A/N: Another collaboration with yasminemohamed91, known as Moonlessnight126 on YouTube. This one is a bit darker.

DEFINITIONS: I use three made-up words in this chapter.
Mazer - First referenced in my Gratsu fic "Burning Bridges" as a weapon like a taser, but rather than just knocking the person out, it sucks away all of their magical power, leaving a person magic-deprived, unable to fight back. They are illegal in Fiore.
Deeziak - One of the
"dangerous drugs" in this story. It makes a person aroused. The full effects are explained later. Taken from the word "aphrodisiac."
Thesia - Another drug. It's a shot that numbs a person so
they can't struggle. Taken from the word "anesthesia."

Dangerous Drugs

a Fairy Tail fanfic

by Rhov and Yasminemohamed91


Chapter 1

Ambush and Aphrodisiacs

Natsu woke up feeling like crap. Not like he had been beaten up, but...dizzy. Confused. He felt just as disoriented as he normally did while on transportation, but with a more sour feel through his whole body. Was he drugged?

"He's coming to."

"Shoot him up with more."

"He probably can't move already."

"I'm not taking chances. Give him another dose."

There was a prick in his arm, and fire burned through his veins...a bad fire. A sick fire. He heard himself scream, but blackness swallowed him whole.

Natsu slipped into a dream. Or was it a memory? A building. A mission? He recalled Erza speaking a warning.

"Stay alert! The enemy might be close."

Slowly, details returned to Natsu's memory. Yes, it was a mission. Women were disappearing from five different villages. Lucy had remembered too well her encounter with vile men trying to kidnap women. She insisted they take the mission, and to hurry! They traced one suspected kidnapper to a warehouse, and after keeping watch for a whole day, Gray discovered the horrific truth. The warehouse was filled with people. Not just women, but they had captured some young boys, too. They overheard talk of a "shipment." It was Lucy who pieced the evidence together. It was as she feared.

Human trafficking!

These people were kidnapping young people and shipping them to foreign countries as sex slaves. They did not have much time before another group was sent off into a wretched life of prostitution in some brothel, or worse!

"He's waking up again!"

"How is he able to fight off the serum?"

"We should kill him while we can."

"No! This is Salamander Natsu. If we sell him, he can fetch ten times more than the prettiest virgin girl. We only have to wait three more hours. After that foreign prick buys up all the slaves, keeping them unconscious will be his problem, not ours. Just drug him some more."

"Any more and we could kill him."

"Don't kill him! Use the numbing agent, that one the boys use on the girls they fuck before selling. You know, the one you don't want me to know about."

"The only way to counter that is with Deeziak. Should we really give him both?"

"Hell, why not? It might be fun to fuck him up before selling him."

Someone grabbed Natsu by the hair and yanked his head up. Numerous pills were shoved into his mouth.

"Swallow them, Fairy Dog."

Then his head was yanked backwards so hard, his neck popped. A bucket of water was poured into his mouth, and Natsu sputtered, feeling like he was drowning. He swallowed, and pills went sliding down his throat.

"Can you really give someone that many without killing them?"

"Do you have any clue how much shit you've pumped into the boy's veins already? You want him alive? You need him fucked up with Deeziak to counter the effects. Here, he spit out a few pills."

Something more was crammed into Natsu's mouth, and before he had a chance to spit them out again, the water was back, flooding him, gagged him, making him swallow or drown in this horrific torture.

"Good boy. All down. Okay, give him the Thesia."

There was another shot in the arm, and Natsu's body disappeared. He heard voices around him, but all was numb. His mind drifted in a different type of sleep, one of wakefulness but utter lack of being.

Erza had led them to the warehouse. Suddenly, Natsu smelled something wrong. He had no time to react. He yanked Erza back so hard, she was flung into the wall behind him. She would kick his ass for that, but they could worry about that later. Then he screamed at Happy to fly away. As the smell got worse, Natsu yanked Lucy and Gray together, shouting, "Protect her with your life, droopy-eyed bastard!" Then, in desperation, he shoved both of them out the window. It was only two stories. Lucy would land on top of Gray, so she would be cushioned. Gray would survive, maybe a broken rib if Lucy landed on him badly, but the ice mage had gotten much worse in their usual brawls.

A split second later, gas filled the room. He saw Happy zoom up to the ceiling, out of the way of the green vapors, and Erza covered her mouth as she ran out the door.

They were safe.


Then all went black.

"Is he up?"

"Oh, he's up," someone chuckled evilly.

Natsu came into consciousness already screaming. Pain. Burning. This was worse than any fire.

Someone slapped his face, and he tasted blood in his mouth. "Shut the fuck up, Fairy Dog."

"It...burns!" Natsu shrieked. "What'd...you do...to me, ba-...-astards? Gaaaaaaah!"

His body shuddered, twisted, and convulsed. He wished he could escape from his own skin, flee the pain, run away from the searing heat flooding his body, torturing him with indescribable agony. Someone kicked him in the stomach, shouting at him to stay still, but Natsu could not stop his body. If ever he had been curious as to how others felt to be consumed in his dragon flames, this was it. The kicks to his gut, the punches to his kidneys, none of that mattered.

