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Rolling over in the bed, Eddward blinked his eyes open to face his surroundings. No alarm blared in his ears as he looked around, Ed and Kevin still in their places from the night before. Slightly confused, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone, checking the time only to bolt from the bed with a screech.

"Dios mio!" he shouted, tripping over Kevin's shorts thrown to the ground, falling hard on his face.

Ed was quick to jump up, wielding an empty soda can as a weapon. "ZOMBIES! Don't eat my brain, you undead fucks!" Still dazed from his awakening, Ed scanned the room in a state of shock. "What the hell, Double D?"

Eddward picked himself from the floor, brushing his shirt flat. "It's eight thirty! We are late for school!"

"Is that it?" Ed dropped the soda can, an annoyed look on his face. "You woke me up for school? I can't even right now..."

Untangling the shorts from his feet, Eddward threw them at Kevin, hoping to cause him to stir. "Kevin, wake up! We must get to school, we're already thirty minutes late! Oh my... this is unacceptable!"

A loud groan emanated from the red head, "Hey, don't know 'bout y'all... but I'm skipping."

"Sounds like a good idea," Ed yawned, stretching before returning to his bean bag chair with a satisfied huff as he sat.

Eddward nearly had a coronary. "No, no, no, no! We cannot skip! We have an obligation as students to attend class when told to do so! We must-"

"Come here!" Kevin snarled, pulling the smaller boy back into the bed, wrapping his arms around him in a similar way to the night before to silence him. "It's your birthday today... you really want to spend it in school?"

"Kevin, please!" Eddward wiggled against the jock's grip. "We have to go!"

"We don't have to do shit," Kevin muttered, squeezing the boy tighter. "We're gonna sleep a little longer, get up, eat some shit, call some fuckers, hit the concert and fuck shit up. Fuck class for today. Now go back to sleep..." He nuzzled into Eddward's neck, goose bumps trailing all along the boy's body at the ghosting of his breath against his flesh.

"Yeah, Double D," Ed joined in, "no one gives a shit if you skip once or twice. It's no big deal." He stretched out in his chair, "I skip all the time."

"Now just relax," Kevin whispered into Eddward's ear. "I'm tired as shit."

Eddward whimpered only a few times before giving up, there was no use in attempting to go to school now. Kevin was holding him down, Ed would help him if he needed it; these guys were proving to be impossible. "Both of you are a horrible influence on me."

"You're welcome!" they both exclaimed, Ed holding out a thumbs up and Kevin squeezing the slender boy tighter.

Huffing in absolute annoyance, Eddward finally ceased his struggling, retrieving his phone from the place on the bed he had tossed it to in his panic. Kevin slipped back into sleep, snuggling against Eddward in his slumber.

Shooting a quick text to Eddy, explaining that the three of them would not be at school, he then moved to lay his phone down on the bed side table before another thought crossed his mind. Opening a new text box, he began to type out another message:

Eddward: Hello Nazz! It looks as though I will not be at school today. Kevin and Ed have "convinced" me to skip... would you mind picking up the work I will miss for the day? Thank you!

Sending the message, his phone vibrated with a response from a slightly annoyed Eddy.

Eddy: Ok ill be ther in a few. Skipping 2.

"Jesus, Eddy," Eddward softly complained, rolling his eyes at the text. "Please do take the time to learn proper English."

It took only a few more seconds for Nazz to reply, Eddward opening the new message with a gentle laugh at the blonde girl.

Nazz: YOURE SKIPPING!? The worlds gotta be ending!

Eddward chuckled gently under his breath as he typed out his reply.

Eddward: Well, as it stands, Kevin has me in a very... well... this is hard to explain. He's asleep and holding me. He has quite the grip.

His phone buzzed almost immediately

Nazz: PICS! NOW!

Chewing on his bottom lip, Eddward looked back to the sleeping red head, a blush spreading across his face as the jock nuzzled into his shoulder. Kevin looked so peaceful, so relaxed. Eddward's mind screamed out to him, every thought calling out the perfection Kevin seemed to radiate.

Eddward turned back to his phone, holding the thing at a full arms length before snapping a picture showing the jock's embrace. He looked it over, the picture bringing a broad smile to his face. Eddward would never tell anyone but he was more than practiced at selfie shots.

