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Karkat: Wake up

You lay there for a moment as you let your thoughts settle, heart racing, eyes flickering around the room. Fragments of Sollux's kiss still tingle over your lips. Sollux…Kiss… Sollux kissed you!? No, you kissed Sollux! All your anxiety catches up to you as you swing yourself upright.

You just kissed your best friend? You liked it?

The dream has you anxious and utterly perplexed. Your heart is thrashing against your chest and the tingle on your lips won't cease so you press your forefingers against your lips. The remnants of the feeling you had when you kissed Sollux are still lingering, prompting you to shake your head as if trying to shake off the dream, letting your face fall into your hands.

It was just a dream. Just a very odd dream. You have odd dreams all the time when you actually sleep. This is one of those odd dreams. Why do you even need to reassure yourself? It was nothing. Reassurance is a thing that is not required as of now.

'Maybe you should let the feeling you get when we're together flourish instead of running from it.', flows through your thoughts. You growl and pull at your hair, getting up from the bed and check your phone in hopes to have your thoughts wonder on another subject.

No messages. Wow, shocker. Your eyes move to where it says the time and there is absolutely no way it's 3:30 and there is NO WAY you 'napped' for three hours! Why didn't that stupid hacker wake you up!?

All your worries about the dream vanish and you're officially set on bitching at Sollux for letting you nap for so long. You could have been doing something productive in that amount of time as opposed to wasting it.

"Sollux! Where the hell are you?!" You tread heavily down the stairs, making sure your footsteps can be heard from every inch of the house. "Captor!" You walk some ways into the living room, the scowl on your face progressively disappearing with the constant ear ringing silence of the house. "Sollux?" No answer.

You're actually kind of concerned now. He wasn't in his room coding, which surprised you. He's not down here watching T.V. either. "Really Sollux? You might have the mental capacity of that of a five year old, but aren't we a little old for hide and seek?" Nothing. "Ha-ha, very funny, Sollux. This whole situation is such a knee-slapper -" Something unexpectedly yanks at your sides and jolts you, provoking you to make the highest pitched scream known to humankind. You wrench at the grip on your sides and lunge forward, twisting on your heal.

Sollux stands before you, hunched over clenching his stomach. "Oh god- KK, your scream," He laughs some more. You scowl and push him aggressively. You hate, loathe and strongly dislike anything scary with a fiery, burning passion from the depths of hell.

"That wasn't fucking funny! What the ever-loving fuck is wrong with you?!" He stands up straight, grinning like the fool he is.

"I was only joking, KK." He wheedles, smiling.

"Oh, very fucking funny! Comedy has taken quite the turn. Why aren't you a comedian?" You take a deep breath to try and slow you heartbeat. "You know I hate shit like that!"

"Alright, alright, I'm sorry! Jeez, chill your tits KK, it was a harmless joke, stop being a baby." He tries raising his arms in a manner that would admit defeat, but you just woke up and are in a full on rage rant right now and you'll be damned if you stop now.

"Fuck 'sorry'! And I'm not being a fucking baby! You know, we've gone over this, Captor. We have, by far past, established that I-Karkat Vantas, absolutely abhor anything remotely affiliated with frightening because, quite frankly, my scare tolerance for the injudicious genera is utterly low!" You raise your voice probably more than necessary. He rolls his eyes with a frustrated look.

"KK, holy shit, you need to chill out! I was messing with you. Friends do that."

"One hell of a friend you are." You bark out and you immediately recoil from the choice of words because you know that stabbed him somewhere bad. You hate how your talking is more like uncontrollable vomiting… Then again, so are your apologies.

He rolls his eyes and lets out a quick single laugh that's more pained than anything as he turns to walk away and you find yourself lunging forward, tugging at his arm and spewing words that aren't alien to your mouth. "Wait, Sollux, I'm sorry! That was stupid- I'm stupid! I didn't mean it! That was wrong on so many levels and no- you're not a bad friend, you're great and…" He has an unreadable facial expression and that scares you more.

"Are we still friends?" a phrase all too familiar to you. You prepare yourself for him to finally tell you to leave and that he's done with you and all of this and that he regrets everything and actually mean it this time.