Fire! Burning! He needed relief. He craved escape.

"Why can he still move?"

"Thesia starts on the extremities and works its way in. The Deeziak drug will just barely prevent Thesia from stopping his heart as well. In twenty minutes, he'll be too numb to feel himself take a shit."

"Well, I don't want him running away during that time. Break his ankle."

Natsu gasped and tried to pull away, but he could not even feel his feet when one of the thugs grabbed his leg and twisted his foot hard to the side. Natsu stared, wondering if that was really his foot. He felt...nothing. But he heard the snap of bones. His foot hung at a bad angle now.

"Not even a flinch. The Thesia is working just fine."

"It's a fun side effect of the Deeziak, though. Makes girls hot and wet inside. I've never actually used it on a man before."

Slowly, Natsu overcame the shock. His ankle was broken...probably...more than likely that really had been his foot. Something bound his arms behind his back, and no amount of straining could free him. He figured he could light his body aflame to escape, but when he did, he only felt sick.

"That mazer is working, too."

"Zaps the magic right out of anyone. Hellish side effects to an actual trained mage, though. He probably won't be back to full strength for a week, if ever."

"He'll be long out of our hands before the end of the day. Still, we've got three hours before the buyer arrives." One of the men grabbed Natsu by the hair and yanked him straight up off the bed. "I wanna fuck him up bad before then."

Natsu glared furiously at the scar-faced abductor, and suddenly he spit in the man's eye. The thug drew back in disgust, then slammed Natsu's head into the brick wall. His left ear began to ring loudly, and his vision blanked out for a moment. Then his body was thrown harshly to the ground, and a boot collided into his ribs, cracking at least two of them. Natsu coughed, and blood sputtered out of his mouth.

"Hey, if you beat him up too much, won't that diminish his worth?"

"We'll say he put up a fight. It'll let that foreign bastard know to cage him better. Hell, maybe we can charge more for damages."

Natsu stared up defiantly. "You bastards are toast! When my nakama come, they're gonna kick your asses so hard..."

"Shut up!" the ringleader yelled, and he kicked Natsu in the face. A tooth came loose, and Natsu tasted blood gushing from the gum. He spit out frothy red blood.

"He's squirming too much."

"Give the Deeziak another five minutes and the boy'll be begging to have all five of us fuck him at once."

"Why wait? Strip him!"

Natsu gasped. Were these people serious? Lucy had whispered in horror about the possible depravities these men might have put their captive women through, but...to men as well? Natsu wanted to back away, but his arms were not working right. He stared behind him. He saw his hands in cuffs that went up his wrists and lower arms, but everything from the elbows down was numbed.

"No," he whispered in a weak protest.

He couldn't use magic. He couldn't punch. He couldn't walk with his ankle twisted so grotesquely. Natsu rarely panicked in the middle of a fight, but he felt cold shivers as he realized just how powerless he had suddenly become. He shouted for the one person he knew could fight on par with him, the only person he could trust to be around these vile perverts and kick their asses.


"Ain't no one coming, boy," one of the men chortled sadistically.

Was it useless? How many women had screamed for help in this building while their team sat outside, patiently awaiting an opportunity to strike? How many had been raped while Fairy Tail bypassed the request flier because the money was bad? Just how many people had already been shipped off by these men?

It sickened Natsu, and it filled him with a sense of despair. After falling into the ambush, Erza would be more careful to reenter the warehouse. She might wait until the buyer showed up, to capture him in the act. If these men were right, that was three hours away.

Meanwhile, some huge man was pulling Natsu's belt loose. He squirmed against the thug, but a heavy hand punched into his gut, sending Natsu into coughing fits.

"Help!" Natsu screamed. "Gray, Erza, Lucy..."

"Can we shut him up?"

"Ball gag, right here."

"Good. I don't want him to bite his tongue. Make sure those restraints are secure."

Something was shoved into Natsu's mouth, and when he bit down, it was to hard rubber. He began to choke on his own saliva and blood as he thrashed on the bed.

Suddenly, something else spiked through the numbness. Natsu felt the burning sensation concentrating, all that fire moved inward and down. He knew this feeling!

For some wretched reason, he was getting aroused.

He choked, gagged, and shook his head. This couldn't be happening! Drugged into arousal. A sex drug? He remembered what the men said about a drug they used on the women they wanted to fuck.

Were they truly planning the same horror for him?

As his pants were torn from his body, his shirt was shredded, and even his scarf was pulled off his neck, Natsu felt how the air around him was suddenly cold against his feverish flesh. All thoughts began to change. When someone slapped his face, he moaned instead of yelled. Someone grabbed his cock and stroked it. Natsu shuddered with intense pleasure unlike anything he had ever known before. This was an unnatural pleasure, he knew that, yet...it felt so...good!

"Look at this size! Fuck, he's gonna make some sick rich bastard happy. I'd love to have that fuck my ass."