The picture was sent to Nazz, Kevin stirring slightly as Eddward readjusted from taking it. Careful not to wake him, Eddward placed his phone onto the bed side table, ignoring the buzz that followed the placement.

As much as Nazz meant to him, Eddward wanted to enjoy just being there, Kevin's arms wrapped around him as if he were clinging onto his only link to life.

Slowly, Eddward ran his hand along the jock's arm wrapped around his stomach, his fingers sifting through the soft hair along the tanned flesh. Shivers ghosted through his body at the touch, the strong muscles beneath the skin tensing as the boy's slender fingers tickled him as they trailed along. He finally grazed across the jock's hand, his powerful knuckles hard and jagged as Eddward continued to down to his fingers.

Kevin's hand was much larger than his own, Eddward's slim fingers entangling through those of the sleeping jock. His heart raced in his chest as he held tight to Kevin's hand, the very thought of being in such an intimate situation, such a loving embrace...

Eddward suddenly pulled away from the touch, his hand pulled back against his chest as if it had been burned. A wave of depression had succeeded in washing over him making him question all of his new found boldness.

How could I be so stupid? he thought to himself; Kevin isn't gay... He doesn't love you. You've set yourself up for failure by allowing yourself to fall for him!

A part of him attempted to argue back, to scream out the jock was the one holding him. That voice was easily silenced.

The problem is he matters so much... he matters so much to you but you don't to him! He couldn't even tell you what you were to him last night. You let yourself fall in love with someone who can't ever love you back... you idiot...

Folding in on himself, Eddward pulled his knees into his chest, an attempt at making himself smaller. All he could do was think about how stupid he was, how foolish his heart had been. The pain in his heart sank in, his body struggling to hold back the tears.

"I'm so fucking stupid," Eddward muttered to himself, burying his face in his hands. "I'm an idiot... I knew all of this was too good to be true."

"Shut up," that ragged, deep voice that sent shivers down Eddward's spine growled in his ear. "You're not an idiot. Stop it..."

Kevin released his hold on the boy, moving quickly to pin Eddward beneath him, taking hold on Eddward's chin with his thumb and index finger. His deep green eyes glared into his lighter ones, a scowl deep across the jock's face. "I'm tired of hearing you break yourself down. I'm tired of watching you hide. Do you not remember what I said last night?"

Eddward stared back into the green that bore into him, nothing short of shock plastered across his features. "Kevin-"

"No, you don't get to talk yet," Kevin growled, holding the boy's chin tight. "You matter to me, do you hear me? You matter to me. Stop lowering yourself, stop attacking yourself, stop hurting yourself. Stop. Hiding."

The two boys stared into the others' eyes, only the sound of their breathing between them for what seemed like an eternity. It was powerful, deep; a connection building on more than just knowledge of the other. It was spiritual in nature, as if they could see into the soul of the other.

Kevin was the first to break the silence, "Now, I was going to wait until later to surprise you but I think it's very important for you to hear this now." He released Eddward's face, baring his weight on both arms that now rested on either side of the boy's head. "Me, Ed, Eddy, Nazz, Sarah, Lee and Jimmy all chipped in on present for you, something before the concert and party that we could give you to show you how much you mean to us. Okay? I'm not gonna tell you what it is but I know you're gonna love it. So cheer up... It's gonna be a hell of a birthday."

"R-really?" Eddward's voice cracking as he spoke. "You guys got me... a present?"

Kevin smiled, nodding, "Yep. A big one. I mean, everybody got you a little one too... but we decided to treat you a little. It's your 16th birthday, dude! It's kinda important."

Catching Kevin by surprise this time, Eddward reached out and wrapped his arms around the jock's middle, hugging him tight. "You're so amazing, Kevin." His grip tightened, his eyes moistening with tears. "No one's ever done anything so kind for me."

"You don't even know what it is yet..." it was all Kevin could think to say, the attack hug catching him more off guard than anything before. "But you're welcome."

A few pats to Eddward's head signaled the slender boy to release the jock, a good natured laugh offered to show the hug was well received. Kevin moved himself back onto his placement on the bed, flopping down next to Eddward as he had been before. "Since you so rudely woke me up, I'd like to go back to sleep for a little while. Sound good to you, birthday boy?"

Nodding, Eddward wiped his eyes before placing his glasses back onto his nose, "Of course. Would you mind if I get ready for the day while you and Ed rest?"

