Chapter – 1

Haruka was running to through the long corridors of the dormitory, it was too embarrassing to be lost inside! She was going to be late and she has to submit the songs to Shining.

She turned around the corner and collided with someone, hard, very hard, impact of which made her fall on her butt and the other person too.

Haruka felt a shudder rocking her body, which didn't have anything to do with her falling down and felt strange. And that was it, the end. She kept her eyes closed, rubbing her bottom, such a small bottom and feeling like the fabric of jeans. It must by imagination after the impact, she thought.

"Haruka! Are you okay?", she heard Masato and Ittoki concerned voices and felt Tokiya clutching his body, making her stand up, only with too much force. Since when Ichinose started manhandling her?

"I-I am fine.", Haruka spoke in a deep but chirpy voice. Since when her voice altered?

"We're not asking you munchkin.", Ren muttered in annoyance.

Munchkin? Since when Jinguji started calling her munchkin? She finally opened her eyes and gasped. I was standing right before myself! And I was clutching my butt in pain and eyes closed.

"My lady, are you okay?", Ren asked in concern.

Haruka saw her clone finally looking at Jinguji and her face showed disgust and horror.

"Hell! Get away you playboy! Wasn't munchkin enough that you started treating me like a lady!", Clone Haruka screeched and moved away in annoyance.

"Little Lamb?", Ren for the first time looked hurt by her outburst.

"Nanami?", Masato looked at clone Haruka, who seem shocked.

"What? Oh yes Nanami! Hey are you-", Syo gasped in realization but paused and gaped, pointing his shaking finger at her.

"H-Hey, it's my clone!", clone Haruka screeched again, pointing at Haruka.

"What?!", she panicked, she was her clone!

"Hey! You are my clone!", Haruka responded.

"What?", clone Haruka gasped in disbelief and looked at himself, he has skinny arms, creamy skin. He was wearing a pink frock.

"Oh motherfucker! Shit!", Syo cursed and everyone looked at him as if he was possessed.

"Nanami-san?", Ichinose approached Syo, he couldn't quite digest that someone soft-spoken like Haruka could swear so shamelessly.

"I am not Nanami! I am Syo!", he shouted, which was a high pitched yell.

"I am N-Nanami!", Haruka said in a hyper voice.

"Y-you?", Ittoki took a disbelieving step.

"Wait wait wait… I don't get this. What's going on?", Cecil spoke.

"Look I am Syo and she is Nanami! But it seems our body is the opposite.", Syo replied, shaking his head, feeling his hair. Haruka's hair was hitting his face.

Haruka in Syo's body ran towards the living room, and saw the mirror and gasped.

She just looked like Syo, the clips on the right side of his hair, wearing a low waist jeans and green shirt. She touched her face.

"I-I look like Syo-kun!", Haruka stared at the mirror, reflecting horror.

"It means…", Masato paled.

"Just like a manga situation!", Natsuki jumped excitedly, but Haruka glared at him.

"You silence would be appreciated.", Haruka snapped and felt guilty when Natsuki looked hurt. He never looked hurt when he snapped at him.

"Their souls switched places." Cecil confirmed.

"Eh!", Syo and Haruka shouted.

"Ah! I-It's my fault! I am so sorry!", Haruka was on the verge of tears, she clutched her hands to her chest and sobbed.

"I-It's okay Kuru-Nanami. Please don't cry.", Masato walked towards her and patted on her back.

"It's not your fault Nanami!", Syo said in a panicky voice. Oh fuck, he just can't see her cry. It hurts too much.

"Sy-Haru-chan.", he patted Haruka's blonde hair.

Natsuki guided Haruka to the nearest sofa and patted her head, while Masato took her hand and patted it. Ren was just frozen on his spot, Ittoki poked him. It was as if he was a statue.

"Looks like being rejected from a girl, specially Haruka, affected him badly.", Tokiya smirked.

Ren glared at her and walked towards Syo's body.

Syo was here getting the shock of his life. She found the nearest wall and banged his head on it twice for a good measure, thinking it was all a dream.

"OW! MAN!", he clutched his head and howled in a feminine scream.

