Cat and Mouse Preview

"I would like a search," a female asked. Although she looked calm the officer could tell that she was terrified.

"What happened?" the officer asked.

"My friend, she's missing," the female said.

"Ma'am has it been 24 hours since she's been missing?"


"I'm sorry ma'am but you cannot ask for a search-" the officer was cut off by the visitor.

"Look, my best friend was kidnapped?"

"Do you have proof?" asked the officer.

"What's going on here?" a new voice came into the picture.

"Hello Detective Grace, I was just telling this lady, Miss,"


"I was just telling Miss McLean that she cannot ask for a police search with no proof."

"Well what exactly happened Miss McLean?" Detective Grace asked.

"Well one minute my friend and I were elevator going to lunch and next the lights go all out and the elevator stops. Then when they came back Annabeth, my friend, was missing."

Annabeth, that name sounded familiar to the detective.

"What's her last name, may I ask," the detective asked.

"Chase, Annabeth Chase."

"Is she by any chance, the daughter of Athena Chase?"

"Yes why?" Miss. McLean was getting worried now.

"Because, I believe I know why your friend was taken."