"No!" Ed groaned from his bean bag chair. "The parents are at work... go do what you gotta."

Kevin laughed loudly, "You heard the man!" Reclining back onto the bed, Kevin shot the slender boy a wink, "It's okay, D. I'll be up in about an hour or so... We'll make breakfast together, okay?"

Eddward smiled, "Sounds lovely, Kevin." Kevin gave him a thumbs up before throwing his arms behind his head and closing his eyes, settling into a comfortable position to allow a few more moments sleep. "I shall see you when you wake."

Depression still lingering in the boy's mind, he rose from the bed to make his way into the kitchen. Kevin's words had cheered him up some, not enough to pull him from his sorrows completely. It was something he was more than used to.

Eddward grabbed his cell phone from the table before leaving the room, noticing that there were several text messages he had not seen before, all from Nazz.


Nazz: That looks so comfy!

Nazz: How long has he been holding u?

Nazz: Seriously, I think he loves u... Don't kno if he's gay but I really think he loves u...

A smile spread across the slender boy's face, his bottom lip immediately the target of his attention. It made his heart soar to think Kevin might actually love him. Though slightly crazy, Nazz's comment sent excitement through his entire body. Walking up the stairs, Eddward opened the same picture he had sent to Nazz earlier.

That Irish red hair tangled in with his jet black, his sun tanned skin wrapped around Eddward's pale flesh, the perfectly muscled body of the jock enveloping the slim form of the smaller boy; they seemed to match the other.

Reaching the top of the stairs, Eddward finally allowed himself to smile without worry of anything else. Perhaps he had run ahead of himself in falling for Kevin the way he had... who cares? There was nothing to actually worry about at this point. It was an unknown variable, in due time, it would be found. In Eddward's favor or not... it would be found.

"Your eyes closed?" Kevin asked, his hands wrapped tightly around Eddward's face, his fingers hiding the boy's eyes. "No peaking!"

Eddward stumbled as the boy led him through Ed's house, Ed giggling and directing their way. "I'm not peaking! Ow! Stop leading me into the walls, Ed!" He regained his footing after a slight stumble, his shoulder bouncing off the wall.

"Sorry, Double D!" Ed giggled, pulling on the smaller boy's arms as they made their way through the maze of a home. "I'm just so excited! We did so good!" Eddward could feel his friend almost dancing with excitement.

"Shut up, Lumpy!" Eddy growled, walking through the front door to see how the others were progressing. "You'll ruin it!"

Eddward 'looked' around, "Eddy? When did you get here?"

"A few minutes ago," Eddy replied, reaching out and taking Eddward's shoulder, another seeing eye dog for the venture. "Had to get everything perfect for you though, Kev wouldn't have it any other way. Plus, this shit cost a pretty penny, it better be fucking perfect."

"What cost a pretty penny? Guys?" Still blinded by his friends, Eddward could now feel the sun washing over his body, obviously outside. A few muted shushes were heard around him, confusion getting the better of the birthday boy. "What's going on? Can I please see what's going on now?"

Kevin laughed from behind him, "Are you ready for this?"

"Ready for what?" Eddward huffed, stomping his foot slightly in frustration. "What have you done?!"

"I don't think you're ready," Kevin teased, his hands still over the boy's eyes, Ed and Eddy leaving his side to go who knows where.

"Kevin!" Eddward whined, attempting to struggle from the jock's grip. "Stop teasing me! I want to see now!"

"Say the magic words!" Kevin teased.


"I said magic words..."

"What magic words? I grow tired of this game Kevin..."

"Pretty please, Kevin with sugar and marshmallows and cherries on top! And beg a little!"



Eddward sighed, "Pretty please with sugar, marshmallows and cherries on top..."

"Was that so hard?" Kevin muttered in Eddward's ear, his hands pulling away from the boy's vision. "I hope you like it."

Upon opening his eyes, Eddward was met with the visage of a long black stretch limo, the entirety of his friends posed around it. Cumulatively, a loud "SURPRISE!" was shouted, Eddward nearly falling to the pavement in shock. Ed, Eddy, Nazz, Sarah, Lee, and Jimmy were all excitedly clapping and cheering for the boy, each wishing their own happy birthdays.

It was magnificant.

"Oh my God!" Eddward exclaimed, the surprise more than he ever expected. "Is all this... for me?"

