Yo guys! I was really a little sad about the ending. Don't get me wrong-i loved the ending. It fir the story greatly. The problem is, my imagination was running in so many directions-like ellie would find out one day, what would their relationship be like, bla bla. So, I'm writing this, a few months after the dning of the game.

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"Today's movie day?" Joel asked Tommy as they walked towards Tommy's house, which was located deep into the town. Tommy nodded as he waved at another family.

"Yea. We're watching a new movie tonight," Tommy replied. "Well, the children are." Joel nodded his head, and they walked in comfortable silence. In the world where you have fought and killed for over twenty years for survival, not having conversations was a norm.

Even after six months, Joel still could not get used to the sight of people walking freely on the streets, with lamplights lighting up the roads, with houses lit up. He had not seen any of that kind of stuff for the past twenty years, and he had never expected to see that kind of thing again. Yet here he was.

It had been six months since he had brought Ellie to the Fireflies. Six months since he had killed every single Firefly in the hospital, and even killed the leader of the Fireflies, Marlene, just so that he could get Ellie out alive. So far, for the past six months, other than occasional bandit attacks, things have been pretty peaceful. No infected has been seen or heard, which was abnormal, but they weren't complaining.

Over the past six months, two new families had joined the town. Tommy had told him that two families in a year was already pretty amazing, but when he heard that Joel had cleared out the bandits that ambush tourists, he immediately understood why.

"Joel…I'll get to the main point." Tommy suddenly said, his tone serious. Joel's guard immediately increased. "I know you're not telling me something. Something happened at the hospital, right?" He asked. Joel stayed silent. Tommy groaned in annoyance.

"Goddamnit Joel, I want to know the truth! What in the fucking world happened at the hospital? I know something happened there. I just know it! The fireflies would not have let Ellie go so easily, and they certainly would not have let you go in just less than a year!" Tommy kept his voice hushed, but the seriousness was there, as well as the anger.

"Tommy, whatever I said was-"

"Don't you fucking lie to me again. You're my brother, Joel. Others may not be able to recognize shit about you, but I know when you're lying and when you're not. In this case, you're goddamn lying!" Joel winced mentally as he heard the bitterness and the accusation in his voice.

Ever since the day he had killed off the fireflies in the hospital, he had been getting nightmares. Sometimes, he would dream of the doctor killing him. Sometimes, he would dream of Marlene putting a bullet through his skull.

But the worst nightmare of all was that when he barged into the surgery room, Ellie's skull was split apart, and the doctors were already studying her dissected brain. That nightmare was the worst one. The one he dreaded the most.

"The past is the past, Tommy." He simply stated. Tommy sighed angrily and gritted his teeth impatiently.

"Damnit, Joel. Just tell me already! For all I know, you actually killed all of them!" Tommy almost shouted this time around. Joel's body stiffened for a split second, and his facial expression morphed into one of surprise. Immediately realizing his mistake, he corrected his posture, and returned to his neutral face.

But, Tommy had seen it. He had seen how Joel's facial expression changed, had seen how his body stiffened, had seen the guilt that had passed through his eyes.

"You…did you really…" He gaped, his eyes wide as he stared at Joel. Joel shot him a glare.

"Later, in your house," Joel said, quickening his pace. Tommy quickly followed him.

"You're back." Maris stated, looking up from the kitchen table. Joel nodded as Tommy walked forward and gave her a hug.

"What are we having for today?" Tommy asked.

"Quite a few children today, so I prepared the rare treat." Tommy's eyes widened as he started to observe the pots and food all around the kitchen.

"Woah. You even have stew!" Tommy exclaimed, taking in a deep breath of the smell of the boiling stew.

"Now, don't you start eating any of it. Its for dinner, not for you alone." Maria scolded, whacking Tommy's hand lightly as he took a spoon and reached for the stew.

"Fine." He sighed as he placed the spoon back. He then looked back at his silent older brother, and his merry mood dampened.

"Maria, I have something important to discuss with Joel. Can you handle everything for today? Its probably gonna take quite a while." Tommy asked, his tone now deadly serious. Maria glanced at Joel, and then looked back at Tommy and nodded.

