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Chapter – 6

Syo took Haruka's underwear reluctantly and grabbed towel in the washroom. He has to bath, today or tomorrow, he has to. He couldn't help but feel turned on, he was the first man to see Haruka's luscious body, without clothes that is. He shed his clothes, clad in only underwear and blushed hard. He saw himself blushing till the neck, making beautiful trail till her blossoming chest and blushed harder.

Just get over with it, Syo, Syo thought. He hurriedly ripped off the underwear and closed his eyes.

He felt the bath soothing him and clumsily tried to put on the underwear, he had a little problem with the hook of the bra, but his body was used to it, so it came out fine. He managed to somehow feel a little less embarrassed and coaxed himself with the fact that Haruka would be in the same situation now. Instead of coaxing, it did worse.

Syo shook his head, pushing those thoughts away and almost banging his head on the wall when he thought how he touched Haruka's body. (A/N: I will leave everything to your vivid imagination, dear readers… *snickers*)

"I am not Jinguji! God!", Syo berated himself.

He quickly dried his now soft orange-pink hair, closing his eyes and savoring the texture while he blow dried his hair. He turned to look for his clothes and realized that he left them on the bed, out of habit.

"Just great.", Syo muttered and walked out of room in his underwear, which was very uncomfortable. He wondered how even girls, or Haruka did manage to wear them. Grabbing the clothes from his bed and assessed his body reluctantly, mildly surprised at how curvy Haruka was. She has a body of a model.

He tried to pull the blue skirt clumsily lost his balance and fell on his front, but supported himself quickly with Haruka's slow reflexes, which scraped his elbow.

"Argh!", great just perfect to start a day Syo.

He heard someone hastily opening the door, but he was too busy touching the scrape on his elbow. He saw a pale hand gripping his wrist and yanking him.

"Are your okay?", Ai's emotionless voice asked.

"I am fine. I really am okay.", Syo frowned when Ai's eyes moved from his hands to his body and then it hit him. He was lying on his knees, giving his chest cleavage a great display to Ai and leaving very little to imagination. His body was arched and all in all he was posed in a very seductive fashion.

"Get out!", Syo growled trying to get on his feet.

"According to my data you need aid-", Ai was cut off when Syo screeched.

"I said GET OUT!", Syo yelled and Ai frowned and was reluctant to leave but did what Syo said.

"What's wrong?", Ai closed the door and frowned again. Her skin looked so soft and she looked so attractive, he was feeling a heavy emotion hitting his body and all he wanted was to barge in again and hug her. (A/N: Again, I leave everything to your imagination!) He wanted to figure out this emotion so he turned but faced Haruka (Syo) again, but this time she was dressed.

Syo was livid, how dare he see Haruka's body like that? Even he didn't dare to see her like that, despite being in her body. But that was not the point, of all the nerve he had he is still standing outside with a blank look on his face. Little did Syo failed to notice that Ai's eyes told a whole different story.

"What do you want?", Syo asked, scowling at him.

Ai looked at Haruka (Syo) for a long moment and finally bowed in apology. He didn't intend to do that but he won't deny he hardly felt apologetic.

"I am sorry.", Ai apologized in an emotionless voice.

Syo frowned and felt awkward when he was still bowing, even if he didn't feel his apology, he knew he wasn't the Jinguji type to do that intentionally.

"D-Don't try to apologize when you don't feel it. I know you didn't do it intentionally.", Syo grumbled and Ai raised his head in surprise and straightened himself.

"I wanted to talk about something, but I heard some noise and I barged in like that.", Ai explained himself. Syo raised his eyebrows in surprise and Ai frowned slightly with that poker face.

"You were worried for me?", Syo asked and Ai's eyes widened slightly. Was he worried? He collected his data from his computer and defined worry –

Worry is thoughts, images and emotions of a negative nature in which mental attempts are made to avoid anticipated potential threats. As an emotion it is experienced as anxiety or concern about a real or imagined issue, usually personal issues such as health or financial or broader ones such as environmental pollution and social or technological change.

