In the town of Seattle ,America lived a very influential and rich man called Aro Volturi. He had a large bank balance . People never crossed him, most were terrified of him. And rightly so, as Aro Volturi was a ruthless man. He wanted money and would not let anything or anyone come in his way.

However, Aro Volturi was not a happy man. He had no family except his mother Didyme; he knew he needed a son to secure his family future. His wife Sculphia had died giving birth to a daughter. Huh, a daughter! She was a waste. He had no love for his dead wife neither for his living daughter. He knew he needed a son and he knew just what he needed to do.

Renee Dwyer was a nice young respectable woman of society. She was a perfect daughter. Always doing what her parents wanted. Maybe that is why she is getting married to Aro Volturi without complaint. Isn't this what a perfect daughter is supposed to do?

Aro Volturi looked down at his young bride. She looked demure like a little flowers. He hated flowers. His bride was looking up to him with wide eyes scared of sex.

"Don't worry darling, you are not doing anything wrong. As a woman, it is your duty to satisfy the needs even the sexual ones of your husband. You will like it, I promise," he cooed, in her ear.


I am waiting for my husband in the doctor's waiting room. Today we will find out the sex of my unborn child. I am excited. I unconsciously caress my protruding belly. How can you be so attached to someone who you have not even met? But I would do anything for my child.

"Renee Volturi! The Doctor would like to meet you. You can go in now." Said the receptionist.

As I make my way to the Doctor's office, I feel a sense of trepidation, like something big is going to happen. However much I try I cannot shake the feeling that the something big will be something bad.

"Ah! Yes. Mrs. Volturi. Welcome. You have come to find out the sex of your baby, haven't you?"

"Yes, "

'Where is your husband? Shouldn't he be here for this?"

"Yes doctor. He should be here any moment now."

"Let's get you ready for the checkup"

"Mrs. Volturi. You look good. Your vitals are great. Both you and your baby are healthy. However, I am afraid that I will not be able to tell you the sex right now. We have some technical problem. But I will call you and tell you later"

As Renee makes her way to her house the same feeling of trepidation comes back to her. Shaking her head and getting rid of all the negative thoughts she opens the door of her house.

And there what she saw turned her blood cold.

Aro had his four year old daughter standing in front of a target. He had an apple on top of her head and was currently shooting the apple while his daughter kept crying in fright.

"Aro! What are you doing? You will kill her."

"Darling Renee! I and my daughter are bonding."

"This is bonding! You can kill her."

"She is a girl. A liability. She is worthless. It doesn't matter if she gets hurt"

"How can you say that? She is your daughter!"

"Exactly she is my daughter. Not yours. Moreover, don't you dare talk to me like that! I am your husband. You will obey me. If you don't you might find yourself in her place, women"

Renee was to scared to reply. Aro Volturi was a cruel and dangerous man. Only a fool would take his threat's lightly.

And just then entered Didyme, her mother in-law. "Renee. You are back. Did you find out the sex of your child at the doctor's?"

If Aro Volturi was cruel and evil . Then, his mother was the devil himself. She loved her son deeply and hated her granddaughter and daughter-in-law deeply.

Renee stammered.." The baby is healthy and the doctor will call; to tell us the sex of the child today"

"Hmm,, fine. Take the girl and go to your room. I will call you when the doctor calls."

Aro's daughter looked relieved and ran to the women she had come to love as a second mother and embraced her.

"Mama. Can we please go now?"

"Yes, sweetie. Let's go."

As Renee took her surrogate daughter to their room, she heard Didyme say to her son, "She better have a boy for her sake"

Once they were in her room, Renee embraced her daughter. And checked her all over for her injuries.

"Are you all right sweetie? He didn't hurt you did he? That bastard. Someday I am going to kill him."

"I am alright mama. But I am scared."

"It will be all right sweetie. Mama will protect you. It will be alright" Renee consoled her daughter even though in her heart she wondered if everything will ever be all right ever again?

Later that evening, when the whole family was sitting in the extravagant dining room of the Volturi Mansion the doorbell rang unexpectedly.

"Sir, It is the doctor,. She says she has the reports" Jane, Aro's most trusted servant said.

"Send her in, Jane darling" replied Aro.

Jane soon returned with Dr. Charlotte Eleazor in tow. She looked a little disturbed.

"Mr. and Mrs. Volturi. I am sorry to disturb you. But I have the reports for the sex determination test of your child. And your mother told me that it was a matter of great importance."

"So. Tell me Charlotte, what's the verdict?',Didyme eagerly inquired.

"Well, Congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. Volturi. It's a boy!""

Aro leapt from his chair with joy and embraced his stunned wife. "I am so happy today. I am having a son."

"Yes, finally the true heir to the volturi legacy is going to be born. What a relief! It's not going to be a girl."

"What is so wrong with a girl?" Renee timidly asked.

After hearing the question, Aro turned grave. He looked straight at Renee and said," A great sage and a psychic Mary Alice told me that my second daughter will be the reason of my downfall. As she would grow in age and fame I will fall. And I will not come anyone come between me and money, not even my daughter."

"Let's not talk about depressing things. You are having a son not a blasted daughter. Come on son. There are a lot of preparation's to be done. I am so excited. Renee go and rest in your room. You are carrying my grandson. He has to be healthy."Didyme said.

"Let me help you to your room, Renee. I can give you tips about your pregnancy on the way "said Carmen

The doctor took hold of Renee and helped her to her room with Aro's daughter in tow. Once inside the room she closed the door and dropped the bombshell on Renee.

"Thank god. Everything is all right. I had a weird feeling all day. "exclaimed Renee with relief.

"Renee. You are not having a son. You are having a daughter."

"WHAT! said.."

"I lied because I have seen all this happen before. Sculphia,Aro;s first wife was my friend. The moment aro found out that he washaving a daughter jhe used to beat her up and misbehave with her. Didyme was no better, with their abuse Sculphia went into premature labor and died. Her daughter survived but aro treats her like a slave instead of a daughter."

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"Sculphia's death was my fault. I do not want your or your daughter's death on my conscience.

I have given you the information. It's up to you what you do with it now."

With that the doctor promptly left the room. Aro's daughter who had been somberly watching the proceeding came to her mother and embraced her."What are we going to do now mama?"

"I don't know sweetie. I don't know."Renee cried out helplessly."But I know one thing that I am not going to let anything happen to you or your sister."

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