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"GET HIM!" You hear and you don't know if it's possible, but you pick up your pace.

You are Karkat Vantas and you are running, maybe for your life.

You turn into an ally of two tall brick buildings. You run around the corner and then BANG. You fell. You hear some other things fall. Metal things? Pots? Maybe you heard some glass break? You also realize that, whatever you've fallen on did a fabulous job of breaking your fall.

You sit up and look down and ohmygod you fell on some kid. He looks confused, annoyed, and a bit concerned(But mainly annoyed). You observe his features for just a second. He's got long black hair in the front, stacked in the back, pale, although tanner than you, and he had managed to keep on a pair of old fashioned oval shaped shades. You stare for a second until you hear him clear his throat, annoyed. You frantically get up.

"W-Watch where you're going!" You stammer out. Not sure if your blushing or not. But why would you be blushing? You're probably not.

"I'm not the one running through dark alleyth thwinging around cornerth am I?" He says all too bluntly in a nearly monotone voice. You grimace at him for a moment "The hell are you doing running like that around here anywayth? Not very thmart." He says, annoyed, getting up and brushing himself off. You were about to respond, but were quickly brought back to more important matters as the familiar sound of voices and footsteps draw near.

"shit!" You mutter out. And turn to run and find a dead end. You go to turn the other way when the boy informs, "It's no use, that ways a dead end too." You glare at him.

"Okay genius, which way can I go?" You growl.

"Come here." He motions towards the entrance he's standing outside of. The footsteps draw closer.


"I can help!" He insists. You don't know if you should… How do you he's trustworthy?


"Trust me?" He extends a hand out to you. You glare before angrily snapping.

"How do I know you won't just toss me out when you see who I'm running from?!"

"JUST TRUTHT ME!" He insists.

"I-I-…" You hesitate to move and you realize that the footsteps are dangerously close. There's a sudden yank at your sleeve of your long sweater and he tugs you into the door he'd been standing outside of. He shuts the door and thank god he did it when he did because you heard Eridan and his gang appear just then. He looks through the peep hole.

You stare anticipating for him to say something. "Kay, they're gone." A sigh of relief escapes your lips. You lean against a nearby wall and slide down it, curling your knees to your chest, wrapping your arms around them. Your hearts racing and your face is red and your body is sweaty. You seriously thought you were going to get pummeled. That's not to say that you're incapable of fighting. You simply can't fight five people simultaneously.

You realize you're in a kitchen, a restaurant kitchen. You want to say it's an Asian restaurant, but to avoid offending the kid who practically just saved your life, you don't ask.

He looks at you a bit concerned now, rather than annoyed, and walks over to slide down next to you. You look away as he does so. "Tho, you got involved with Eridan, huh? You alright?" He asks. You can't find much of a voice right now so you simply nod your head. You sit in silence for a moment.

"Tho then, what'th your name?" He asks you.

" Oh, u-uh. . . It's. . . Karkat. . .Vantas." He raises his eyebrows. You just know he's going to comment on it. Everyone does.

"One hell of a name." He snorts and chuckles at you.

"Shut the fuck up." You say in a low embarrassed voice, tucking your face a bit more in your arms and knees to hide a faint blush.

"Well it'th not that bad. You can, at leatht, pronouncthe your name." You glance at him curiously as if asking his name. "My name's Sollux. Sollux Captor." You un-tuck your head as he holds out his hand to shake hands with you? You're a bit timid but you smirk as you reach out to shake his hand.

"Thollux Captor or Sollux Captor?" You ask mockingly and chuckle so he playfully smacks the back of your head.

"You're really pushing your luck Karkat. You know the option to throw you out in the rain with thothe guyth' thtill thtands." He grins at you mischievously.

"They're more than likely LONG gone now. They never stick around for too long." He gives you a puzzled look.

"How often do you get into trouble? Do I have to worry about cops now, for saving your ass?" You jerk forward to face him, placing a hand on the ground for balance and face him.

"Wha- NO! I'm not a trouble maker! HE starts with me!" You defend and he raises a questioning eyebrow at you. You put back on an angry face and put your back against the wall angrily, crossing your arms. "Whatever, don't fucking believe me. Not like anyone ever does anyway." He sighs and looks up to the ceiling.

"If I didn't believe you, you wouldn't be here right now. But, you could avoid getting into trouble all together. Do you tell your parentth?" You ignore the question. The only "parent" you have would probably encourage your tormentor. A few seconds of silence creep before he speaks up.

"Well, the broken glath out back in the ally ithn't going to clean it'th thelf up." He got up holding out his hand to help you up. You hesitantly accept it and he pulls you to your feet. You are now both standing and you have concluded that he's a got quite a few inches on you. Boy, were you fucked over by genes. He then rummages through some cabinets and pulls out two mini trash bags and hands you one.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" You spit out a bit too rudely.

