Percy Jackson Guardian of Artemis Hunt

Chapter 2

Secrets Told

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A few seconds after that, I heard a hunter yelling "MONSTER ATTACK!"

Percy's Pov

As soon as she said monster attack, I ran towards where the hunter was pointing. As I ran pass a tree I flipped upside down quickly, and as I flipped my head landed in a pile of horse crap. Then my head hit the tree while swinging. Once I woke up still hanging upside down by me feet, I heard laughter.

It was the hunters and milady.(A/N Im going to start calling Artemis milady)

"Your right Thalia, that was entertaining," Artemis said.

"Percy you will regret ever coming here, because the hunters here had no means of entertainment, until you came along." Thalia said with a evil smile plastered on her face.

I paled when she said that, "So there's no monster attack''? I asked.

"Jeez you really are a seaweed brain!" Thalia laughed.

I frowned at that. "I can get off whenever I want to." I said.

"How so?" Thalia mocked.

I summoned fire in my hand, then shot it at the rope. Sadly, once I fell I landed on the pile of horse crap, which made the hunt laugh even more

"I cant believe you fell for it, you already told us you had power over fire ,we just lured you onto freeing yourself so you can face plant onto the horse crap!" A hunter named Phoebe exclaimed.

I stood up frowning then I gave them my coldest look, but they were too busy laughing they didn't notice. I walked towards the river to wash my face off, thinking to myself that this is going to be a rough job.

~~~~Time skip to 2 weeks~~~~

Artemis PoV

Ever since Percy came, the Hunt has been lively. Ever since Zoe died the hunters seemed to be depressed, but ever since he came the hunters seemed to smile and laugh a lot.

I looked at my clock and saw that it was time for Percy's and I's first archery lesson, That boy cant shoot an arrow to save his life.

I saw Percy already there. He turned and smiled at me. He's so cute when he smil- WHAT AM I THINKING! I'm a maiden goddess I can't have those type of thoughts, but still...

"I've been waiting for you." Percy said.

I stopped walking blushing fiercely. "F-fo- for w-what?" I stuttered.

"For my archery lesson." Percy stated matter of factly.

I mentally slapped myself for over thinking that, of course he won't ever have feelings for me; A maiden goddess.

I told him to shoot once for I can see his shooting stance, which by the way is horrible. Once he shot the arrow, it went towards a hunter's tent and not the target.

"Well that was a lot more better than I thou-" A arrow with a boxing glove came and hit his jewels perfectly. I saw where it came from, and it was from the hunter that percy shot at accidentally. She then smiled and went into her tent. I looked where Percy was and saw him on the ground, trying not to cry.

"Maybe that will give you a motive not to miss." I smirked slightly.

He got up and tried to shoot, but before he did I went to him and started to adjust his position. I put my chin on his shoulder and my hands on his hands trying to adjust his horrible stance. As I adjusted him, I couldn't help but smell his sea scent. It was intoxicating to me, then I realized what I was doing and I quickly stepped back. I told him to shoot and he got a bulls eye.

Percy immediately turned around and hugged me. "Thats the first time I EVER hit the target!" he yelled.

For some reason while he was hugging me I felt something I hadn't before, perhaps I was feeling sick. For the rest of the lesson I wondered what was the feeling that I felt when he hugged me.

When the archery lesson was over I told percy to sleep because tomorrow we're going to move to a different location, because we camped here too long. but truthfully I just wanted my mind off him for some time. Little did I know that I would not talk to him for a looooonnngg time.

~~~TimeSkip to 2 days~~~

We've been traveling for two day now. Our new campsite is red stone forest (Not a real one). The girls kept tripping percy over and over again, and soon he had cuts everywhere. I told the girls to calm down, so they only threw rocks at him after that. Percy had several concussions that day. but along the way we saw something we were not expecting.

We were 3 hours away until we reached red stone forest. Percy had heard some noises close by and he told me about them, but I foolishly said that they were just forest animals.

We continued for half an hour and when Percy snapped and told me he's going to scout for the noise. I just nodded and 5 minutes later we heard percy yelling in pain.

We ran towards where we heard the yell come from to only see Percy get stabbed in his arm, almost severing it completely off. He had cuts all over his face with his right hand holding onto his sword. We saw what he was fighting and may I say we would've died if it were not for Percy.

It was Kampe (going to skip the fight scene I suck at them but if you want just imagine a dragon ball Z fight scene). As percy finally killed Kampe with the sword, he fainted due to the blood loss from the fight.

Percys Pov

When I woke up, I was confused, because I was in a tent and had a lot of facial hair and not in the forest fighting Kampe. Kampe! Did I win? And where am I? I got upand realized I was Naked as the day I was born. I quickly looked for cloths but all I found were some robes. I put them on then saw Artemis walking in with a bottle of nectar and ambrosia. When she saw me, she dropped it and hugged me and started to cry.

"Im so sorry Percy! Your finally awake!" Artemis cried

I awkwardly patted her head like an idiot. "Ermm its ok..." I idiotically said. Artemis stifled a laugh.

"Why are you crying I was just knocked out for a few hours."