Anxiety. Concern. He was concerned and anxious about Haruka.

And now he was… irritated. Irritated that Haruka emitted these emotions out of him and he was confused as to how to interpret them. He was learning but Haruka was slamming so many emotions over his robotic build that it was frustrating him.

"Please Nanami-san, help me.", Ai said his poker face still on, but his voice gave out some pleading.

"Help you... What happened?", Syo noticed the tension in his voice and slightly surprised that he still managed to keep his poker face, not knowing that it hadn't got to do anything with it.

"I want to learn emotions.", Ai said, his voice turning emotionless again, when he noticed that Haruka (Syo) finally calmed down and ready to listen him.

"Learn… emotions?", Syo frowned in confusion.

"Yes.", Ai replied.

Syo narrowed his eyes, trying to see any hint of mischief in his eyes or expression, perfectly knowing that he wasn't the type to do these types of things. Just assessing his expressionless face and emotionless eyes, his eyes widened in horror.

"You… don't… feel… emotions?", Syo asked incredulously.

"No.", Ai replied mechanically.

Syo was at loss of words. No human can live without emotions. Then he wasn't certainly human (Me: Well, spot on Mister but *whispers* you aren't supposed to know that!). But that's not possible. Nor this situation was possible. But Syo realized with a jolt that his know-it-all data-dependant senpai was asking his kouhai for help! Now isn't that interesting, ignoring the fact that he doesn't know that he was his kouhai.

"Sure.", Syo smiled, happy to teach his senpai. He wanted Ai to feel emotions, he made sure to ask reasons later.

"Thank you.", Ai smiled a mirthless fake smile.

"Tut tut, that won't work.", Syo admonished, he touched Ai's cheek and widened them a little, bursting in a fits of giggles with that funny expression on Ai's face. Ai liked the way Haruka's (Syo) laughter sounded, like bells chiming in Christmas.

"…What?", Ai frowned, and Syo laughed harder and let go of Ai's cheek.

"Nuh-Nothing, Ai-Mikaze-san.", Syo controlled himself and coughed up a little.

"First lesson would be a true smile. Meet me at evening. I am sure you are busy everyday", Syo smiled to which Ai stared a little wide eyes. Such a beautiful smile she has got there, Ai thought.

"Yes.", his voice wavered a little, but it got unnoticed because Haruka (Syo) nodded and entered her room again.

"What's happening to me…?", Ai asked no one when his system heated up, in a good way.

Haruka came out of shower, trying to not think about those flexing muscles whenever she stretched her arms and couldn't help but find that sight… beautiful. She was confused; she didn't feel like that before, what was the deal now? And his anatomy is something she spent time cleaning while blushing. She has to get used to it. What would be our relationship like when we get back to our bodies? Haruka couldn't help but wonder.

She straightened her shirt only to jump a foot in air when someone slammed open the door of her room.

"Ai! Ai!?", Kurosaki Ranmaru barged in the room and searched frantically for Ai only to find Syo standing there.

"Where is Ai midget?", Ranmaru barked to which Haruka flinched which shocked Ranmaru, he half-expected, no fully expected him to growl that he was not a midget. But he looked oddly vulnerable.

"Um..ah-ah I d-don't know wh-where Mikaze-senpai is…", Haruka replied timidly, scared of the slightly burly man in front of him. She was always scared of him, even before the body switch, but she always found his eyes fascinating and beautiful like marbles. She always wondered that how they were of different colors.

Ranmaru was further surprised that Syo (Haruka) addressed Ai as Mikaze-senpai, rather than Ai or Ai-senpai, but dropped it soon. He didn't care.

"Do you know where Ai is?", he controlled his voice a little, feeling a little bad for scaring the little girl, a boy, Kurosaki mentally corrected himself.

"Um- I don't know. I am sorry", Haruka couldn't help but apologize.

"Don't apologize. You didn't do anything wrong.", Ranmaru frowned in confusion, he oddly reminded him of Haruka, which was absurd. He remembered the countless times Haruka apologized whenever he was even near her within 1m radius.

