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No one expected to see the school's queen bee crying in the school washroom on the last day of school before spring break. Her makeup ran down her face, making her look like a raccoon. Unlike stereotypical high school portray, the queen bee at Goode was nice, kind, caring, and now heartbroken.


All because of a person named Percy Jackson.

One Year Ago

Laurel first met Percy Jackson when he blew up the school, with that weird red head girl. Rochelle or something like that. She never paid much attention to him but she did decide to keep an eye on him. She liked the whole 'bad boy' vibe.

Seven Months Ago

When Laurel saw Percy for the second time, it was September of their sophomore year. She was surprised that he was allowed back into Goode, but she was glad. Before she knew it, she started to develop a little crush on the boy. It wasn't hard though, he had the looks and the personality. He was just missing a bit in the brains department but she figured that a little tutoring from her would help.

Five Months Ago

Laurel first befriended Percy thanks to Mr. Boring. The English teacher asked Laurel to tutor the green eyed teen and they soon struck up a friendship. It was also when Laurel inducted Percy into her friend circle, introducing him to Delilah, Zachary, and Lucas.

Five months ago was also when Laurel realized that she realized that she Percy was a lot more popular than what she first realized. Him being the mysterious bad boy, with his good looks, and his much needed help with his grades, he was definitely a catch. Laurel decided that she needed to make her move, and soon.

Three Months Ago

Percy and Laurel had their first moment. It was during Laurel's cheerleading captain's audition. Percy went to support her since the rest of their friend circle 'couldn't make it'. She was nervous as hell with him watching but somehow nailed her audition. When she left the gym, he was there to greet her.

"Hey you were amazing," he exclaimed, his sea green eyes shone with pride and Laurel, well her heart went badump.

"Thanks," she said shyly, not making eye contact with him.

"You know, if you get the position, I'll take you somewhere, my treat," he offered. Laurel looked at him with wide eyes. She wondered if he had just asked her out on a date. "Well?" he asked, still waiting for her answer.

"Yes," she said eagerly. "I mean, yeah and if I don't get it, you still need to take me out," she flirted a little. He looked at her unaffected and agreed either way.

The next day, when the results were posted, Laurel did get the position. She ran to find Percy and tackled him into a hug. He was frozen at first, shocked, and Laurel realized what she did and as she pulled back, he returned the hug.

"I'm guessing that we need to celebrate?" he offered. "Mom and Paul went to this nice place the other day, on the end of 59th, want to go tomorrow?"

"Yeah," she said. Delilah looked at her best friend and gave her a wink.

Turns out the nice place on 59th was a small family owned restaurant. When Percy took Laurel there, he wanted her opinion on the place so that he could take Annabeth there when she visited. When Laurel went with Percy, she thought that he was going to ask her out.

Four Days Ago

"Come on Laurel, just tell him you like him. It's not that hard," Laurel's best friend, Delilah told her. "I mean, come on, you've been friends with him since his first day and you guys practically act like a couple. You cheer him on at his meets."

"But that's only because you guys always ditch me."

"For your own good. Plus he was your number one fan when you announced that you were trying out for cheer captain."

"You guys were excited too," retorted Laurel.

"Look, if it makes you feel better, I'll ask Zach to ask Percy what he thinks about you," Delilah said before turning a shoulder to whisper to Zach.

"Zach don't!"

"Don't what?" Percy, who just arrived, asked.

"Oh Lilah, wanted me you ask you-"

"What you thought about today's special," Laurel quickly said, before sending Zach a glare. "Right Zach?"

"Yup," he said with a gulp.

"Well I was talking to Laurel about how hard it is to find a nice guy. I mean when you do, they're either taken, famous, gay, or fictional," Delilah said, hoping to get a reaction out of Percy.

Percy laughed, "You know? You sound just like Piper's family."

"Who's Piper," Laurel asked, holding her breath. Please don't be your girlfriend, please don't be your girlfriend.

"My friend," he said before popping a blue cookie into his mouth.

"Friend like friend, or friend like friend," asked Delilah.

"What?" all the guys at the table asked.

"Is she your friend or your girlfriend," she deadpanned before adding a boys.

"My friend, Annabeth is my girlfriend."

"Anna who?"

"Annabeth," Percy said, eating another blue cookie and not noticing the shocked expressions of his friends and Laurel's heartbroken expression.

The rest of lunch was spent in silence, light conversation was happening around the table. The guys were trying to find out more about Percy's alleged girlfriend and Laurel was trying to keep herself from breaking down.

Lunch ended and Percy rushed to head to Paul's class to take a test. Laurel, who suddenly didn't feel well, skipped the afternoon and headed home. Heartache was painful.