You've had some major fights before but they've dwindled a lot in the past year or so to generally just baby-fights. The worst and last major one, about a year ago, was when you started lecturing him on how he didn't appreciate his parents enough and he might have said something that crossed the line. That resulted in you two not talking at all for a little over a month. He ended up apologizing that time though. You had to walk by the restaurant every day to go home and, one day, he waited for you to walk by and pulled you aside. He must have apologized a minimum of ten times and lectured you on the whole situation being his fault and not yours when you tried to apologize to him once. You won't ever admit to crying a minimum of once a day during that time. You also won't ever admit to willingly cuddling with him afterward.

He sighs and turns back to you. "Yeah KK. We're still friends." he reassures.

You really, really do feel like you take advantage of him. Every single time you mess up, all you have to do is ask that question and he always says what you want to hear. You have to wonder on a daily basis why he hasn't tried to throw you out of his life yet. It's not like he doesn't have relationships with a bunch of other people.

"Did you have a nice three hour nap?" He breaks the ice, a clear smirk to his words.

"I wasted half of the day, but sure. Fan-fucking-tastic" You cross your arms, halfheartedly glaring at him. He must have took a shower recently because his hair still looks damp. Actually, now that you're not throwing a fit, logically, that's probably where he was at when you left the room. Gosh you're an idiot.

"Oh, and you should probably finish getting ready. I want to leave soon" You look at the time on your phone.

"It's barely almost four. Didn't you say this thing starts at six? Please tell me it's not that long of a drive." You're relieved to see him smile again and make that chuckle he does whenever you do something he deems silly- which is relatively often.

"Yeah, but it'll take about thirty minutes to get to the restaurant and about thirty minutes to get there, give or take. I want to get there thirty minutes prior."

"Well if you'd have woken me up…" You trail off, marching up the stairs to his room, not short of hearing his signature laugh.

You run around for about fifteen minutes to make sure you have everything and anything you might need. You have your phone, a sweater (just in case), and you've placed a large bandage on your wrist that Sollux gave you. It covers a large portion of the cuts, but not entirely. It'll probably be a bitch to get off later.

Sollux is leaning against a wall by the front door, swinging his keys around on his fingers like some wannabe cool kid when you walk into the living area.

You're surprised to see that he's not wearing his contacts, though he has his shades hanging off the color of his shirt. Normally, when you two go places, he has his contacts and only ever wears his shades half the time, most of the time when people won't really be able to see his eyes. At one point, he told you he was probably going to return to wearing his shades because 'Contacts are a pain in the ass, never get them.'

"Ready?" He opens the door for you as you walk over.

"No shit Sherlock." He unlocks his car with a press of one of the buttons on his key chain and you can hear the rattling of keys as he locks the front door behind him.

A while later, Sollux pulls into the restaurant's parking lot. He shuts off the car and gets out, a high pitched beep signifying that it's locked. You walk to the alleyway entrance (the kitchen entrance) as opposed to the front entrance to avoid the hassle of pushing through the crowd of people that's more than likely formed. The place gets pretty full on weekends.

Be Mituna Captor

Who's tha- oh wait that's you. Yep. No other name like that around, so that's definitely you.

You're parent's left you in charge today so that's what you've been doing since six o'clock. Sollux is supposed to stop by sometime during the working hours to make sure everything is alright. You can't wait 'till he gets here.

You kind of miss your little bro even though you saw him roughly two weeks ago to tell the family about your girlfriend. Well, she's not your girlfriend anymore; you're engaged now so you guess she's your fiancée until you get married. Her names Latula and she's really, really, really great. You both like/liked skateboarding, which is how you met, but that's a story for another time. She's also really pretty. She has a darker skin tone and long black hair and her eyes are caramel-ish.

"Sollux!" You run over and glomp him while he's in the process of walking through the door, practically jumping at him and making him fall back a few steps. Looking over his shoulder, you also see that Karkat is also here. "Hey Karkat" You greet. He gives you an awkward almost-smile and holds up a hand to acknowledge your salutation.

"Mituna? Get off of me!" Sollux pushes you off of him and you just chuckle and shuffle his hair with a hand, which he whacks away, muttering something inaudible. "What are you doing here?"

"Mom and dad asked if I could run the business for a few days so they don't have to keep paying extra. Duh." Sollux huffs, but you don't know why he's bothered. You just smile.

"Okay well, do you need any help, or do you have everything under control?" Why wouldn't you have everything under control? Running the restaurant is pretty easy. Everyone kind of just knows what to do, sort of like ants… or bees.

