Our Fairy Tale Preview

"Mommy," the little girl tugged her mother by the shirt.

"Yes sweetie?"

"Could you tell me a story? I'm not tired yet." The mother smiled and picked her daughter up and headed towards the hammock near the windows and placed her daughter on her lap.

"Now which one would you like me to tell you?"

"The one that you always tell me," the daughter said all giggly.

"Again? It's the third time in a row."

"Yup," the 5 year old shook her head vigorously as if she was challenging her mother to do otherwise, the mother smiled at her daughter's stubbornness since it reminded her of a certain someone. "We never get to the ending."

"That's because you always fall asleep before I can finish it."

"I will stay awake this time," she 'hmph-ed.

"Okay, once upon a time there was this boy and this girl, they were childhood best friends and soon before they realized it they fell in love of course they were the last ones to realize it. Their names were Percy and Annabeth and it all started one day in the summer."