Two Days Ago

Laurel was a sobbing mess; she missed two days of school and stayed in her room watching rom-coms as if nothing else mattered. When Delilah visited her best friend, she knew she needed to get her off her glum. Delilah needed Percy to know what making up a girlfriend is doing to her best friend.

"Laurel, get out of bed and we're going to make you so hot that Percy Jackson will leave his supposed girlfriend for you."

"Lilah, I'm not that type of person. I'm not breaking up a relationship for my own gain, I'm not my mom."

"Lo, we don't even know if she's real."


"Fine then, we're going to make you hot so that Percy will know what he's missing. At most, we'll make the other girls back off on you okay? Then after the end of everything, I'll treat you to your favourite place. Even if it's an all-you-can-eat-buffet that'll make us so full that we won't be able to fit into our cheerleading uniforms."

"And a Netflix marathon?"

"And a Netflix marathon."


"Okay. Now, let's make you hotter than the sun."

One Day Ago

When Delilah told Laurel that she was going to make her hotter than the sun, she meant it. The brunette looked at herself in the mirror and almost didn't recognize herself, to a stranger, she would have looked happy.

When she returned to school in the morning, she noticed the looks that everyone gave her and tried to not let it get to her, but she felt both insecure and confident at the same time. She had to get her confession over and done with before she could go to her all-you-can-eat buffet with Delilah, and boy was she going to eat.

Laurel figured that she should wait until the end of the school day, so that she would have the whole spring break to avoid Percy.

One Hour Ago

School was officially over for spring break and Laurel found Percy in the usual spot. With her new confidence along with Zach's hint that Annabeth is made up. Laurel walked up to Percy and she wasn't going to back down.

"Hey Perce, can I talk to you?"

"Yeah sure, but can you make it quick? My ride might be here any minute."

"Look, I'm not sure how I should tell you this, so I'm just going to say it. I'm not going to beat around the bush, I'm going to go straight through it. So I've been thinking about this for a while, and I figured that this would be the best way to tell you. Look what I wanted to say was that-"

Laurel's ramble was interrupted by the sound of a car honk. Everyone at Goode turned their attention to the blonde supermodel that exited said truck. She headed her way and Laurel felt weak to the knees. It might have been her grey eyes, but something about the way the supermodel carried herself made Laurel want to bow down and worship her.

"Get in Seaweed Brain, we're going to camp," she said before tossing the car keys to Percy.

"I've missed you," he said, giving her a kiss.

Laurel's heart sank faster than the titanic when she saw the romantic gesture. There was no way she was made up, and there was no way Laurel would compete with her. Team Peren was a no go. Team Peren sunk faster than Laurel's math mark for the semester.

"Holy cheesesticks, you're real," Zach shouted out loud, earning him an elbow to the stomach from Delilah. "You are Annabeth right?"

"Yes, I'm Annabeth, it's nice to meet you, and I have been for the past eighteen years," Annabeth said, slightly amused.

"Damn, when Percy said he had a girlfriend, he never mentioned that she looked like a goddess," Zach said, once again earning him an elbow to the stomach from Delilah.

"Dude, you're hitting on her," Delilah said.

"Oh, sorry 'bout that."

"It's okay, and you don't know the half of it," Annabeth said, referring to the goddess comment Zach made earlier, and giving Percy a laugh.

"I'll catch up with you guys in a week alright," Percy said. He then snaked one of his tanned arms around Annabeth, leading her to the car she drove.

"So we're we going," Annabeth said to Percy as they walked away.

"Well, there's this place on the end of 59th, and I went there with my friend and it was amazing. I'm thinking about going there for dinner before the drive to Long Island. You okay with that Wise Girl?"


Laurel didn't even hear Percy's mention about the restaurant on 59th, because as soon as Percy and Annabeth bid their goodbyes, she ran into the school and locked herself in the closest bathroom stall. Her makeup ran down her face, making her look like a raccoon.

"Lo, are you okay?"

"Go away Lucas," Laurel said between her sobs. "Why are you even here, it's the girl's washroom. Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Funny Lo, real funny," Lucas said, glad that she could still make a joke. "Lilah told me about your plans for the buffet and she wanted to apologize but she had a last minute trip to visit her grandmother in Cancun for the break and she left. So I was wondering, if you could settle with me."

"I don't know."

"My treat, and we can even have a Netflix marathon, I'll even watch those stupid rom-coms with you, and I promise that I won't fall asleep. Okay?"

Laurel didn't answer her best friend for a while. She did think about his a while, slowly she unlocked the bathroom stall, looking at Lucas with her raccoon eyes. "Okay."