Artemis stopped laughing and gave me a grim stare. "Percy, You were out for a half a year. I came to you everyday, feeding you nectar and ambrosia, it seems that Kampe poisoned you with a few drops of elder python poison. It was not fatal but well you were knocked out for a long time."

I stared at her waiting for some one to say "Gotcha!" No one said it.

"Well, is that all?" I asked.

"Well, theres this one thing..."Artemis said.

"What is it?" I pondered.

"Im been going out with Evan since 2 weeks ago, he also became a guardian of the hunt." (I thought of ending the chapter here but that would of been EVIL) She said in one breath.

My heart was shattered, Part of me knew that I should not of had feelings for Artemis in the first place. But I couldn't help it.

"Oh, ok" I said trying to hide the hurt in my voice.

"Percy, your still a guardian just a co-guardian." She said trying to make me feel better.

"How did he become a guardian? The only way I became one was because I felt lonely." I asked.

"Well after you fainted, I treated your wounds and carried you on my back. Once we reached the forest, we were attacked by a group of hell hounds. Most of my hunters were knocked out due to the over whelming amount of hell hounds, but Evan came here with a message to you from a camper.

He saw what was happening and killed them all, before a hell hound was going to injure me and ever since then one thing came to another and we started dating. The gods even approved, well except for Aphrodite for some reason she said "This is not going to be good!" no on still understands what she meant." Artemis said.

"Even the hunters accepted him for being brave, they even started calling him big brother too.'' She added.

"I see." Percy was in turmoil. "What about Annabeth? What happened to her? I asked.

"Well, Annabeth broke up with him for another camper. Well anyways better start doing your duty as guardian because most of the hunt want to kick you out already, saying that your "time consuming". They started like Evan a lot more." she said as she left the tent.

Once she left Percy started crying, then all of a sudden a hunter who turned out to be Thalia came in and saw me cry.

"I know Percy I'm sorry. I tried to make Artemis see that Evan somehow planned the hell hound attack, but she just didn't believe me." Thalia said trying to comfort me.

"Thalia, I need some time alone." I said sadly.

"I understand." she said then left.

Summery of percy's next month working in the hunt.

Percy tried to make the best out of his current situation, but to no avail. The first time since he was knocked out, he called the hunters sisters and Artemis, Evan, and the hunters except for Thalia got mad at him and told him not to call them that, for only Evan can.

Then he called artemis 'Artie' and she nearly killed him and yelled at him and warned him to not do it ever again.

Little by little the hunt and Artemis just stopped talking to him and except for when he was being givin chores. He did all the chores and the rest just went to have fun at camp half blood, leaving percy to do the laundry, cleaning, scouting and monster hunting by himself.

Artemis and Evan got closer to each other but Artemis told Evan that they aren't going to kiss or have sex no matter what. Evan got mad but said ok. After a while, Evan started blaming Percy for everything wrong he did.

Then one time Percy was scouting and saw Evan peeping into the girls shower tent, Percy tried to stop him but Evan just said, "Who cares, they trust me more now. I can just say that you took over my body and they would still believe me." Evan laughed and During the commotion the hunters must of noticed and started coming towards them. Evan must of noticed since he was closer, so he ran away, but Percy was caught and the hunter tried to kill him. They told Artemis and then she gave him the cold shoulder, ever since that was the final straw...

Percy's Pov

I walked towards the Throne room and I went inside and saw the gods arguing as always. Athena and my dad were fighting over Athens again, Hera was yelling at Zeus about being unfaithful, Hades and Demeter fighting over her daughter, and the rest were asleep.

I cleared my throat to capture their attention. That woke up the sleeping gods. Aphrodite was giving him a sad glare knowing what he was going to ask.

"What is it boy?" Zeus said.

"Why did you come here, son?" My dad asked.

"To wish to die." I stated and all the gods gasped except for Aphrodite.

"Why? Are you not happy as a co-guardian?" Zeus asked me.

"I was at first until Evan came along. I was getting blamed for crimes I did not commit, and soon after that, the hunters forgot about me as well as Artemis,. While they had fun, I stayed behind at camp doing everything to cleaning and scouting and even killing monsters for them."

Artemis looked ashamed as Poseidon and most gods gave her evil glares.

"But what about your oaths?" Athena asked me.

"I, Percy Jackson, Hero of Olympus, holder of the sky, bane of Kronos and Gaea, here by revoke all oaths made by me." The gods were shocked as Percy's wings disappeared, while this was happened Evan walked by artemis to watch him.

"There, I wish not to be in the hunt anymore for its camp half blood all over again." The gods were too stunned to speak, so Percy kept talking.

"So I wish to die as my final request, for there is no longer anything for me in this world to live for." I said with a tear coming out of my eye. When I said that, Chaos appeared in front of me.

''Percy is there anything I can do to keep you from this? Chaos asked me.

"No, lord Chaos," I said truthfully.

Very well then, as a final goodbye gift, once you die I shall put you in the stars and call you "The forgotten hero." He told me sadly.

The gods looked outraged at that name, they were about to speak until I uninterrupted them.

"Thank you Lord Chaos, thats a perfect name for me.'' I said sadly as well.

