Sexual Curiosity

Hey guys, its been a while so my writing skills are more than rusty. This is a fanfic involving Pinky/Mandy. I hope you enjoy.

12:00pm – Football field

The midday breeze was light and refreshing, and the bright July sun was becoming hotter with each minute.

Four teenage girls dressed in revealing blue outfits were standing in the right back corner of the field, practising. These four girls, were Bullworth Academy Students, the cheerleaders for the schools football team.

Three of these four were standing in a parallel line, with the fourth standing before them, shouting commands,

"Angie for fucks sake girl! You need to kick forwards, then side step! Is that so hard?"

Angie's face lit up bright red and her frazzled black hair was coming out of its short pig tails. She pushed her glasses back onto her nose and apologized, looking as if she was about to cry.

Mandy, the obvious leader tutted and simply shook her head. "Good job Pinky, Christie. Lets finish for today."

Mandy walked now beside Christie, a flaming red haired girl with long slim legs and the eyes that shone like emeralds. The two talked quietly about Angie's failures and laughed viciously.

Pinky not wanting to be seen with the scolded Angie caught up to Mandy. The two both had brunette hair, although Mandy's was far darker and obviously dyed. Mandy looked slyly to Pinky and roved her gaze across the Preps figure.

Mandy was bisexual.

Although she refused to share her secret with any other soul. She knew that she couldn't ever be fully gay, because her lust for dick was always on her mind. But girls were hot too, and the image in her mind right now off undressing Pinky was leaving her knickers damp.

Pinky looked across to her team leader and smiled, "What's wrong Mandy? You look flustered?" She touched the Jock girls hip and lightly brushed it, "You look positively knackered." Mandy shivered at her touch and shook her head, "I'm fine, I just need a shower." she turned away and bit her lip lightly, then smiled to herself as Pinkie replied, "Yeah so do I, mind if we share? Christie demands her own space and I don't want to pair up with four eyes."

"Yeah sure whatever." Mandy shrugged back to her.

Once in the locker rooms the four girls unchanged, Angie locking herself in the single changing unit. The other three had no modesty and undressed to full nudity.

Pinky chanced a glance at Christie and Mandy's figures and sighed softly. Christie, although she had a nice figure.. Really had too much of a pale freckled complexion for Pinky's liking... but Mandy. She snatched a peek at her large pert breasts and clearly shaken pussy and smiled to herself. They were similar in body shape, and Pinky loved her own figure so naturally found Mandy's too be perfect..

Pinky was a lesbian.

After the Derby business her mind had been set. She was still a virgin and only messed around with boys to deter anyone catching onto her sexuality. Christie and Angie took their designated shower spaces and Pinky and Mandy were left to the last end shower. It was a tight fit as they stood back to back, letting the scalding water rush over their bodies.

By a small chance Mandy happened to drop her Shampoo bottle just as Pinky's shower jel bottle slipped through her hands. The two containers landed at their feet. Without thinking the two teenagers turned around at once, and ended up breast to breast, pinned against each other.

"Oh, shit sorry..." Mandy said blushing yet Pinky grinned back, "does the prospect of two wet and naked girls standing so close together scare you?" Pinky was surprised by her own nerve and looked up to see Mandy looking very odd.

"No, It doesn't, does it for you?" Mandy's voice had changed, it was softer and more seducing. Only they could hear each other, for the walls were to thick for the other two to overhear their conversation. Mandy seemed so much closer now, even though she hadn't taken any visible steps towards Pinky, who looked up at her silently. Her hair was drenched and covering her face, to which Mandy brushed behind her ears in a gentle, slow motion.

"Tell me Pinky, why do you sneak glances at me whilst I change? It's not because you envy me, your body is perfect as it is..." Mandy had locked eyes with the smaller prep now, who cringed at Mandy's words. She kept visually imaging pulling her leader in and kissing her passionately, but couldn't bare to act on it in case she was wrong, and Mandy wasn't hitting on her at all..

"I- I don't know." was all she managed to reply.

"Do you find me attractive?" Mandy whispered.

"Yes. I mean, you pretty. I don-" but Pinky's words were cut off as Mandy leant into her, nipping her ear. Mandy had one hand upon Pinky's right breast, not only pinning her there but also massaging it firmly. Her other hand cupped Pinky's pussy, probing her sensitive area's with delicate fingers. Pinky's legs buckled as she gasped when she felt shoot after shoot of electric sensation flow below her belly and she had to loop her arms around Mandy's shoulders to stop herself falling.

"Do you like this?" Mandy growled softly into her ear and Pinky whimpered in reply.

"Well? Do you like it when I touch you?" Pinky whimpered again, louder. Her legs began to shake violently, and she clutched to Mandy for support.

"Clearly not." the assaulter said blandly and let go off Pinky turning away. She smirked to herself as Pinky cried in frustration at her near climax. The prep squirmed around to face Mandy again, who was now squirting conditioner into the palm of her hand.

"Yes Mandy," she said meekly, grabbing for her hand again, "I love it. Please, I was nearly there." she looked up at Mandy with big doe eyes. Mandy sat down in the corner of the shower, and opened her own legs.

"Sit between my legs, so that your facing away," she commanded dominantly. Pinky obeyed, and closed her eyes as Mandy fingered her from behind. The Jock held her head back with the other and spoke sharply and dangerously, "If I let you cum, you aren't too tell a soul about this." Pinky nodded and stuttered, "Yes you have my word." and seconds later her juices were seeping out, covering Mandy's hand.

Mandy stood up, and leaving her scooped in the corner she finished her shower respectfully.

Christies piercing voice came through the other side, "Hey you two, what's taking so long ? We'll leave without you!"

Mandy looked down at Pinky who was now standing up. The prep mimed zipping her lips and Mandy called back, "Clearly you have no sense of hygiene Christie. A proper shower should take at least half an hour you skank." Christie was heart tutting on the other side, "Whatever! Laters..." and the door slammed behind her. Mandy turned the shower off sharply, and excited the shower wrapping her towels around her as she did. Pinky followed suit, looking at Mandy slightly disorientated.

Did that really just happen?

Another half hour had passed by the time they were dressed, and hair and make up had been applied. The silence was a little awkward by now, as they stood at such a close proximity, sharing a dirty secret between them.

Mandy grabbed her bag and with a backwards glance at Pinky, left the locker room.

Pinky exited moments later, going the opposite way. She bit her lip thinking about Mandy and her soft touch, and she knew she'd have to have her again, no matter what the cost was.

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