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31st August 1988

Harry looked up at the tap on his door, only Jake would bother him as Damien was always too interested in himself and their father and Isabelle kept to herself. "Come in Jake," he softly called out. Jake came into the room and looked around. Jake was in awe of his older brother and idolized him. He sat down in the chair next to Harry and the two brothers sat in a comfortable silence.

"Harry," Jake quietly said, "You…you won't forget about me? I mean when you go to Hogwarts you will write?" Jake looked Harry in the eye and waited for a response. Harry could see in Jake's eye that he was worried that he would be on his own as his other two siblings never glanced at him. The only person he talked to was his mother and that was only when the twins, mainly Damien, were not demanding her attention which was not often.

"I promise I'll write lots, and I'll be back for the Holidays. I might even teach you some magic when come back." At that Jake's face lit up with excitement and Harry genuinely smiled at him.


1 September 1988

Hey Jake,

Hope you're alright, as promised here is my first letter.

After flooing myself to the platform, I sat in a carriage by myself until two ginger headed twins came and sat with me. I instantly recognized them as Weasleys, I thought they would be just as obnoxious and arrogant as Ron, Damien's friend, but they turned out to be jokers. Their names are Fred and George. When we entered the great hall, we waited until our name was called and sat on a stool while a hat sorted us. Just so you don't get too worried about the sorting process, the hat always listens to what you want. Anyway I am now in Ravenclaw.

Our common room is by the library, and to protect the entrance you have to answer a riddle.

We each get a room which we share with one other person, I share with Alex, and in the common room the walls are lined with old tomes and books.

Nothing else has happened and I will be exploring the castle tomorrow, then lessons start on Monday.

Remember, you can always ask Daffy if you need anything and I will always listen to you.

I promise to write to you tomorrow evening and each week until the holidays.

Your bro,


Jake read the letter in awe and couldn't wait to speak to Harry to find out more. He placed the letter inside his favourite book that always reminded him of Harry, and placed the book beside him.

Jake left his room to make himself a sandwich and could hear his family chatting in the kitchen.


23 December 1988

Jake was sitting by the fireplace and could not wait to see Harry again. He had read all the letters Harry had sent by himself, only needing a little help from Daffy if Harry wrote about a spell he had learnt.

Suddenly the fire roared to life and emerald flames lit up the room. Harry stepped out and the first thing he saw was Jake sitting in the chair before he was knocked over. Harry smiled at the enthusiasm his brother showed at seeing him again before growing serious, "Daffy." He called out as he got up. "Yes Master Harry?" Harry asked where his parents were, "Master Harry, Your father is in the garden playing Quidditch, while yours mother is shopping with Isabelle. Would you like some food?" she looked at him hopefully. "That would be lovely. We will eat in the library thank you Daffy." Harry said before walking off. He looked back and could see Jake watching him, "Come on. Don't you have any questions?" He chuckled as he was bombarded with questions as Jake quickly followed him.

"Well Jake," Harry paused letting Jake sit on the couch and catch his breath.

"Is it true that ghosts surround you? What's it like in Ravenclaw? What did you mean by the Hat takes your choice into consideration? What house do you think I'll be in? Can you please teach me some magic while you are here?"

Harry chuckled, "Take a breath, here are your answers, yes, great there is a private library in the common room filled with ancient tomes, the hat looks inside your head and asks what house you would like to be in, I'll teach you some magic in the new year."


27th February 1988

Jake shouted out with glee. He had finally done it. He had made the book lift off the table. In the New Year Harry had taught him the charm to make things float, Wingardium Leviosa. While he did not have a wand Jake had cast the charm by speaking the charm and by waving his hand in the motion Harry had shown him in the New Year. Jake heard the door open to the library and quickly tried to hide his smile.

"How are you Jacob? What were you cheering about?" a female voice asked. Jake whirled around and was surprised that his sister was standing there. "Um…I am fine thanks, um…Daffy just managed to find my favourite book which I thought was lost." He managed to say. He was confused why his sister would talk to him and he wanted Harry to know first, about his ability to cast the charm, without a wand.

"Okay. See you around Jacob." She replied and left the library.

Jake called for Daffy to bring some parchment and ink for him to write to Harry.

28th February 1988 - Great Hall, Morning Post (Harry)

Dear Harry,

Hope you are alright. I just wanted to let you know that I managed to cast Wingardium Leviosa on an old tome in the library. I promise that I did not damage it and no one else saw me. But I did it. Could you teach me some more spells when I next see you?

Can't wait to see you again.


PS Daffy only had to help me with the spelling of Wingardium Leviosa.

Harry finished reading the letter and was amazed that his brother, who was only 7, had managed to correctly cast a first year charm, without a wand. When he taught Jake he allowed Jake to use his wand and he had only managed to levitate a pillow for a couple of seconds before the charm broke. Harry wondered what this meant and if Jake would be able to do other magic wandlessly and gave him an idea to try it out. He felt proud of his brother and began to think of more spells that he could try to teach him.