"No," Kevin rolled his eyes, "it's for me. I like going to concerts in style." He walked around to Eddward's side. "Happy Birthday, Double D."

Nazz ran to Eddward, her arms thrown around his neck in a loving hug. "Did we surprise you!?"

"More than I can explain!" Eddward laughed, wiping a tear or two from his eyes as he returned the hug. "I never expected all this!"

Lee leaned against the rear door of the long car, "Yeah, we didn't think you would. Your parents suck!"

"No one deserves to be treated that way on their birthday!" Sarah yelled, flipping her hair with as much sass as she could muster.

Nazz released Eddward, the slender boy standing to his full height. "What do you mean? How did you know about my parents?" He looked around to each of his friends, all of them pointing to Kevin.

"I told them," Kevin fessed up, throwing his hands up in exasperation, everyone turning on him. "I thought you needed some cheering up after the bullshit they pulled. It pissed me off... them too. So we got together and rented a limo for the night." Kevin rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "I hope you're not mad at me..."

"Never," Eddward smiled, taking Kevin's hand and leading him to the car. "This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you... all of you!"

"Oh God," Eddy groaned, "can we just get in the damn thing and head to the fucking concert? They won't hold the show up for us, you can make out on the way!"

Sarah growled, smacking Eddy on the back of the head, "Cram it, Fathead!"

"You tell him, Sarah!" Jimmy piped up, his speech must clearer since the removal of his cumbersome head gear. Puberty had also been very kind to him, never hurt.

Lee sighed audibly, opening the back door to the limo with a flourish, "All of you, get the fuck in the car. I'm tired of listening to you all bitch."

"Agreed," Kevin chuckled, helping Eddward into the limo before getting in himself. "I'm ready to get this party on the road!"

It took only seconds for the group to pile into the back of the car, the excitement of riding in a limo more than most of them could bear. Ed was the first to stand through the sun roof, Lee joining him soon after. Kevin sat next to Eddward, his arm thrown around the still joyously crying boy. Sarah and Jimmy sat across from the two, making sure everyone had the appropriate accessories for the concert. Eddy chose to spend his time with Nazz, the blonde giggling at every line shot to her. All in all, the group was enjoying the ride.

"Wanna go ahead and do presents now?" Kevin asked to Eddward, the slender boy drinking bubbling water from a champagne glass that Jimmy had poured for him. "That way you can leave them in the car and they'll be safe."

Eddward smiled, Ed and Lee returning their heads to the inside of the cab. "That sounds perfect actually!"

Kevin snapped his fingers, "Presents guys!"

"I got you this one, Double D!" Ed shouted, throwing himself into Eddward's lap, a crudely wrapped rectangular gift held out to him. "I thought you'd love it!"

Eddward laughed out loud, adjusting the beanie on his head that had been knocked askew by his friend's charge. Taking the package, he tore into it excitedly revealing both the Iron Man and Iron Man 2 DVDs, movies Eddward had enjoyed exponentially at the theater. "Oh my, Ed! It's wonderful!"

"I didn't get the third one cause it kinda sucked," Ed explained, throwing his arms around his friend, "but I know you loved these two!"

Eddward hugged his friend back, "You are quite right!"

"Alright, that's enough!" Eddy hissed, pushing Ed out of the way. "My turn!" He tossed a rolled up shirt that had been tied with a ribbon to Eddward, a grin wide on his face. "Instantly thought of you."

Unraveling the shirt, it revealed the entire Firefly family from the Devil's Rejects movie, 'I'm the Devil... and I'm here to do the Devil's work...' written in blood in the background. It was certainly in perfect taste.

"Where did you find this!?" Eddward exclaimed, clinging tightly to the cloth. "I love it!"

"Knew you would!" Eddy grinned, his hand held out for a fist bump. "I know that's like, your favorite movie."

Eddward tapped his knuckles against his friend's. "It is perfection!"

"Who's next?" Kevin called out, looking to Sarah and Jimmy hoping they would in fact go next.

Jimmy giggled as he reached behind him, "I hope you don't mind, Double D, but Sarah and I got you a present from the both of us!"

"You didn't have to get me anything you two!" Eddward blushed, hiding his smile with his hand.

Sarah clapped her hands, "Oh but we did! It just screamed you!"

