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Hitomi was admiring the scenery while carrying groceries with her tails. Things have been pretty great since Naruto and her got sent to this world by a messed up jutsu. All she really needed to say is, She loved it here this world was just as big as the elemental nations! it was just you know…broken into smaller bits.

Deciding to stop by bakery to go get coconut cake for stitch, Naruto and her since it seems they have a little problem. In words Naruto would put it 'it is almost as good as ramen'.

Hitomi quickly paid for the cake and headed out no one batted an eye with a little genjutsu. Experiments may have been an accepted in the Hawaiian community as a whole but it never hurt to be careful.

Speaking of experiments Hitomi managed to make friends with another experiment named Angel. She looked much like Hitomi did build wise, they had the same curves and antenna that she could detract but, personally she liked them out. Only real difference was the fact that she resembled a fox with nine tails (with 8 that she could hide) and red color fur while angel had pink fur and resembled a dog.

One morning Hitomi and Angel were having a conversation on different kinds of conditioner was best for keeping ones fur lush and soft. Of course this conversation wet on for an hour before Lilo came in and said "Thoreal bitches!" She slams down a bottle with a man that had the fullest hair they ever seen. Lilo throws her hands in the air before dissipating into roses. Ignoring the 'bitch' comment they went to try the bottle. Needless to say they had some very luxurious fur coming out.

Later that day the girls decided to have a girls night out. Lilo, Angel and Hitomi decided to go to the new restaurant that everyone was talking about. While they were talking about an assortment of different things she found out angel was dating stitch much to her surprise because Hitomi thought all experiments were cousins. Turns out it was just an Hawaiian tradition to call everyone cousin, in reality they were no more related then a human is to another human. Stitch and Naruto were the only ones that were genuinely related.

Hitomi was making her way downtown walking fast, faces past and she was home bound. Staring blankly ahead just making her way making her way through the crowd.
(Sorry I was listening to a thousand miles when I wrote that. But I decided to keep it :D). She quickly got off the main road to a path into the forest. Hitomi went back to thinking of what happened three months ago before the ninja boot camp Lilo and stitch went through ...


Naruto excused himself to the bathroom after almost being choked to death. Naruto quickly did his business and went to go wash his hands, finally having to time to look at himself.

'I look pretty hawt.' Thinking to himself back when he was human he always was attracted to foxes that's how his relationship with Hitomi started. Okay, we'll not exactly his dad sealed a Biju in him...details details...

'Naruto let me check my self out. It's been awhile since I was let out and with a new body no better time then now.' Hitomi was getting curious on how she looked she merely got a glimpse from a clone that was on water.

Naruto smiled at that he quickly made a hand sign for a shadow clone for Hitomi to take control of but something felt...different. The nature chakra in the air was vibrating and warping around the clone making a bright green cocoon that was shinning bright. Naruto quickly jumped off the sink counter and back flipped onto the wall tensing. The green shell started to get smaller and take the shape of Hitomi. Light level finally receded to show that Hitomi was sitting flat on her butt, she was rolling her head back and forth as if in a daze. Not wasting time to see if she was alright Naruto leaped next to her quickly pulling her close to his chest keeping her from falling backwards. Naruto softly ran his paw through her luscious fur.

Hitomi felt different. There was something different about her body but she didn't know what. On a whim she adjusted herself in Naruto arms and use some wind chakra on her claw and quickly swiped at her arm. it was such a fine cut she didn't feel a thing. She study her arm intently. Her eyes widen blood! 'Shadow clones didn't have blood!' Hitomi thought loudly in her head.

Naruto and Hitomi have been spitballing theories about this worlds nature chakra for quite some time. Ever sense they first sensed it felt ...very strange? The nature chakra in this world is so different at the same time it was so alike to their old worlds nature chakra.

Naruto was having similar thought but quickly snapped out of his revere when he heard footsteps and the sound of claws scurrying on the floor. The bathroom door slammed open with stitch hacking up what appeared to be a plasma blaster from his mouth. Stitch wasted no time Raising his gun and surveying the room. Scowl on stitches face made Naruto flinch not that anyone saw, he was the bloody eight tailed fox. He didn't show anyone fear! Well...Maybe his mate BUT no one else! I mean come o-

Naruto was cut off.

Naruto jumped when Hitomi interrupted his internal monologue with the exclamation. "I have a real body again!" She squealed with delight. Hitomi roughly grabbed back of Naruto head and smashed him against her mouth. What was a sudden happy gesture soon became a battle of dominance trying wrestle their tongues into each other's mouth.

Lilo and stitch just stared trying to get there brain to catch up on what was happening. Lilo was quicker since her 'omg this I so adorable girl side came out'. Stitch's right eye was twitching slightly and had a blush (not that you can see under his fur anyway). Lilo thought it was passionate and spontaneous like in one of her romance novels. Deciding to give them some room Lilo griped the scruff of Stitch's neck,dragged him out of the room and gently closed the door as not to disturb the cute couple.

Hitomi smiled she wasn't here long and she was already making happy memories. Oh look she was here. She didn't even notice Till she was at the front door. She open the door and yelled "Guys I got food!" No one responded then she looked over in the living room. She paused. No scratch that, she full on froze with comedic white eyes when her eyes laid upon the weirdest scene she has ever saw in her life.

Two busty female blondes were wrestling In a pool of ramen. One had a white lab coat stained with ramen water. Stitch passed out from a nosebleed with a perverted grin on his face. The last thing that made it over the top was Lilo was throwing ones at the two blondes. Hitomi couldn't take it any more and yelled "what the fuck is going on here!"

Every one froze and stared and Hitomi with panicked looks even stitch woke up from her outburst. Everyone was panicking except Lilo who looked very calm and was trying to grab some dollar bills she threw on the floor hoping to recycle the ones and fives.

What could she say she was a baller on a budget bitch!

The female blonde on top just started fumbling trying to get up. "Look I can explain" the blonde was desperately trying to look for a scapegoat. "She did it!" The blonde pointed to the other blonde in the lab coat.

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