"Hey! Nana-Syo! What are you trying to do?!", Tokiya grabbed Syo's shoulder.

"I was… just… checking if I was dreaming….", the room swirled in front of his eyes.

"Hey, it's Nanami's body, stop damaging her beautiful face!", Ittoki said.

"Whatever.", Syo grumbled, again shocking the red head that she was capable of such expressions and sat beside Haruka, taking her hand and giving her an assured smile.

"Let's go to Saotome-san. Let's see if he has a solution.", Ichinose muttered calmly.

"Yeah! Good idea!", Syo stood up and lost his balance on the heel of his sandals.

"Syo-kun! Are you okay?", Haruka asked in concern.

"Y-Yeah m'fine, just the stupid heels…", Syo muttered in annoyance, taking them off and stood barefoot.

"Now let's go.", she stood and offered her hand to Haruka, which she meekly accepted.

Haruka shuffled on his feet, adjusting her uncomfortable, low waist jeans.

"What is this? It feels like it will slide off any moment… Ah! Gomenasai Syo-kun!", she apologized when she saw Syo wince.

"Nah! It's okay, I guess.", Syo muttered, avoiding the piercing stare from his group mates. He suddenly realized the fact that she was capable of touching his every part of the body, as well as he was. They seriously, seriously need to meet Shining, asap!

"Let's go!", he turned to hide his blushing face and stormed towards Shining's office.

" …", Saotome looked at him disbelievingly.

"As I said, I am Syo!", Haruka's body growled in annoyance, it was the fifth time he said that.

"My god…", Ringo gasped.

"It's all my fault, I was rushing for the music sheets and collided with him, and we found that our souls were switched.", Haruka whispered, trembling and fighting to keep her tears at bay.

"Aww… you are so cute Syo-chan!", Natsuki squeezed the life out of Haruka.

"Can't… breathe…", Haruka gasped, struggling to get out of his bone crushing hug.

"Hey, let Haruka go!", Syo tried to pull him away.

"My lady!", Ren caught Syo's body before she collapsed.

"Sorry, Haru-chan. I did that out of habit!", Natsuki apologized.

"Ah… I am fine, Jinguji-san, Shinomiya-san.", she tried to smile. Syo fought the urge to widen his eyes. It was his body Ren was holding. It was so gross.

"Ugh…", Syo's face turned green.

"There is the washroom.", Ringo pointed and Syo dashed towards the door.

"What happened to Syo-kun?", Haruka cocked her head.

"Couldn't quite take the impact, I suppose?", Ren smirked.

"Do you have any solution?", Ichinose asked.

"I will have to buy the potion…", Saotome muttered in his normal voice for once, deep in thought.

"So there is a cure?", Masato raised his eyebrows.

"My friend from a far country is interested in subjects like these and has seen many cases like this. He explained that it has to do something with the position of the stars, and the person's sunsign, I guess and 's sunsign are pretty compatible. He said that potion takes one month to make and it is very difficult…", Saotome said.

"Please ask him to do so, Shining-san.", Ittoki-kun paled, the idea of Nanami in a man's body was very frightening.

"I will visit him myself and wait there and come back when the potion is prepared.", Saotome nodded and a chopper flashed out of the window and he jumped on the rope.

"Meet you later boys… So bye bye!", he waved and laughed manically and the chopper zoomed away.

"Argh…", Syo groaned.

"Nana-Syo, are you okay?", Ittoki asked in concern.

"Do I look like okay? A woman's body is so weak. I guess its just Haruka, but I can't walk anymore.", with that Haruka's body slumped on the ground.

"Sorry, Syo-kun, I always used to feel tired when I threw up.", Haruka looked at him sympathetically.

"I had no idea, your body was this weak…", Syo muttered, he realized that Haruka was so vulnerable, she always held herself so perfectly, never giving a hint of her weakness.

"Let me help you.", Masato took Haruka's body bridal style.

"Uh… Thanks Hijirikawa…", Syo smiled and Masato sucked in a gasp.

"I guess it hasn't changed.", Masato gave out a sigh of relief.

"What hasn't?", Syo asked.

"Haruka's smile.", Masato said, upsetting Syo when he realized that he couldn't see her smile anymore.