"When do you ever help anyway." She muttered. Tommy gave a sheepish grin and scratched the back of his head.

"I'll leave it to you then. C'mon." He signaled for Joel to follow him. The kids were currently sitting in the living room, chatting away about the movies they were about to watch.

"Wait here a moment." Joel said as he walked towards the kids. Tommy stared at Joel, and gave a small smile. He could see Joel's target, which was, of course, a certain brown-haired girl sitting on the sofa, smiling at the younger kids while not saying a word.

"Ellie," Joel said. Ellie looked up at him, her gaze curious. "How's your day been?" He asked, taking a seat beside Ellie.

"Went to help out a little with the crops, tended to some of the cows, went to check out the dam, practically what I do everyday." Eliie shrugged.

"Hmph…I really need to teach you the guitar." He said. Ellie looked at him quizzically.

"So that you can play some music and compose your own ones." Joel explained. Six months ago, when he had mentioned it, Ellie had been so wrapped up in her own thoughts; she didn't even hear what he had said. He doubted that she had even heard him.

"Oh, yea!" Ellie exclaimed, her eyes filled with anticipation. "You never mentioned it before!" She accused, poking his arm.

"I did," Joel grunted, a little miffed with the accusation. "You just didn't pay attention." Ellie frowned.

"When did you?" She asked. Joel was silent for a few seconds, contemplating whether he should bring up about their time at the Salt Lake City.

He knew that she didn't believe him. At least, not entirely. It was true that there were others that were like her, but it was not true that the fireflies didn't need her anymore. Those that were immune were either killed by military or in hiding. The fireflies would not be able to find another one easily.

His greatest fear was that one day, Ellie would find out about what he had did, and would hate him for it. Even worse, she would abandon him and go find the rest of the fireflies.

"Doesn't matter," He said gruffly. "What matters is whether you're interested." Ellie's frown deepened, but was gone in a second when she thought about learning how to play a guitar.

"Of course I want to learn it! You know how much I love music!" She said excitedly, with so much anticipation in her eyes that Joel felt the guilt of what he had done lessen, albeit slightly.

He had often felt guilty, or at least questioned his decision of rescuing her from the fireflies. He knew that she would have given up her life, if she knew she had to.

And that leads to his greatest fear. If she ever found out that he had lied to her about the whole thing, he knew she would not hesitate to find the fireflies and give herself up to them.

"I'll teach you tomorrow then. After that, I'm really gonna have to teach you some swimming. It's a great experience when you're not swimming for your life." Ellie snorted at that.

"Well, seeing that the only times you swim is when you need to get through some obstacle, I'm guessing you've nearly forgotten how good it felt." Joel nodded, agreeing with her. They stayed in silence for a few more minutes, watching the little children playing around the living room. Ellie was, by far, the oldest out of all the children in the town, the oldest other than her being only eight.

"Joel." Tommy's voice broke their gaze on the children.

"Oh, hi Tommy. Didn't know you had reached here." Ellie greeted with a small smile and a wave. Tommy waved back, and then turned his attention back to Joel, his eyes urging him. Joel sighed and stood up, patting Ellie on the back.

"I'll see you later. I have something to talk with Tommy about. You go enjoy yourself with the movies. I'm sure you haven't explored all of them yet." He said. Ellie nodded.

"You better keep to your word about teaching me guitar!" She called as Joel and Tommy walked towards Tommy's bedroom. Joel didn't reply- he didn't need to. Ellie knew that he had heard her, and had acknowledged it.

Once they reached into the bedroom, which was big enough to two king-sized beds, Tommy closed the door behind him and locked it. Joel made his way to a cushioned chair by the desk at the right wall of the room and sat down on it, preparing himself for the talk. Tommy walked towards the bed and sat in front of Joel.

"So," He said, looking straight into Joel's eyes, his steely tone telling Joel that Tommy had already decided that him killing the Fireflies was true. "Tell me. Why did you kill the Fireflies?"