"Yeah. Everything is fine. Why? You're not sticking around?" You tilt your head and raise your brows.

"Nah, me and KK are going somewhere. So you can handle by yourself?"

Huh. He and Karkat sure do a lot of stuff together. You and Latula did a lot of stuff together before you started dating. Then again, when you did start dating, you did a lot more stuff together. 'KK' is a nickname. You gave Latula lots of nicknames.

"Are you two dating?" Sollux's eyes widen in shock and Karkat kind of looks akin to a tomato. They're both quick to simultaneously say no. You and Latula used to do that too.

"OK, I get it." You give Sollux a knowing look and he looks at you with a different shock now.

You might act really immature sometimes, but you do have older brother instincts. You actually saw this coming, or at least you called it for Sollux. You're fairly certain that he's bisexual even though he's never said anything, then again he never denied it either. As for Karkat, he confuses you, so you're pretty sure that he's confused too.

"Sorry guys. You can go ahead and hang out." Sollux hides a grin and slaps you on the side of the head.

"You're an idiot, Mituna." Sollux jests, turning to leave but you stop him to give him another big hug and whisper very quietly so that Karkat can't hear, 'good luck'. Sollux smiles as he pulls away from you, putting back on a stoic face before Karkat can see.

Be the baby-Captor?

You are not the baby-captor. Or at least you don't like to be referred to as 'the baby-captor'. You may indeed be the youngest captor (right at the moment) but that, in no way, makes you a baby.

Okay, okay! Shut up and be the youngest Captor

Now you're offended times two.

Please be the youngest Captor

That's better.

You are the youngest Captor.

You never thought your brother would ever amaze you, but the past two weeks have surely proven you wrong. You were all pretty shocked to find that he proposed to Latula and, even more so, that she said yes. The wedding is still undetermined.

He astonished you for the second time in actually being able to realize how you felt towards Karkat by just looking at you two. You couldn't stand him half the time when he hadn't moved out, and when family gets together, you still can't stand him half the time. Admitted, when it counts, he has his more mature moments that seem to outshine all the childish moments. Like just now. You know he isn't half as ridiculous as he makes himself out to be. His medication actually does do a lot for his ADHD, he just pretends half the time to be so hyper.

After walking around the restaurant for about ten or so minutes to make sure everything is in place, that there's plenty of workers and the place is clean, you call your parents to tell them how everything is going. It's a brief conversation before they ask to talk to Mituna, so you hand the phone to him and he gives it back in about five minutes and you could hear him talking their ears off the whole time. After you receive your phone from Mituna, your mom is on with one final request to talk to Karkat.

Karkat: Talk to Sollux's mum

Sollux walks up to you, holding out his cellphone. You burrow your brows.

"Who is it?" You inquire, hesitantly reaching for it.

"It's my mom. I don't know why, so don't ask. Honestly, it's not surprising- the woman adores you." You try your hardest to hide a grin, but you know you failed miserably at that.

You put the phone up to your ear. "Hello?"

"Karkat! Hello, how is everything?" She sounds cheerful like she always does when she addresses you.

"Um, everything's fine."

"Ah good, good, do you guys need anything, enough to eat?" She questions. Her accent isn't very thick at all, but it's definitely evident. You can't help but let out a very brief laugh.

"No, we're good. Sollux actually cooked breakfast this morning."

"Cooked? ...Morning?!" She sounds genuinely shocked, eliciting a smile from you.

"Yeah, surprising, isn't it? He actually did things."

"Yes! How you get him to wake up? I have to throw things at him!" You've long passed turned away from everyone and stepped out of the restaurant and into the alleyway, certain that you look like a grinning fool right now.

"I didn't actually; he was just up making pancakes."

"Oh!? Hit him on the head for me!" That's a request you can carry out, so you giggle and tell her you will.

"Sollux really likes you if he goes out of his way like that. I sometime have to threaten to take his computer away." Then again, you've made threats surrounding his computer on more than one occasion.

"Yeah, I guess." You smile as you speak, kicking a pebble around the alley.

"Okay, well I let you go now. And remember, hit him on the head!"

"Alright, alright, Bye" You snicker and smile as you hang up.

You turn back around to head into the restaurant to give Sollux back his phone and tell him you're ready to go, but as you turn, He's right there behind you, smirking.