"You bumped into me, may I remind you." He counters. You know he's right.

"Fine but let's make this quick!" You growl and snatch the bag.

You leave your backpack on the floor where you sat down. He opens the door that leads to the alleyway and you both walk out, him shutting the door behind both of you. You study what appears to be six or seven cats eating some food that's scattered on the floor. That's so cute. You love cats. They're fuzzy walking pieces of furniture that cuddle occasionally.

"Why are there so many cats out here?"

"Well, I usually feed them the left overs, but you know, you ran into me and sent the dishes flying." He shoots you an unenthusiastic look. You look down guiltily and realize now that some of the cats are licking food off broken glass.

You subconsciously gasp, run over to the cats and franticly pull them away and attempt to shoo them. You've forgotten all about this guy when you hear him chuckle. You blush and look over at him.

"The fuck are you laughing at?" You snap.

He smiles and says. "I jutht- your name ith Karkat, and clearly you like cats." He grins at you.

"I thuppothe thatth all thortth of thilly ithn't it, Thollux?" You bite back, deliberately mispronouncing your S's. He glares at you half-heartedly.

"Maybe I'll just go inthide and make you clean thith up all by yourthelf." He grins. You look away, growl, and mumble something along the lines of 'let's just get this the fuck over with'. He chuckles again. You both set to work, picking up the glass you made him drop. You occasionally nudge cats away and hear him chuckle each time.

"Tho, are you albino or thomething?" He looks over at you, still collecting glass off the floor. You avert your gaze and grimly reply.

"No fuckass. Because having pale skin, nearly white hair and red eyes is totally fucking normal and not albino." He sighs and looks away both proceed to silently pick up glass.

"You have freckles…" You stop a moment at the statement, waiting for a reason as to why it was relevant.

"Your point?" Damn, you didn't even know you could sound so sassy.

"You have freckles too, you left that out…" You roll your eyes.

"Congratulations. You've pointed out yet another flaw in Karkat Vantas. You aren't missing a fucking trick, are you?" You state rather than ask. He sighs noisily again.

"I wasn't offending you.- and I never said it was a flaw" He almost snaps before taking a heavy breath to calm himself. "Actually I think it's all pretty neat." He Shrugs and looks away.

"I hate it." You say grimly. You grab hold of a piece of glass a bit too hard and cut your finger, enough to let a drop or two seep out. "fuck. . ." You growl out.

"You okay?" He stands up straight and hurries over to you. He reaches out to grab your hand and you jerk away.

"I'm fine, I can handle it myself!" You say as you scowl at the floor. He gives you a skeptical look and grabs your hand examining your finger, resulting in you just sort of freezing. He's touching you. Willingly.

A streak of blood flows down it.

"Well, there'th no glath in it." You're half expecting him to put it in his mouth but quickly disregard that thought as he grabs a handkerchief from his back pocket and wraps your finger in it. You're just now realizing that he's wearing a vest- waiter's vest and outfit in general. You gaze at him until he breaks the silence again, putting down your hand.

"Why do you hate it?" He asks, looking down at you, meeting your eyes. You look down at the ground.

"Because, it makes me different and a fucking walking target for testosterone filled douche-bags-and what the fuck does it matter to you?" He shrugs

"If you hate it so much why don't you just dye your hair? It's not that expensive." The fact that he feels the need to point out money pisses you off, but you let it slide. It's not like you're dressed like a bum. It's probably the sweater you're swimming in.

You are a bit antsy to reply. . . But for some reason you think you can trust him. . .

"Because my mom loved it. . . She said. . ." You let out an annoyed sigh "Just. . . Nevermind." He waits a moment before responding,

"I like thingth that are different." taking off his red and blue shades to rub them on his shirt and looks you dead in the eye. You meet his gaze and are quickly greeted by two beautiful heterochromatic eyes. One eye was a deep pastel-blue, the other a dark brown- somewhat tinted red. You gawked at the view. He chuckles and puts his shades back on. "But, I guess that'th a matter of opinion." You suddenly feel bad because his eyes are definitely not a 'bad' different. Dead honest, they're gorgeous. You put your head down and blush because of what you're about to say.

"Well, that's um… That's actually really cool… Your eyes" You glance up at him and he's smiling gently at you.

"I like yours more." You blush a bit and scowl at him.

"I just fucking complemented you! Show some respect and say thank you. Don't insult me by comparing us." You snare.

He smiles. You roll you're eyes and for god know what reason, there's currently a smile sneaking onto your face. It's been quite some time since you smiled...You like this…

It's been four years since then. You are currently seventeen. Sollux is eighteen. You two have been the closest of friends since then. Inseparable. Most would agree though, that your friendship is indeed a peculiar one. You clearly are the best of friends, but you argue all the time. You wonder from time to time if your friendship is made entirely of anger. But then there are moments when all he wants to do is embrace you and hold you and other moments when you want to just be with him. You feel so relaxed with him. There's a strange sort of tranquility when you're with him, even when you're fighting.

