Sexual curiosity

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2pm – Art

Ms. Phillips voice was really beginning to grate on Pinkys nerves. She was sat at the very middle of the classroom, sighing audibly as the 'boys sex idol' art teacher flourished on about lack of concentration in the class and letting go, really allowing your emotions to flow freely across the page. She looked up desperately at the clock, which was ten minutes fast. Doing a quick calculation she came up with another thirty minutes left to endure. Her paper before her was mainly doodles of female features.

An eye, with hazel shaded irises.

A well manicured hand.

A pair of full glossed lips.

A slim collarbone.

Mandy's features, she realized to herself. This crush, no... This obsession was getting ridiculous. She peeked for the millionth time in half an hour in the other cheerleaders direction, only to end up blushing as Mandy looked up. Mandy had sensed the feeling of being watched, and locked gaze with the preppy.

The seating in the classroom were in rows of two, and Mandy was sat beside Ted. Pinky was unfortunately placed beside Gord, who was rambling on about Aquaberry sweaters and how cheap the quality had become. Peeking another glance, she felt a wave of jealousy wave through her blood as she caught sight of Ted. He was sneaking a hand across the she-jocks thigh, encouraging her to open her legs for him. Mandy rolled her eyes in irritation but seeing Pinky glancing over, she smiled falsely and allowed him to roam for a few mere seconds. Pinky's glare was snapped short however as Gords voice drummed her back to reality.

"Pinky! Are you even listening to me?" he whined in irritation, poking her side.

"Fuck off Gord, I don't care." she snapped back and pushed him roughly. He floundered for a second, before crashing off his chair and hitting the floor with a thump. She didn't even have time to move before the metal chair legs flew up and sharply dug into her hip.


Ms. Philips was glaring at her furiously, and after helping a dazed and insulted Gord to his feet, pointed to the door.

"Principle, now!" The teachers cheeks were burning as she escorted Pinky out. All she then heard was the class laughing and Gords threats of getting his dad to sue her. She did however, hear Mandy's laughing the loudest. It was a painful noise to hear.

Pinky traipsed the short walk to the Principles office, rubbing her hip as she did so. It was burning, and sneaking a peak at her injury, she saw it was grazed and bruising over. Great.

She was out of the headmasters office within minutes, avoiding a lecture by slamming a wad of cash on the desk. Crabblesnitch had simply smiled and allowed her to go.

The prep headed towards the girls dormitories, feeling to short tempered to mingle with her fellow rich peers in Harrington house. Traipsing up the steps to the main doors of the girls dormitories however, her name was called by a males voice. She turned, confused, to see it was only Algie. He waddled to her in short breaths, holding out a stack of papers.

"Your homework!" he wheezed handing them over. She simply handing him the ten dollars promised and slammed the door behind her.

Once in her dorm she closed the curtains before laying down on her upgraded bed, sighing sadly as she placed the homework on her bedside table.

Pinky shared a room with Mandy and Christie, who had left a note on the inside of the door as she had entered.

'Mandy and Pinky, well whoever reads this first. I'm not coming back tonight as I'm going to go hang out with Trent, Tom and the other bullies. I feel like being naughty and causing some trouble haha. If anybody asks where I am, I am in bed, with a deadly flu or whatever sounds totally life threatening! Ciao. C x'

Pinky's heart had dropped as she had realized it would be just her and Mandy sharing tonight. A part of her was fearful, whereas a deep stirring within her screamed in happiness. She closed her eyes with the intentions of an afternoon nap, but instead found herself thinking of lustful scenarios between herself and the queen of the school.

She was tucked up in bed, and the clocks struck midnight. A rustling in the bed opposite her signified Mandy was still awake. She heard light footsteps. Which stopped before the end of her own bed. Then ever so slowly, the covers were lifted and the sexy girl she so lusted for was crawling upwards, stopping at Pinky's opening thighs. She groaned softly as she felt the others lips graze her side, pulling her knickers down expertly with her teeth. Soft hands prised Pinky's leg into a V shape as the head cheerleader nuzzled into her fleshy folds, licking and kissing her dampening sex. Pinky moaned softly and tentatively slipped her own fingers downwards, inter winding them in Mandy's now loosely worn hair. The prep was softly playing with the others hair, and pushing her hips up to meet the others mouth. Mandy wove her expert tongue around the others clit, making her buck lightly in pleasure... She felt herself becoming more and more agitated, and building to a tremendous pleasure no male could satisfy...

The door to their room opened sharply, and Pinky opened her eyes in horror. She was lying on her front, back arched ever so slightly as she had been playing with herself during her little fantasy. Luckily, she was under the covers and not exposed. She opened her eyes slowly, pretending to wake up with sleep to see Mandy in the doorway, looking down at her.

"Have a nice sleep Princess?" she humoured. Closing the door behind her and locking it with a sharp click. Pinky turned over and sat up, allowing Mandy room as she sat down at the edge of the bed.

