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Stitch: so why little brother turn into girl?

Lilo: yeah what was that shit about?

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Naruto:I'm cool with that.

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"Normal talk"

'Normal thought'

"Hitomi talk"(she will not be demonic sounding)

'Hitomi thought' or in Naruto's head

( author or 4th wall breaking bits )


"I see your finally here are you ready to be tested?" Hitomi said blankly 'Kami I hate sounding all uptight but I need to keep this act up to see their true side.' She thought.

"Ih" stitch said to what used to be, his little brother.

"Let me ask you something 'Stitch'" she said emphasizing his name."what is something you live by?"

"Gabba" said stitch that was taken back by the abrupt question.

"Let me rephrase that. How do you view the world? Here is an example , my Naruto will always protects what is precious to him with his life. What is something you will protect?" She said as she turned around and walked over to a tree to lean back on, And she eyed stitch waiting for an answer.

There was a pause for a moment then stitch took a step forward. "Stitch protect Ohana. Stitch naga leave Ohana behind!" He said with passion and fire in his eyes to that of Naruto's.

Hitomi just smiled. Without warning she sprinted to Lilo and grab her by the collar and jumped on top of the lake and called out"WATER RELEASE: WATER PRISON JUSTU". Suddenly water rushed over Lilo making a thin sphere that held here in place.

"STITCH!" She said in surprise. Everything happen so fast stitch couldn't do anything "LILO!"

Hitomi's face darkened "Listen closely and listen good, or Lilo here takes a long little nap that she may or may not wake up from."she smirked and continued. "I'm going be blunt i am going to put you on the clock if you can't impress me by the time she gets completely covered in water... she drowns." The fox experiment with 9 tails said coldly.

Soon after another Hitomi comes out of the foliage. "You better be quick because she doesn't have a lot of time." The second dog/fox said before vanishing and snap kicks stitch into a tree. Stitch was sent flying.

"Gahhh!" 626 grunted as his back made contact to a tree branch and falls. He was jostled and slowly got his bearing and stood up. He wasted no time knowing Lilo was in trouble and tried rushing at Hitomi claws out and swiping feverishly in hopes of maiming her. But Hitomi was way more experienced at combat and slipped into 'kitstune claw' with her legs squared, claws spread wide one in front of her chest and one in front of her head. She blocked all the swipes with her own with little effort.

Hitomi was getting tired of blocking all the strikes that no coordination what so ever. She uppercutted stitch in the gut lifting him in the air. Stitch gasped as the wind was knocked out of him and felt Immobilized as he was caught by 5 red tails in mid-air constricting his body.

Hitomi sneered "Pathetic." Before tossing Stitch in the air, waiting for him to plummet to earth. But she wasn't expecting the dog to shove his foot (read:feet) in his mouth literately and forming a ball heading right for her.

Of course she wasn't called the nine tailed fox for nothing. Hitomi pumped little youki into her tails to lengthen them and shot them at stitch. Which is were he bounces off two of her tails like a bouncing ball avoiding the appendages before he gets wrapped in the remaining tails, only to be slammed into the ground ...hard!

"You need to better you busu" (ugly woman or dog) Stitch had a tick mark over his eyes and ears drop dramatically as he raises a clench fist comically. He may have not understood what she said it still made him mad. "Ika Patootie" stitch grounded out. To be honest Hitomi didn't know what that meant but for some reason she was still offended.

They both charged and went back to clawing at each other and stitch over extended a claw aimed for the fox's stomach. She effortlessly sidestep and brought her clawed foot up kicking stitch in the face leaving four scratch marks as his head was brought up, and came back down with an axe kick slamming the blue dog's head into the ground making a small crater. Hitomi quickly jumped back making some distance and observing her work. "Like the the beauty marks...what was it, stitch?" She said playfully.

This infuriated stitch and tried to rush at her but was stopped by the words "WIND REALEASE: GREAT WIND BREAKTHROUGH" stitch was blown away by the gust of wind and was randomly getting cut by invisible wind blades. When the wind stopped he landed near the edge of the lake sprawled out bleeding slightly.

"Oggata" he muttered under his breath.

"Stitch look out!" Lilo screamed in a distorted voice. Stitch looked up to see a ball of fire heading to him "FIRE RELEASE: GREAT FIREBALL JUSTU" the words rang through the air. Stitch wasn't all that worried he was fireproof after all, he was going to jump out the way but realized if he moved Lilo would be burned Alive.

"Stitch what are you doing?" Lilo shouted from her prison that was abs deep right now. "Shut it you ugly tramp!" The clone imprisoning her shouted as she made the water neck deep.

"Lilo don't worry stitch protect youga. Meega protect Ohana." He turned to her putting on a smile as well as eye smiling to calm her down, Inwardly he was freaking out see how high the water was. Making sure not lose any time he retracted his arm,spines, and antennas;quickly grabbing chunk of earth with four arms to block some of the ball of flames tumbling towards them. He lifted it up and the fire stop but wasn't extinguished. This was stitches intension to at least keep the fireball away from his lilo but didn't expect the fire to hurt.

Course stitch didn't know was the fire ball was made of Charka and he wasn't designed to be fire proof to that.

Stitch screamed in agony as the fire wrapped around the earth he was holding and it Cauterize all the cuts closed that he had acquired from the last attack . Everything went black.

Stitch was slowly awaking from his slumber but snapped open and he shot up looking for Lilo as well as that bitch that stole his brothers body.

To his relief stitch saw Lilo looking over him crouch next to him. She was fine other than the fact she was soaked and had worry all over her face. He was ripped from his musing by a familiar voice.

"Congrats!" The new alleged bitch exclaimed. Stitch was growling at her but was cut off. " oh shut it I never really shot a fireball at you." This confused the crap out of stitch and as he looked him self over he still had his appendages out and his cuts were still there but seem to clot awhile a go.


"Look all I did was put an illusion on you after I blew you away. It's called 'false reality' it makes you think something happen and think you felt pain. And I have to say stitch you proved your worth in spades, I mean you took a fireball to save your Ohana if that doesn't mean worthy then I don't what does" she said with a smirk. In her mind though she was thinking of something else. 'That smile... It was just like Naruto's from all the times he would save his precious people... He would put him self on the line to save them. Stitch and Naruto really are brothers.'

Flash back a few moments ago

Hitomi flashed a few signs "FALSE REALITY JUSTU!" She lowered her hands and causally signaled the clone to bring the girl to shore. " now lets see how much your Ohana means to you me your willing to kill yourself for her" Hitomi said to her self.


Hitomi quickly grabbed the two of them with her tails and said "I'll leave you with a special little something from me and Naruto." she pumped some of Naruto's chakra into them and they passed out. 'Hn...they will love the gift that's for sure' she thought

Still having a grip on them with her tails she body flickered back to the bed room were she placed them both on the bed before jumping inbetween them and let Naruto's body sleep. As soon as the kyubbi left Naruto's body unconscious body latched on to stitch and morphed back into his
Orange-y fur self.
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