The gods looked at him sadly, Artemis shed only one tear, and Poseidon was out right crying. Evan was laughing in the inside as this was all according to his plan to get rid of his brother for once and for all.

''Good bye Percy.'' He stated.

"So can you kill me now?" I asked Zeus who was crying hard, while Apollo and Hermes were trying to hold back their tears for they though percy as a brother. Athena looked sad and mad at herself for ever being angry at him, even Ares looked sad, heck Mr.D was even crying! But the worst of them all were Hera and Hestia, who were hugging each other and comforting each other, while crying.

"Very well then, goodbye Percy Jackson."And with that, Zeus threw a bolt of lighting at him. Then all was left of the greatest hero was ashes. Thats when they looked at the sky, the gods noticed a constellation of Percy. Crying the gods and goddess all wept at the lost of Percy even Artemis.

No one Pov

The next day the gods informed the camp of Percy's death, all the campers wept at hearing of his death.

When Artemis arrived at the hunt and told them of their co-guardian's death. Most of them didn't cry, someone even said good riddance. That got Artemis mad, she was about to say something, until they heard a sob.

It was Thalia after a while, she stopped and she went to her tent. After a few minutes she came out in her jeans and a white shirt saying 'I'm back baby!'

"Thalia what are you doing in those cloths?!" Artemis asked.

"I Thalia Grace hereby resign from the hunt." She said and everyone gasped.

"Why Thalia?" A hunter asked.

"Because I do not wish to be part of the group that ultimately led to the greatest hero ever to his death nor would I want to be near that thing." She said pointing towards Evan.

"B-but but Thalia, please think this through!" Artemis begged.

"Im sorry Lady Artemis, but I already called Apollo to pick me up,'' She said.

Artemis was hurt for she called her Lady Artemis and no longer m'lady, she was about to say something when Apollo flashed in.

"Hey Thalia I'm here!" Apollo yelled.

"Coming!" Thalia answered.

"Apollo I forbid you to take her! Please as your sister, do me this favor!" Artemis begged him. He and Thalia gave her a cold look.

"I see no sister of mine ,only a empty shell of my sister who lead my favorite demigod to his death! " Apollo said with venom and then he flashed away with Thalia.

Artemis hurt by his words, ran towards her tent crying.

Throne room 3 days after Percy's death

No one Pov

"Who called this emergency meeting!" Zeus yelled.

Artemis raised her hand and said, "I wish to marry Evan."

The gods looked at her shocked.

"Very well the-" He was cut off by laughter coming from Evan.

"Whats so funny boy?" Zeus asked a little mad for been cut off.

"My plan worked! I can't believe it! You all fell for it too!" he said in between laughs.

"What plan do you speak of? Zeus asked.

"To kill Percy Jackson." Evan said The gods were outraged at what he said.

"What do you mean my love?" Artemis said confused.

"Don't call me 'My love', I don't love you, it was all an act to kill Percy. I planned everything out to the attack, to the time Percy got caught for peeping on the hunters. He was actually trying to stop ME from peeping on the hunter! I can't believe you all fell for it! I MEAN C'MON ARTEMIS, his fatal flaw is loyalty, he nearly died to protect you from Kampe!" The gods looked furious but artemis was crying.

"He even loved Artemis, that's why he stayed with them for that long after I joined. He was about to confess but Artemis said to pack because they were going to red stone park. I guess he never did confess to the slut!" he said laughing. Artemis was in pieces and was now crying a ocean.

"Evan, you do realize your in a throne room full with gods that you just angered?" Athena said clenching her teeth.

He stopped laughing as he forgot that he was suppose to become a god first THEN say it, but he couldn't resit at the moment.

"Im so-" He started to say but got cut off.

"Evan you are sentenced to the fields of punishment for eternally!" Zeus yelled in rage for he had killed his favorite nephew.

"No, wait ple-" he vanished from the throne room and it was silent except for the sobs of Artemis.

That day the sky, and the ocean did not move at all. Even mortals started noticing something because people started dieing a lot due to Hades grief at the lost of his favorite demigod.

(I thought of stopping here but I'm almost at 3k so what the hey lets continue for a bit.)

Artemis Pov

I hate myself for being stupid and actually letting Percy go. I know I love him and STILL do, but I couldn't break up with Evan, for then it would look like a female broke his heart, and that would tarnish females worldwide so I kept the act.

I tried to sleep but I only remembered when Percy and I hanged out which made me cry more.
But when I told the hunters of Evan true colors they were shocked and sad, Then they started to cry because they missed Percy now because they treated him just like camp half blood did.

Percy's Pov (ERMAHGAWD)

I saw them cry and it broke my heart. I know I should hate them but I just cant bring myself to do it. I still loved Artemis and still thought of them as my little sisters.

"Hey kid, turn around." I turned and saw Lord Chaos.

"I will give you a second chance at life if you accept my offer." He said.

"What offer?" I asked.

"Gaea is rising again in 3 years and this time, the gods will fade...unless you help them. I will train you for 3 years, then I shall revive you a week before she awakes. You shall train with me and Chronos. Do you accept? he asked me.

"I accept." I answered smiling at the thought of seeing the hunters and Artemis

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