Hey guys! This is my first Fanfic and I was kind of hoping for any pointers, nice criticism, and possibly any requests. Enjoy! R & R!

Story 1: Teen Titans

Beast Boy couldn't think of a way out of the mess he had gotten himself into. He and Robin made a bet, which was who would win the next football game. Beast Boy lost, though he was so sure his team would win. Anyway, the bet was that if BB won, Robin would have to clean Beast Boys' room for a week, but if Robin won, Beast Boy would have to submit his whole body to Robin for a session of tickling, as long as Robin wanted.

Now, Beast Boy had never actually been tickled before by anyone, not even by the Titans so he was actually kind of curious of how it felt to be tickled. So he didn't know whether he would enjoy it or despise it. Anyway, Robin cooked up a plan that would make it where the two could be somewhere private so that nobody, especially the other Titans, would know what the two were doing.

So that night, Beast Boy and Robin snuck out of their rooms at midnight and met outside the tower, like they had planned. "Ready Beast Boy?" Robin asked without emotion. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be, I guess," the green boy sighed. Then he turned into a horse and when Robin mounted him, they rode off into the city to a place that Robin had chosen. "Up there," he pointed at a rooftop.

Beast Boy turned into a Pterodactyl and flew onto it with Robin on his back. When he turned back into a boy, he turned towards the Boy Wonder, awaiting instructions. "Okay," Robin started. "Take off your shirt and gloves first." Beast Boy did so, reluctantly, though. "Next, your shoes and pants, but not your boxers," Robin continued. By the time he finished, Beast Boy was blushing a little from being half naked in front of Robin, of all people.

"Now, if we're gonna do this, it's gonna be done right," Robin said simply. He pulled out a rope and led Beast Boy over to a metal box with a small stick on near an end, about BB's size that was on top of the building. Then he had Beast Boy lay down on it and tied one end of the rope to one of Beast Boys' wrists, looped the loose end of the rope around the stick, and tied his other wrist.

"Are you ready to be tickled like never before?" Robin asked, raising his gloved hands and making tickling gestures with them. Before answering, Beast Boy cringed a little, then said with completely fake confidence, "Hit me with everything you've got!" Robin shrugged and said, "Well, I guess we'll start with your neck, move down to your thighs, then your feet, and go from there."

With that, he walked up to BB's neck and began to tickle. "Heheheheheheheheh," Beast Boy giggled a long giggle. "That heheh feels heheheh nice." "Looks like somebody's neck is quite ticklish," Robin commented without stopping. This continued for about 10 minutes before Robin stopped to let Beast Boy catch his breath and to stretch/crack his fingers. "That actually felt really good," Beast Boy said.

"Well, I doubt this will feel the same way," Robin said before he sat down on Beast Boy's shins and placed his hands on Beast Boy's thighs. Without another word, Robin began to squeeze the shape-shifter's thighs quickly and in the exact places that made Beast Boy buck in his laughter. "Hahahahahahahahahahaha!" Beast Boy laughed. This kept up for double the neck tickling (20 minutes) with a break halfway through.

Once Robin stopped, Beast Boy took advantage of him stopping to catch his breath again from his mild torture. After he did that, Robin turned around on BB's shins and brushed one of his victims' feet to see if they were ticklish at all. Without thinking, Beast Boy let out an involuntary, "AhAHa!" When Beast Boy heard this, he clamped his mouth shut. However, when Robin heard this, he grinned in delight.

He proceeded to wiggle all 10 fingers as fast as he could on the green boys' feet, trying to hear more of that wonderful laugh of his. Though he tried with all his might, Beast Boy just couldn't hold in his laughter for more than 5 seconds, because within that time, he burst out uncontrollably. "AHAHAhaHAhahahahaHAHAHAHA!" he cried out. After 10 minutes, Robin let Beast Boy catch his breath for 1 minute.

Then he tried a different approach. He got off of Beast Boy and went in front of his feet. With one hand, he put Beast Boys' feet in a headlock. Then, with the other hand, he arched his fingers and softly raked his fingers from the top to the bottom, and went back and forth, back and forth. Well, Beast Boy just went ballistic. He bucked, he yelled, and he screamed.

After 20 minutes, Robin knew he had to stop because at this point, Beast Boy was laughing so hard he was crying and yelling out, "It hurttsssssshahahahahah! Stooooooophahahahahahahahahaha!" So Robin decided that he should quit tickling BB's feet, but then he began to wonder which area he should tickle next. Meanwhile, Beast Boy decided that, so far, he was NOT enjoying his first tickling experience.

For the first time in nearly an hour, Robin said, "Well, now that we've got the lower and topmost parts of the body taken care of, how about we give your stomach and sides, then your armpits that tickling experience they deserve." Beast Boy said nothing; he just prepared for what he thought would be the worst of the tickle torture treatment Robin was giving him.

Like Robin said, he started with Beast Boys' stomach and began to alternate between his stomach and sides. However, BB suddenly felt a new sensation from this kind of tickling. Almost, almost, a good feeling that made him like to be tickled. Now, he still laughed like crazy, but, it still felt sort of good. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" After 25 minutes of tickling there, Robin decided that he couldn't wait any longer to tickle his captives' armpits.

So, he gave Beast Boy another minute to catch his breath and then took out 2 electric toothbrushes and when BB saw them, he outwardly widened his eyes in fake horror, but inwardly he was so happy it was hard for him to act scared. When Robin switched them on, he lowered them slowly to emphasize fake drama, but eventually he pressed them into Beast Boys' super-ticklish armpits, which caused Beast Boy to jump and laugh and cry for the whole time Robin did it.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! STOHOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he yelled in his slight torture, even though he didn't want him to stop at all. Robin kept this up for a whole 45 minutes, only giving his teammate a break once. After only 10 minutes of starting this however, the green boy began to sweat all over his body and he wished it could go on forever, despite what he said.

After the full 45 minutes were up, Beast Boy was breathing so hard he could hardly speak. "Well," Robin said. "I gave you 2 hours' worth of tickling. Did you enjoy it?" Because he was still breathing really hard, Beast Boy only nodded with an exhausted smile. Robin assumed that Beast Boy was still hot from the tickling, hence the sweating, so he left him the way he was for about 10 minutes. After that time, BB was finally cooled down enough and Robin untied him.

Finally, Beast Boy pulled on his clothes and then turned into a Pterodactyl. When Robin mounted, the two flew back to the Titans' Tower, and then they went back into their rooms and went to sleep. However, Beast Boy enjoyed it so much that a little less than 2 weeks later, when Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven went out to get lunch for the 5 of them, Beast Boy went into Robins' room and, with an embarrassed smile, asked, "Do you want to…want to…" But before he could finish his question, Robin smiled in understanding, answering, "Sure buddy."