"Let me stroke him some." Another set of hands were on him, and Natsu shuddered that these hands were rougher, gripped him tighter, and stroked fast. "Damn, he's got one burning hot cock. Oh fuck, I'm really ready to jizz."

"You idiot, you can't last even two minutes with the girls, and you're worse with boys. Here, I'll hold his face. Let's make him eat it."

The ball gag was yanked out, but fingers pulled Natsu's lower jaw down. Before he could even yell, the man in front of him stroked himself fast and shot off onto Natsu's face. The odor flooded Natsu's nose, and some of the sticky cum went into his mouth. Then the ball was thrust in even harder.

"Swallow it down, Fairy Dog!"

Natsu swung his head back and forth, but the bitter liquid slipped down his throat. He coughed and gagged, but he had no other choice but to swallow.

The man who seemed to be the leader of the thugs yanked Natsu up by the hair again. Natsu yelled past the ball gag at the pain, but his body was wiggling in a different way now. He felt a flush in his cheeks and tears in his eyes.

"What's the matter, Fairy Dog? Want someone to fill you up?"

What finally tipped Natsu into utter terror was the fact that he honestly did want that. He craved to be touched so desperately, his hips tried to thrust. It burned! It froze! It ached, and only touches could take away the pain.

The man grabbed Natsu's cock, stroking slowly, so slow that it was even more torturous.

"Does it hurt, boy? It's what you get for bringing your friends along to try to capture us. No one fucks with us, or we fuck them back...literally! Don't worry, we'll have those friends of yours in custody soon. You might even be sold to the same buyer, if you're lucky. That blonde in particular will fetch a good price. I bet she's even a virgin."

Natsu thrashed against the hand gripping his hair, not caring that he felt strands rip out. He tried to shout. He wanted to yell, "Lay a hand on Lucy and I'll kill you!" The gag muted the threatening words.

"Don't worry. I told the men not to touch that one. Virgins are worth their weight in gold. We'll probably just kill the dark-haired one and the cat, though. No need for them."

"NO!" Natsu screamed, muffled but still trying to fight.

"You're a spunky one. We should calm you down first."

Natsu was dropped, and his ankle twisted grossly to the side. He fell naked to the cold ground. He was fully erect, his skin burned, and impulses surged through him, feelings he hated, yet he had utterly lost control. He tried to curl onto his side, wanting the cool stone floor to ease the fire in his groin.

The thug kicked him, knocking Natsu onto his back. He stared up defiantly. All his hatred filled his narrow eyes. With a scornful laugh, the man placed his boot on Natsu's penis, pressing down harder, slowly, more and more. With a sadistic grin, and reflexive flinches from the men around him, the thug crushed that drugged erection under his filthy boot.

Natsu roared in agony. No pain compared to this! He thought his testicles might actually burst from the pressure. Then the man twisted his boot a little, scraping against the engorged erection, scratching the inflamed skin until it bled. Natsu shrieked, wishing he could vanish from the pain.

"Do you need help with that, you puny Fairy Dog?"

"Gah!" Natsu sobbed through the gag. He clenched his fists trapped behind him as his face flushed with embarrassment.

How could it hurt so intensely, yet feel so wretchedly good?

The man released some of the pressure and just rubbed the boot up and down the hard length. Natsu's spine arched as his muscles began to shudder.

"Boss, he's really loving it!"

"Of course he is," the thug chuckled. "Hey, what are you doing jacking off?"

"I can't help it, boss. He's so fucking hot."

"It's the Deeziak. It changes not only the body, but the pheromones. Makes anyone around the drugged person horny, too."

"Damn dangerous drug! Fine, stroke off if ya gotta, but keep it to his face. I don't want your cum on me while I fuck his ass."

He released Natsu, and the dragon slayer curled to his side again as his whole body shuddered. Pain, pleasure, humiliation, hatred...it all burned deep inside him, but it was not enough to fight the drugged effects.

"Pull him back up. Fuck...gonna come!"

Someone grabbed Natsu's hair. He sobbed as he looked up just to see the head end of a penis, and suddenly white filled his vision. Something hot dripped down his face to his neck, slowly dripping to his chest.

'What the hell am I supposed to do? Someone...anyone...please come. Gray...somebody free me.'

"Put him back down! On his back."

Natsu was dropped, and he laid face up, feeling filthy and wretched. Then he heard the sound of a belt buckle. He gasped and looked up in horror as the man standing over him began to unzip his pants.

"Spread those legs, boys. He should still have just enough sensation to feel the pain as I fuck his ass raw."

Natsu looked at them, horrified as they got closer.

Was this really how his first time would be? Gang raped?

He closed his eyes, and silently he prayed that Gray and the others would find him before these evil men completely snapped his spirit.

End of Chapter 1

A/N: Holy crap, what a cliffhanger! Before I completely scare you away, NO, this is NOT a rapefic. Just... bad stuff happens at the beginning. Like I warned, this one is a bit dark. It also ended up too long to be a mere one-shot. I'll update once a week, purely to torture you, because I'm a sadistic writer and love to hear your whines for more, more, more!

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