

'And where have you been?' my uncle asked when I arrived at Flourish and Blotts. 'Sorry, uncle. I bumped into a kid, who is in the same year as I am.' He ignored me.

We had all the supplies I need, except a wand. Ollivander's was busy at the moment, so my uncle and I decided to drink something in the Leaky Cauldron. I took a nip of my tea, it was too hot to drink.

I searched my copy of Magical Drafts and Potions, but I couldn't find it. 'Uncle, I haven't a book for potions.' He looked up from his Daily Prophet. 'That is right. You get my copy.' I was surprised and disappointed. 'But, isn't it...' 'Enough! You get my copy.'

After a hour my uncle stood up and told me I had to get my trunk. We walked to Ollivander's. It wasn't full of witches and wizards anymore. I felt a bit nervous. What if I got a weak wand? 'Welcome Severus,' Mr. Ollivander said. 'Long time not seen.' Of course. My uncle got his wand from here. 'My niece has to get her wand.'

Mr. Ollivander measured me in probably every way you could imagine. He walked to the stellar and took a wand out of it. 'Yew and dragon heartstrings. Supple. Try this one, young miss.' I swung the wand and bright white sparks came out. 'Well young miss. I see you got the right wand.' He turned to my uncle. 'Severus, she got a powerful wand. And you don't see a match with a yew wand often. And in combination with dragon heartstring.' There was a silence. 'I can tell you one thing.' He looked at me. 'That wand is made for a dark wizard.'

My wand is for a dark wizard? But I'm not a dark witch! 'Mr. Ollivander, I'm not sure, but… is my wand really for a dark wizard? But I'm not dark.' 'The wand chooses its owner, young miss.' With these words my uncle and I apparated in front of the Hogwarts Gate.