Carefully, Jimmy pulled a small unwrapped pet carrier from the seat, the box clear and sealed with an orange top. Inside the little box was a female Rose Hair Tarantula happily eating away at a cricket placed in the box to keep her calm.

Eddward took the box in a tizzy, examining his new companion with absolute delight. "Dios! She is beautiful! I can't believe you two bought me a Tarantula! Do you know how long I have desired one?!"

"Ed told me!" Sarah giggled, wrapping her arms around Jimmy. "He helped pay for her, too!"

Kevin recoiled from the spider, "Just keep it away from me..."

Eddward tapped on the side of the box gently, "Sorry, Kevin but this beautiful young lady is all mine." The spider responded to his tap, scurrying to the place where his finger rested against the plastic. "She's wonderful! Thank you so much!"

Sarah and Jimmy chimed a joined "You're welcome!" before the spider was delicately placed in Eddward's lap, the rest of the ride to be spent doting on her.

"You're up Lee!" Kevin announced, glaring at the spider as if it would eat him whole.

Lee shoved Ed out of her way and forced herself into the seat next to Eddward, a sloppily wrapped rectangular box fetched from beneath it. "You hang out with the team so much so we decided to send out for somethin' to make it official."

Eddward took the box, his smile grand and excited as he unwrapped it. Inside was a football jersey, orange and green, just like the ones Lee and Kevin wore for their games. He pulled the jersey from the box to examine it. The back read the numbers '00' with 'Double D' above where the player's name was meant to go.

"I've never been part of a team before," Eddward laughed, holding the jersey to his chest.

Lee waved the boy off, "You're still not allowed to play but we love ya just the same!"

Eddward threw his arms around Lee's neck, a smile still present on his face, "I love it! Thank you so much!"

"No problem, Double D," Lee smiled, awkwardly patting the boy on the back. "The team sends their love too."

"Me next!" Nazz exclaimed, jumping onto Lee's lap causing the hug to end prematurely. "It's a little childish but I couldn't help it, dude."

She offered a perfectly wrapped box, the purple wrapping paper corresponding to the gold bow beautifully. Eddward delicately placed the jersey to the side, careful not to disturb his new spider, and took the gift from Nazz to tear into it happily. Inside the box, twelve inch figures of Chewbacca and Han Solo rested in their boxes, waiting to be part of someone's collection.

Eddward released a squeal as he quickly clutched at the toys, "They're adorable! And my favorite characters!"

Nazz giggled, clapping at the statement, "Oh I'm so happy! I knew you were super upset when you read the last book and so I thought I would make sure you could have a Chewy forever!"

"I didn't know you liked Star Wars," Kevin mused, rubbing at the scruff on his face as he grabbed at the Han Solo. "Love these fucking movies..."

"Really?" Eddward excited squeaked, turning to the red head. "I never would have guessed!"

"ANYWAY!" Nazz interrupted with a giggle. "I hope you love them and I know they will go perfect with the rest of your dorky room!"

Eddward nodded, a giggle of his own escaping his lips, "They most certainly will!" He hugged the Chewy tight, "Thank you so much, Nazz!"

Another hug to the blonde girl, a smile and blush deep across his face.

Breaking the hug, Eddward looked to everyone in the limo with him, "Thank you all! This has easily been the best birthday I have ever had! The presents are phenomenal but the company is priceless!"

Eddward turned to Kevin, "And you... thank you. I can't tell you how much everything you have done means to me."

Kevin shrugged, "You haven't even got my present yet!"

Eddward looked around, the spider scurrying around her cage as she was lifted in her owner's searching. "I suppose I haven't!" He smiled to the red head as the contents in his lap were replaced. "It's okay though, I don't need one!"

Kevin laughed, followed by the rest of the crew.

"I think you'll want his present!" Lee chuckled, plopping down next to Ed. "He spent a lot of time working on that shit!"

"Shut up, Lee!" Kevin shouted, an empty soda can thrown at her head.

Sarah and Jimmy both giggled madly, Sarah innocently smiling at the slender boy. "You will love it!"

"Dude, I swear to God you guys..." Kevin was almost snarling, his teeth bared to the young girl. "Don't fuck this up!"

"Aw, Kevin," Eddward cooed, "did you do something special for me?"

Blushing, the jock sunk in on himself, his arms folded in annoyance. "Maybe..."

Eddy snorted, "You're not the only one not on the up and up, Sockhead." He punched Ed in the shoulder. "They left me the fuck out, too!"