"Oh… I-I am sorry.", Haruka absently apologized for apologizing again.

"It's okay.", Ranmaru said sternly, but inside he was amused by the boy.

"Maybe I could help you?", Haruka asked.

"Well, I wanted to know that if the song is prepared or not. Ai went to visit the composer yesterday.", Ranmaru explained.

"Oh… wait a minute! I have got something for you!", Haruka exclaimed to which Ranmaru just raised his eyebrows. Haruka reached Syo's study table and pulled out her composition she was working on last night when she waited for Natsuki to fall asleep.

"Here.", Haruka handed him the music to which Ranmaru assessed critically, looking mildly shocked.

"Where did you get this?", Ranmaru asked.

"Um, Na-Nanami handed this to me yesterday, she…she wanted me to hand this to Mikaze-senpai. Yes, she wanted me to hand this to senpai. She…she said that this song will suit QUARTET NIGHT and couldn't help but give it to them, so she asked me to.", Haruka felt slightly guilty for lying to them, but it was half truth. She wanted to hand this to Mikaze-san. This tune absently came to her mind while thinking of QUARTET NIGHT and she jotted it down before she could forget it.

Ranmaru was shocked and in awe by Haruka's talent. This song was energetic and refreshing according to him and it was totally perfect for their group's image. His fingers were literally aching to write lyrics for this song.

"To be honest, I like it.", Ranmaru decided to go with the truth to which Haruka beamed.

"Thank you!", Haruka gave a mega-watt smile and Ranmaru heart throbbed a little, taken aback by such a beautiful smile by his kouhai. It reminded him of blooming sunflower and sunshine at the same time. It was oddly captivating and comforting at the same time, but it doesn't fail to elicit out a feeling of adoration out of you.

While Ranmaru waited for his thinking process to come back, he wondered that why Syo (Haruka) was so happy for Haruka, as if he has composed this song?

"Did Haruka really compose this song?", Ranmaru couldn't help but ask, he wasn't entirely convinced when Syo(Haruka) explained with that tone and pause in his voice. Then he grinned at him like he won a Nobel prize and now he was fidgeting slightly, shrugging a little, avoiding his gaze, to which Kurosaki Ranmaru narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

"Y-Yes she composed this song!", Haruka told him the truth but she felt nervous, because she couldn't change the fact that she wrote this song while in Syo's body plus she was a terrible liar.

"…Really?", Ranmaru now looked entirely unconvinced and closed towards Haruka, leaving very little distance between them and Haruka couldn't help but blush and decided to go with truth.

"I composed this song.", Haruka confessed with a sigh. Well she didn't lie about that all along, but the person opposite to her wouldn't likely believe it. Damn this terrible situation. Haruka barely used coarse language, but she felt like cursing her fate.

"It's amazing, have you ever thought of being a composer?", Ranmaru asked and frowned when she avoided his eyes.

"Look at me.", he barked and pulled his chin to force her to look at him. He momentarily forgot what he was going to say, lost in the panicked look of those beautiful aqua eyes, the look in them was oddly appealing to him.

"W-Well, I wanted to be a singer…", Haruka whispered, not trusting her voice, intimidated by his intense stare, but she sounded convincing because of her fear. What would she say to him anyways? Oh for your kind information, I am a composer named Haruka Nanami, who had apparently gone under a soul switch with Syo-kun so please don't give me a black eye.

Haruka shuddered while thinking of receiving a punch from Kurosaki-senpai.

Kurosaki noticed the shudder and a horrified look from his kouhai so he dropped his chin.

"Okay. Well I will talk to the other members today and see if you could help me with this tomorrow, okay?", Ranmaru asked to which Haruka nodded vigorously, to which he couldn't help but give a light chuckle and patted Haruka's head.

"I think I judged you wrong. You are amazing.", Ranmaru blurted out and blushed slightly, marching out of the room and Haruka frowned in confusion.

"What's with Kurosaki-senpai?", Haruka wondered out loud and walked out of the room. She bumped to someone in his chest, and looked up.

It was…


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