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"Go Edward, just go" Bella said dejectedly "I don't have the energy to argue with you today"

"Fine I'll go but I did have an offer for you which will make your problems go away." Edward said as he walked to the door.

"What's the offer?" Bella asked him

Edward turned around and said with a big grin "Marry me"

"WHAT!" Bella screamed. She could not believe that this was happening to her.

Edward came forward to Bella and took her hands. "Do you believe in destiny Isabella?"

"I...I do..." Bella stuttered.

"Hmm...You know the lines on your hand and the lines on my hands are the same. This has to mean for something, right?"Edward mused

"You have lost your mind! Why are you doing this?" pleaded Bella

Edward ran his hands through his messy bronze hair. "Isabella, in this city, several accidents happen every day. But your friend came under my car. You know why? Destiny. You and I crossed paths. Why? Destiny. You sued me. That was not destiny that was your stupidity." he smirked

"Emmet already had bought that Eric's mom but you had to interfere again. Destiny. I was supposed to get immediate bail, but I didn't. Destiny. If I had, I probably wouldn't have hated you so much. Then I decided to take revenge. I ruined your sister. Ruined your love life. Ruined your reputation Got you fired from your job. I thought this movie would close. You'll lead your life, I'll lead mine. But NO, you had to slap me and your father had to threaten me. I don't take to threats kindly Isabella and Voila! The movie starts again!"

"Edward, this is not one of your films, this is my life!" Bella said

"But isn't our life like a big movie? No one knows what is going to happen in the next scene. And your chemistry with that Eric was not good. But you and I, when we come together we set the screens on fire, love"

"You bastard...Shut up!" Bella screamed at him

"Isabella I came to offer you help, not to hear you call me names."Edward stated

"Why would you do that?"Bella asked

Edward replied with a faraway look in his eyes "I know what it feels like to lose your father. And I don't wish that on anyone, even you."

"You are the reason he is in the hospital," Bella said.

"True. But I am also the person who is offering you help. If you do everything I say, I will bear the cost of your father's treatment. You just have to become Isabella Edward Cullen from Isabella Marie Swan. There must be a reason why out of all the people on earth, you came into my life. You have only two options: Yes or No. Why am I doing it or what is my ulterior motive you can find out after this intermission. You have until tomorrow morning to choose. I'll be waiting." Edward said putting a diamond ring in Bella's hands

"Isabella Swan, do you take Edward Cullen to be your lawfully wedded husband?" asked the minister

Edward took a sip from the bottle of scotch in his hand as he watched Isabella dejectedly say I do. He turned his attention to the minister and heard him say 'Edward Cullen, do you take Isabella Swan to be your lawfully wedded wife?' His lips curved into a smirk as he said 'Not Really'.

"What are you doing?"Bella asked

"Wife, I am Edward Cullen. I am marrying you. I thought this was obvious."Edward said passively

"Then why are you not saying I do?" said Bella

"I am Edward Cullen. I don't need to justify anyone anything. Since you are my Wife I'll tell you this once; I am not marrying you, I am buying you; You aren't going to be my wife but my servant. Do you understand?"

Bella looked at the man in front of her in shock. She nodded in consent.

"Good Girl"

Bella stared at the man in front of her. He didn't look uncomfortable at all. He looked right at home. Tecnically, he was at home, considering they were in his room, at his house. And when she said house she meant a bloody mansion, so huge that she was convinced that she will never be able to see the whole house properly in her lifetime. Coming back to her situation at hand, she glared at her-shuddering at that thought-her husband.

"I refuse to sleep in the same bed with a monster like you!" she shouted at him

"Nice to know you think so highly of yourself. Huh! Like I would actually share a room, let alone a bed with you!" Edward smirked at Bella

She just glared at him.

"Wife, you are just a servant, while I am the master of this house" Edward says while Bella glares at him some more "If you don't stop glaring at me, I'll make you properly celebrate our wedding night" he threatened her.

That was the end of Bella's glaring "But where will I sleep?" she whined

"On the floor at the foot of my bed" replied Edward lazily

Bella stared at him blankly

"Okay" sighed Edward "You have your own room, happy? It's right opposite mine."