"That's because you're an ass," Lee chuckled, punching Eddy back for hitting Ed. "You ruin everything!"

Eddy pounced from his seat onto Lee, attacking her playfully, both laughing as hits were exchanged. The group laughed and cheered at the two, some yelling bets on who would win.

In all the ruckus, Eddward found that he could not take his eyes from the red head that sat at his side, the jock cheering along with the others. His tanned flesh glistening with the sun that peaked in through the window, his forest green eyes were shining happily as he rooted for Lee... he was so beautiful. Eddward could not pull his eyes away. It wasn't until the limo pulled into the parking lot for the concert that he was finally able to focus on something other than this object of his affection.

After the limo driver had been directed where to wait, the spider had lovingly been secured in the car (the heater was requested to be left on), the tickets cut and the group had made it's way through the crowd, they were finally ready for this concert to start.

Each had their own jacket they clung tightly to, Jimmy and Sarah clinging close to one another. It was cold, there was no mistaking that but Eddward never even noticed it. Kevin never left his side, his natural heat washing over the slender bookworm.

"Who's the opening band?" Kevin asked Ed, nudging him in the side. "Anyone good?"

Ed shrugged, "I think it's some band called Evergreen Terrace. Never heard of them so... we'll see!"

Kevin nodded his head before pulling the taller boy down to his level, "During the band switch, I need you to run to the car, get the present for Double D and bring it to me. I need it by Rise's second song... it's super important, dude."

Kevin released his grip on Ed, the taller boy nodding with a huge grin across his face. "Dude, I'm so excited! He's gonna love it!"

"Who's going to love what?" Eddward questioned, turning to his two friends at his side.

"The concert," Kevin smiled, patting him on his shoulder. "It's gonna fucking rock!"

Eddward grinned, his hand covering his smile, "I know! I'm so excited!"

Kevin winked to the slender boy, "I know you are."

Ed clapped Kevin on the shoulder as Lee ran by him to pull him to the mosh pit, "I'll see you during the change, Kev! Good luck!"

Saluting the taller male, Kevin returned his attention to the slender boy who was now lovingly looking up to him. Their eyes met, lost in the other for a few peaceful moments. Kevin brushed the hair absentmindedly from Eddward's face, the black beanie readjusted ever so slightly by the jock's movements.

Eddward chewed on his lip at the gentle touch, his mind suddenly going hazy. All he wanted to do was brush his lips against Kevin's, if only just once and only for just a moment, that's all he wanted.

"I hope you're having a good birthday so far," Kevin thought out loud, his voice loud enough to be heard over the low roar of the crowd.

Eddward nodded, "The best."

Kevin smiled, "Good. Got a name for that... bug... yet?"

"She's not a bug," Eddward corrected, "she is an arachnid. Regardless, I do believe I have a name for her... but you'll laugh."

Kevin chuckled at the slender boy's modesty, "I won't laugh!"

Eddward rolled his eyes, blushing gently, "Baroness."

"What!?" Kevin began to laugh despite his words. "Like the G.I. Joe villain?!"

Eddward huffed, his arms crossing angrily, "Yes, like the villain! She was my favorite growing up... well, next to Destro, of course... But I think it is a fitting name!"

Kevin stifled his laughter, "Yeah, I guess you're right! Never would have thought of that."

"What would you have named her?" Eddward asked, a good bit of sass in his voice.

The jock shrugged, "Legs... I don't know."

"You're so unoriginal," Eddward rolled his eyes, turning his back to the taller jock. "But I can forgive you."

"Heh," Kevin smirked, "you better."

The two stood in their places, the rest of the group dispersing to whatever position in the crowd they felt most comfortable in. Eddward was perfectly content where he was, leaning against the jock's powerful frame as they waited for the opening band to take the stage.

Finally, the outdoor arena was signaled by the lead singer charging out onto the stage, a scream of "WHAT'S UP, PEACH CREEK!?" called out over the speakers. The crowd responded with screams and cheers, all ignited by the fire fueled by the screeching guitar that followed. "We are EVERGREEN TERRACE and we are here to FUCK! SHIT! UP!"

Another cheer from the crowd tore through the air, Kevin calling out with the rest of the crowd while Eddward only laughed.

The entire band broke out into full blown song, the leader singer belting out, "SET! ME! FREE! SET ME FREE!"