"I brought us some chocolates to share..." Mandy said quietly, presenting a pink box with a pretty ribbon upon it. She then looked to Christies bed and smirked,

"Did you get her note then?"

Pinky nodded slightly, "Yes."

"Do you want to get drunk tonight?"

"If you like."

Mandy just nodded, opening the box of sweet candy. She took the smallest one in the box, then handed the rest to Pinky, who picked two and put the box on the side. They ate in silence, staring at the floor as if it was the most interesting thing ever. Pinky, surprisingly, broke the silence.

"Doesn't it annoy you how Ted treats you like an object?" She was surprised by her own words as did Mandy, who blinked and swallowed before replying. Her voice was cold, with a sharp ring to it.

"That's all I am to anyone. An object. A fucking toy."

"I could treat you better."


"You heard me."

"Ahh, little miss princess fancies Mandy Waith, the school bitch!" Mandy then sighed and looked at Pinky sincerely,

"I'm sorry... Its just, I'm not used to kind words." she sighed and went to stand up, but Pinky grabbed her hand, pulling her back down. She squirmed free of her duvet and pulled Mandy in for comfort. The two sunk down onto the bed, merged limb for limb. Their skirts rose together, their sexes mere centimetres apart.

The two girls were practically nose to nose, when Pinky finally spoke.

"I know that its early, and it would be too much risk to even consider letting anyone in on us... But Mandy, I've liked you for a very long time. If it wasn't for you being so confident today and making a move, I'd still be ashamed of my feelings... And anyway, I'd never usually go for someone outside of my social circle. Be flattered."

Mandy looked over, almost as if she was about to cry.

"I'm just a whore to everyone, and the one person that genuinely treats me well is a girl! Its not fair." Mandy's words cut deep, yet Pinky refused to give in.

Her sweet breath made Mandy feel dizzy with lust, as she replied.

"Please don't stop us Mandy, even if it is just behind closed doors..." She whimpered at her own neediness and placed a tentative hold on Mandys thigh, who hissed as electricity rushed through her.

"I can't deny that I am highly infatuated with you Pinky," Mandy began, stroking Pinky's fingers that clasped her milky toned thigh.

"I just hate what I am, everyone believes me as a huge homophobic... I'm such a hypocrite."

Pinky moved fast, surprising Mandy in the process. She'd heard enough, and she had to have the girl lying on her bed. She was on top of Mandy within seconds, placing a leg dominantly between Mandys and began trailing her fingers upwards. Mandy let go of Pinky's hand and clutched the bedsheets, quivering in guilty delight.

Their lips grazed, then became more desperate as they tasted each others sweet lips. Pinky slid two slim fingers through Mandy's knickers and began humming softly as she played with the others sensitive parts. The jock bucked as the prep squeezed her clit firmly. Then without warning plunged the two invading fingers into Mandy's warmth. Helpless to her secret lovers come hither motion, Mandy hissed between her teeth and opened her mouth to allow Pinky's roving tongue. Their breathing quickened into ragged breaths as they intertwined closer. The preppy princess stopped the foreplay suddenly, much to Mandy's protests, but quickly resumed after making eye contact and licking the juices from her fingers.

"You taste so good..." Pinky whispered into her ear, and began trailing kissing on the others neck, to shoulder... She pulled the straps of Mandy's vest down delicately, never missing a spot to kiss. All too soon she was kneeling between Mandy's legs, pushing each thigh apart with her interlocked hands..

"Pinky what are y-ohhh..." The jock sighed almost dreamily and closed her eyes as the other began licking oh so softly, gradually building up speed and force. Her tongue explored the others vagina and she giggled childishly as she slipped her tongue in. She felt Mandy's opening tense around her tongue and her clitoris was pulsing now and about to reach peak. Unlike the earlier fiasco in the showers, Pinky didn't stop her oral act on Mandy and drank up the sweet nectar that streamed from her new lover as she came quietly. She came up to rest beside the exhausted Jock, who turned to kiss Pinky. Tasting her own juices against the others lips turned her on almost instantly and she rolled onto the other, grinding her knee against the others sex.

"Oh, Mandy... Your so good..." Pinky sighed and allowed herself to be pleasured in return, blissfully unaware of anything or anyone else. It was all a blur for the prep, peaking pleasure and the brushing of soft skin and against skin. She also came, somewhat less quietly and the the two lay there intertwined a short while later, catching their breath and sneaking naughty smiles.

Mandy broke the cuddle up first, standing up abruptly and smoothing her clothes.

"C'mon Princess, lets get some booze." she said casually, almost as if the last hour had been an innocent conversation between room mates. Pinky got up begrudgingly, and made herself look respectable also.

"Mandy where do we even get alcohol? We're underage..."

"You'll see," Mandy replied with a wink and the two left the dorm together, in the direction of the playground.

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