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"Robert, no. Wait."

"To your credit, Ros, you did warn me. You told me this was idiotic. You were right."

"Don't leave me."

"I've lost all faith in everything. DeWitt will never be truly reunited with his daughter, and I will never wash away my guilt."

"But what does that have to do with you leaving? What did I do?"

"If I stay here, with you, I'll be too tempted to keep at it. To keep watching DeWitt fail. If he keeps dying, I might do something much worse than just go back to my reality."

"Please, brother, don't threaten me like that."

"That's why I have to leave."

"Couldn't I come with you?"


"Robert, I love you. More than you can imagine. If you make me attempt to live without you, I shall…do something drastic. Likely to myself."

"And now you're threatening me."

"Just…just one more try. One more time. Hundred and twenty-third time's the charm, is it not?"

"I don't know, Ros—"

"You didn't say you loved me. So now you owe it to me to try one more time."

"I love you, Ros. I love you so much. Now am I allowed to go?"

"No. You neglected to say it immediately after I did. You must stay and prove how much you love me."

"Sometimes you shock me with your persistence."

"Sometimes you shock me with just how easily you give up."

"You wanted to give up after the third Booker!"


"It's highly consequential."

"You are staying, brother, and that is final."

"Kiss for luck?"

"You made me cry just now. I'm hardly going to reward you for that, am I?"

"I suppose not."

"Well. Chin up, brother. One hundred and twenty-third time's the charm. And if it's not, I shall suffer dearly."

"It will be. I'm quite sure."

"Take my hand, brother."


"You have such big hands. I find them comforting."

"Are you ready, Ros?"

"I'm ready."

"Then let's go."

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