Kevin began to headbang slightly, Eddward watching him with a loving smile. While the music was enjoyable, Kevin was more so. The tuft of red hair that poked through what was supposed to be the back of Kevin's hat swayed with his movement, the world seeming to move in slow motion around him.

Noticing the staring, Kevin looked to the slender bookworm, that chip-toothed grin of his warm and full of pure joy. Eddward couldn't help but smile back, his hand hiding the gap in his front teeth. The jock rolled his eyes, turning back to the concert before him.

Kevin thought to himself of how much he hated seeing the boy hide, how much he wanted to shout to the world the perfection he saw in that smile with the perfect little gap in the front teeth.

His heart rate sped up, the thought of his plan coming together catching him a little off guard. Though scared out of his mind, Kevin could not be more excited to reveal all of his hard work to the very object of his affection.

Ed ran from the crowd to the car, Lee hot on his heels as a second pair of eyes. The bands had changed, Rise Against now setting up for their set. Ed and Lee were on a tight schedule.

"Hurry!" Lee shouted, dashing across the parking lot with the tallest of the group. "We got five minutes! WHERE THE HELL IS THE LIMO!?"

Ed ran as fast as his legs could carry him, the black stretch limo in his sights, "I see it! Keep running!"

Both running at full speed, Ed was not able to stop in time and slammed hard into the side of the vehicle, the driver quickly jumping from his seat to scold the young man.

"No time!" Lee shouted, diving into the back seat to retrieve Kevin's gift. "You'll get a nice tip!" The auburn haired girl pulled the present from the car and bolted back to the concert.

"Wait for me!" Ed called out, picking himself up from the ground and taking off after the girl, leaving the limo driver screaming at the dust.

Ed and Lee made their way through the front gate, fighting their way through the crowd in order to find the jock and the bookworm. People made their job difficult, most returning from beer or snack runs, some engaging in illegal activities, some forcing their own way through the crowd in order to buy whatever souvenirs were desired.

"Move it!" Lee shouted, pushing a man out of her way as she noticed that familiar red ball cap and bright green hoodie. "KEVIN!"

Kevin turned to see Lee and Ed both running at him, a large bag clutched tight in her hand as she ran. Lee stopped short as she closed the distance, holding the bag out to the jock. Ed ran smack into Kevin, his arms gripping the shorter male tightly.

"ED!" Kevin squirmed. "Let me go!"

"I'm so happy for you, Kevin!" Ed lifted Kevin from his feet, hugging him with as much strength as he could muster.

"Where's Double D?" Lee asked, doubling over to catch her breath.

Ed placed Kevin back on his feet, patting him lovingly on the head. "Jesus Ed... He went to get a drink and some pizza or something. He should be back any minute. Sarah got the camera?"

Ed nodded, "Yep! Asked her before we ran out to the car. She's ready when you are!"

"Such wonderful music!" Eddward called out, his ears ringing from the first band with some bottled waters in his arms. "I've never been to a concert before!"

They all laughed, Kevin taking some of the load from Eddward's arms. "Glad you're having fun!"

"Great fun!" Eddward called back, his face flushed from the screaming and cheering he had been doing. "I can't wait to hear Rise Against!"

"Don't have to wait too much longer!" Kevin pointed to the stage, Lee and Ed running off to take their places again. "They got everything set up, they've flashed the stage lights a few times too!"

As if on queue, the stage lights flashed once more, the band finally taking their positions at their instruments. Eddward nearly screamed in pure joy as he moved back to Kevin's side, the jock wrapping his muscular arms around his slender frame.

Eddward melted into the jock's touch, this more intimate than anything before. Kevin was behind him, his body flush against his own back, his powerful arms holding him lovingly as the music began.

The band offered no greeting, only began chanting the opening to their song "Make It Stop", the entire crowd breaking out into a massive chorus. As the world around Eddward filled with one of his favorite songs of all time, his body held tight by the man who he couldn't shake from his mind, his emotions overflowed.

Through the first chorus of the song, Eddward could hear Kevin's voice, barely audible to him, singing along with the powerful words. It was a gruff voice, deep and soulful, standing out more so than any of the others. Their bodies were swaying softly, almost as if Kevin were leading them in a slow dance, something loving and intimate.