"What?" You grin, faintly. He walks towards you, rolling his eyes and smiling.

"Stop trash talking me to my mom. I swear you and that woman talk like your best friends." He takes the phone back as you hold it out to him.

"Pff. Better than you." You tease, resulting in him raising his brows at you scoffing.

"Fine. Give me back my shirt. Now. Right now." He jokes, playfully, acting like he's going to take it off by tugging the sides up so you push him away.

"No way! It looks better on me anyways." You strike a model pose, putting and hand on your hip while jutting said hip out.

"Heh, may I remind you that I pulled it off when I was fourteen. Four years later and you're just now pulling it off?" You're both walking to his car now.

"I'm just putting it back in style and am still pulling it off better than you!" You tease. He unlocks the car with the button on his keychain, and you take this opportunity to carry out his mother's request.

"Hey Sollux?"

"Ye-OW what the hell?!"

"That's from your mom!" You run to the car for cover, jumping into his car and locking it before he gets over. He unlocks it with his button thing and you quickly lock it again.

You two spend the next while locking and unlocking his car.

Calm down

Who's not calm? You're calm. You are one hundred percent composed.

It's not like you have no idea where you're going. Or that on top of that, you're in an isolated area.

Yeah. You are perfectly A-O fucking K.

Or at least you would be if he hadn't just turned into some dark, murky trail leading into the depths of a forest.

Okay. He just stopped the car. In the woods. With nobody around.


You can't even think logically right now. Every piece of your mind is thinking back to your dream. The feeling, the things he said, the kiss.

You are Karkat Vantas and you might not be A- O fucking K.

Be the designated driver

That would be you since Karkat can't drive to save his life. He managed to get his driver's license by some miracle. The few times he was behind the wheel with you though, you were on two wheels a good portion of the time.

After wasting about ten minutes at the restaurant, because you and Karkat were at war with the locks on your car, you finally got on the road and are currently five or so minutes from your destination.

Karkat, from what you can see, looks a little on edge. He seemed even more on edge when you turned into a dark road through some forest. You don't think stopping in said road helped ease him much.

"Why did we stop?" He looks over at you like he's going to jump out of the car if he doesn't like your response.

You know he's not going to like your response and there's really no way of wording it in a way that would sound any less suspicious.

"Okay. I know how weird this is going to sound, but bear with me."

"Shoot. I don't think anything will be shocking at this point." You sit silently for a minute, trying to find the right words to say. You didn't take into consideration how suspicious the ride here was going to be.

"Okay. I need you to cover your eyes… and ears."

Wow Shakespeare, there must have been a better way of saying it than that. Karkat really looks like he isn't surprised though. In fact, he simply shakes his head before he just takes out his phone, plugs in a pair of headphone and puts them in his ears and tugs a hoodie over his head, tightening the strings on the hood so that only his lower face is visible.

"That works too." You chuckle.

Be confused but hardly surprised Karkat

When the car begins to move again, it stops soon after for a few moments and the proceeds at a slow pace. You stop for a third time, and you think you're parked but the car is still running.

You feel your hood get loosened as a hand snakes in and tugs out an ear bud.

"You can stop now." Sollux informs, leaning back to his original position with a satisfied grin on. You lean forward, raising your brows before hesitantly looking around.

You're in a large grassy field and there's quite a few cars scattered around, becoming more frequent the further up your vision travels. When you look where there's a long line of cars, there's a large white screen up high with something being projected on it.

It takes you a while to piece together, but using your prior romcom knowledge you manage. Sollux has brought you to a drive-in movie theater.

You look to Sollux, who's sitting smugly in his chair looking at you.

"Worth the hassle?" He smirks at you.

"Well, that depends on the movie." You lie. It really doesn't depend on the movie at all. You're just happy that he brought you out to this.

"Well, it just so happens that the first movie to come on is Titanic." Your mouth drops.

"But, you hate Titanic..." You've been such an ass today and he took you to a drive-in movie theater, like, forty minutes away to see a movie he hates with you.

He shrugs and leans back, stretching before looking at you.

"Yeah, but, I don't hate you." He charms. You look down, trying to hide the faint smile that's spreading across your face. You wonder what the other movies are going to be playing.

"What's movies are coming on next?" He looks down guiltily and suddenly, the sinking feeling you had earlier returns.

"Movie" He corrects. "… and that's the catch.. eheheh."

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