Bella sighed in relief and made her way towards the door, wanting nothing more to just pass out on the bed after such a horrible day.

An alarm went off waking Bella from her sleep. She looked at the clock and saw it was 8 in the morning. She groaned at the thought of getting up. But putting aside her laziness she got up to take a shower.

After a shower, as Bella walked out in nothing but a towel, she realized she had a dilemma. She had nothing to wear. Just then, Edward came in like he owned the place~ which he did~ but the fucker had no sense of privacy. "What the fuck! Get out. Can't you see I am getting dressed?"

"Ooo…Are your dresses made up of invisible ink because I can't see any!" Edward said.

"You think you are very funny, don't you?" Bella asked

"I am hilarious" Edward replied as Bella rolled her eyes "Anyways I came with clothes for you to wear." he said as two servants got shitload of clothes in her room.

"And I want you to wear this" Edward said pointing to a pair of shorts that was way too short and a shirt that showed way too much cleavage.

"I am not wearing that! I'll look like a hooker. Why can't I choose my own clothes?" Bella shouted at Edward

"Because I said so, wife. And I own your ass and I will decide what goes on your ass." Edward stated calmly.

That shut Bella up and she nodded

"Good, now get dressed quickly, we are leaving in twenty minutes." Edward said

Twenty minutes later Bella sat with Edward in his expensive car. She was not a car person but she did know that his car's sign was like the Olympic sign, but with one ring short.

"Where are we going?" Bella asked timidly

"We are going to the studio. I have a shoot today." Edward replied, just as they reached the studio

Bella and Edward got out of the car and into the set where Edward sat on a red chair that seemed to be especially for him.

"Wife, this is Kate, my assistant," Edward said pointing to a girl standing on his left "And Kate, this is my wife."

Kate and Bella exchanged polite hello's

"Kate, I won't be needing you today. You can have the day off" Edward told a shocked Kate

"Really?" Kate asked her employer knowing how temperamental he was.

"Yes, go before I change my mind" he said

"Thank you so much!" Kate said as she literally skipped out of the studio.

"Why did you give her an off" Bella asked

"Because my dear wife, you are going to be my personal assistant today" Edward said with a grin "Now go get me a cup of coffee before my first take"

Bella was fuming. Literally. Asshole had made her work all day. All day long, he made her do errands that were mostly stupid. And he kept introducing her to everyone as his slave, which was humiliating. And due to her inherent clumsy nature she kept messing up a lot of stuff like spilling coffee on the director. Breaking vases that were supposed to be used on the shoot. Accidently tripping one of his costars. And the whole time asshole just sat on his throne with a smug smile. And don't get her started on the coffee. It was too hot, too cold, too much milk, not much milk, too much water, too less water, not the right kind of water, too sweet, less sweet..She just couldn't win. He made her make coffee at least 200 times and didn't like how she made it even once. Asshole.

Finally, he stopped verbally and mentally harassing her and went to give his take. He was standing just in front of her shooting a commercial for some lame ass company. She was bored out of her mind. She started looking around the sets...it was pretty grand in nature...it looked like the lobby of some five star hotel.

There was even a huge chandelier that hung on the ceiling . Bella looked at the giant thing, Suddenly she noticed that the chandelier seemed to be coming down and realized that the roped were snapping and it was going to come down in full force over the person standing just below him...which was ...Edward

She didn't think...just reacted…as she started running towards Edward and pulled him out of the way just as the chandelier fell down with a huge crash..And both her and Edward fell down with her directly on top of him. She looked at him and he was looking at her with an expression of surprise and awe maybe. They both kept staring at each other, getting lost in each other's eyes. Suddenly he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ears. His touch seemed to wake Bella up and she got off Edward, mumbled something about a bathroom, and got out of there as fast as she could

What just happened? Edward could not understand why he touched her voluntarily and why it felt so good. He shook his head to clear such thoughts. Focus Edward, focus!

Suddenly Emmett appeared to help him off the floor "Yo chief, are you alright?"He asked concerned

"I am fine Emmett. It's just that…"he trailed

"It's just what?" Emmett asked perplexed

"She saved my life. Now I owe her one," Edward said not liking this fact at all.

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