Bravery building in his chest, the rest of the world melting away, Eddward began to sing along, too. His voice matched up with Kevin's in a haunting manner, their melodies mixing as if they always belonged together.

The song closed, Eddward barely noticing the music as Kevin's grip tightened around him.

Am I loud and clear... or am I breaking up...

The lyrics rained over the crowd, cheering and screaming almost taking over the song. A single tear slid down Eddward's cheek, his favorite song now seeming to be played for only him.

"We live on front porches and swing life away," Kevin sang into Eddward's ear, the slender boy's eyes opened only barely at the sound. "We get by just fine here on minimum wage... if love is a labor, I'll slave till the end... I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand..."

The words seemed to be less sung and more spoken, Kevin's lips only inches away from Eddward's ear, his grip tightening with each syllable.

"Eddward," Kevin seemed to whisper and call out at the same time, his full name never heard from the red head before. "Don't look at me yet... just let me show you something."

Not knowing what else to do, Eddward stared straight ahead at the band, only the music and Kevin's words registering in his ears. Kevin released his grip for a moment, kneeling down to fetch something by their feet before returning to his full height, one arm returned around the slender boy, a card offered in his hand.

Taking the folded white piece of cardstock, Eddward opened it, a long letter concealed inside. Turning to glace at Kevin, a look of utter shock plastered across his face, the jock pointed back to the card in a silent urging for him to read.

Double D,

Dude, I'm bad at this... I want to say how much you mean to me, I want to tell you that I watch you when you're doing, like, everything. Wow... that sounded a lot creepier than it did in my head. Let me start over... Okay... DAMMIT! OKAY! I'M GONNA DO THIS!

If you're reading this, it is the 7th letter I've written to you. That's how much you fucking mean to me dude. I've written this 7. Fucking. Times. I've even got a thesaurus! Dude... not gonna lie... thought it was a dinosaur.

Jesus I get sidetracked a lot. ANYWAY... Double D. Let me tell you... you matter. FUCK... I'm just gonna say it.

Double D, I fucking love you. There... I said it. I love you and I've loved you since middle school. I could never bring myself to pick on you like your friends and the shit you made for Eddy's stupid schemes was always wicked awesome. I remember this one time, you built like this golf course or something and there was a monster with huge teeth...

Fuck me... I am bad at this...

You matter to me. I watch you hide away from the world and it drives me crazy to think that you don't know how great you are. Your smile lights up my fucking day... and you hide it from me. You can't hide forever...

Please, let me be the one to make you smile... let me be the one who gets to enjoy that gap-toothed grin... let me be the one to make you feel safe... let me be the one who makes you feel loved...

Let me be the one who makes you feel like you matter...

Kevin Joshua Barr

Eddward's heart stopped, he couldn't think of anything to do or say in that moment. All he knew existed was his own body and Kevin's behind it.

The song ended, the crowd erupting into cheers, pulling the slender boy from his delirium. He turned to the jock, those forest green eyes locked on to his. Eddward's lips moved but no sound could be heard. Kevin did not answer but reached down to the bag at his feet once more, pulling the final gift from it to present it to the now quivering boy.

Eddward took the gift, breaking his gaze from the jock for a moment to examine what was in his hands. Given to him was a blood red motorcycle helmet to match the beast Kevin owned.

"You're going to be riding that bike a lot more from now on..." Kevin's words were whispered into his ear, melting every part of him.

Shaking, Eddward threw his arms around the jock, the helmet still held tight in his hand. Shoulders trembling with sobs, Eddward could not have asked for a more perfect moment. Kevin's arms wrapped around his frame so delicately and yet so protectively... nothing could hurt him.

Pulling away from the hug, Kevin laughed as he removed the shorter boy's glasses, folding them before gently placing them in his pocket for safe keeping. Eddward couldn't care less for his glasses at the moment, wiping his eyes with his hands as he looked up to Kevin who was smiling down to him.

Kevin took Eddward's wrists, holding the both of them for the boy to see. "You're beautiful... please stop." The band had started on their third song, Kevin's words more felt than heard.

Eddward nodded his head, tears blending in with the smile on his face.

Without hesitation, Kevin took Eddward's face in his hands and pulled him close. In that moment the jock's lips brushed against his own... Eddward felt complete. He could taste the very essence of Kevin; a clean, masculine, gruff taste that would be with him forever. Eddward knew from this day forward, Kevin was a part of him.