You're sitting in the very area where the two of you had your first encounter. You're petting the cats and he's sitting beside you, watching and chuckling occasionally. This became an everyday thing.

He gave you his Pesterchum- since Facebook is lame- the day you met and started to message him more and more often to every night. The next day you went to him to return the handkerchief, which he insisted you keep. The days after that you were "petting the cats", but you know you wanted to see him. You usually stay long enough to finish any school work, with time to spare for hanging out. Now that he has a job as a computer repairer, he only goes to the restaurant occasionally. When he does go to the restaurant, you find yourself going as well to help out.

"Well, it'th getting late. Don't you uthually need to be home at a thertain time?" Your stomach suddenly twists and you franticly snatch out your phone to look at the time and FUCK it's almost 6:30! Your dad gets home around that time and that's the ONLY reason you go home so early. To avoid having to walk through the front door and risk an encounter with him. He only bothers you when he sees you and he never goes into your room.

"Shit! I need to go!" You slip your phone back into your pocket and rush through the door to retrieve your backpack. You grab it and run back out, ready to run home. He grabs your arm.

"Hey, jeez chill out, let me drive you there. I mean, you did help me clean up and all today." Your about to reject, but you figure you really don't have time.

"Okay-Okay fine, but we need to hurry!"

"Okay jeez pushy. If you want to get away from me you can just tell me you know. Follow me, my car is out front."

You follow him through the restaurant. (Japanese. It's his parent's work) You find yourself outside of a car that definitely costs more than your life. It's a corvette, yellow, and has a black stripe running along either side. He unlocks and opens your side of the door, motioning for you to get in. You're a bit hesitant so he speaks, "You're acting like you've never seen a car before, KK." Sollux only got his car about three months ago, and you only drove in it once to test drive it with him. And you don't really use cars often anyways. You usually just walk.

"Oh shut up! I'm just concerned that I'm going to break a dust particle and then have to clean out your car too." ( you did most of the work cleaning the kitchen today) He rolls his eyes behind his shades and shoves you "Just get in." You do so, plopping your backpack on your lap. He shortly gets in the driver's side and starts the car.

"Can you give me directions to your house, or do you need me to use the GPS?" He asks. Your heart is pounding slightly. You have no clue why. But it is.

"No shit Sherlock, I walk to your house all the time. It's not too far from here." You give him directions to your house until you're on a road that's straight for a while. He's walked you halfway home before. But only halfway. You always end up telling him you can walk the rest of the way home alone because, even though your house is 2 stories- it's rather small and the neighborhood isn't the greatest either. "Hey uh, Sollux?"

"Mhm~?" He responds, concentrated on the road and you wait a moment.

"Can we hang out this weekend?"

"Don't we normally, KK?" He Chuckles, Eyes focused on the road.

"Well yeah, no shit, but like, can we actually do something?" He's the only other person to have positively nicknamed you besides your mom. . . Boy, do you miss her. You look over at Sollux who has his eyes focused intensely on the road. It's not very busy, but you can never be too careful when it's raining and oh hey look, it's raining. You're not sure when it began to rain. It isn't too bad though. Just a dribble. Although it is darker than usual as a result of the clouds. "Sooooo?" You question.

"hmm-OH right! Maybe. You can stay over this weekend, but I have some online schooling to take care of so you'll have to live without me for an hour or two." He says teasingly.

"You're so full of yourself. Oh!-Take a right here!" You instruct him, extending out a hand to point your finger. "The address is 34138" You tell him. He pulls up to your house shortly. It's been a little bit over ten minutes. Ten minutes that passed all too fast.

You thank him, grab your backpack and get ready to go when he tugs your sleeve.

"Hold on one second would ya," He tugs you back down. "Text me later tho we can specify plans Okay?" He demands, looking you in the eyes.

"Right. Uh, Sollux?"

"Hm?" He frees your sleeve.

"Uh, thanks. I owe you." He smiles at you.

"That's stupid to say. Consider it a favor. You don't owe me anything except maybe a new pair of earth. Mine are just about blown, thanks to all your bitching." He jokes and you flip him off.

"Fuck you!" You open the car door.

"Maybe Later KK" You hear him sing with a smile, resulting in a hidden blush from you. He's really got to chill with those jokes- he's been making more and more often.

"You're such a dick. I'll see you later."

"Bye KK." He shuffles your hair quickly.

You shut the door and sprint to the front door of your house to avoid getting too wet. Your dad will make you wait out here all night otherwise. You hear Sollux's car engine take off and disappear down the street.

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