A/N: Hey Im back! And this time my story has an actual PLOT! Not just mindless fluff! Well parts of it are mindless fluff, but hey whatever.


I only wanna be with you

"Aaaaaaaaaaand it's a bea-U-tiful summer morning here! We got the top forty hits com-" the loud, obnoxious voice of the radio announcer was stopped abruptly by a thin, feminine hand, smacking hard against the alarm clock. Ginny Weasley sat up and sleepily rubbed here eyes, yawning. She blinked in the morning sun and got out of bed, heading into the bathroom for a shower.

A few minutes later, Ginny emerged from the steam-filled bathroom. She began getting dressed when she heard someone yelling her name.

"Oy! Gin!" Ginny left her bedroom, and smiled when she saw her older brother, George standing in her living room.

"Hey," she said grinning.

"Just double-checking to see if you were coming to see the new joke shop today! We finally finished. New paint and everything," he said, excitedly.

"Course I'm coming," Ginny smiled, "Now LEAVE so I can get dressed!" George held his hands up in mock fright and quickly disapparated. Ginny smiled to herself and headed back into her room.

The bell on the door rang gently as she entered the shop. George was right. This hardly looked like the joke shop that she had known before. The walls and floors were now brightly colored, and tricks of every kind were stuffed on the shelves that lined the walls.

Ginny walked to the back of the shop, where her twin brothers were standing behind a large, bright green counter.

"Told ya so!" George said excitedly, and Ginny couldn't help but laugh at the childish look on her brother's face. Fred and George may have been out of Hogwarts for around seven years now, but they were still the rowdy pranksters she had always known.

"Anyone else coming today?" Ginny asked.

"Well we have one or two *special* visitors" George winked at Fred. Ginny looked curiously at them, and was about to open her mouth when Fred interrupted. "Have a look around!"

Ginny began wandering around the shelves, her eyes casting across the shelves. She was just nearing the front of the shop when she heard the bell tinkle again. She whirled around and found her self staring straight into a pair of bright green eyes. A pair of green eyes she knew *very* well. Standing in front of her was Harry Potter.