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Chapter – 7

"Ichinose-san?", Haruka cocked her head and Tokiya blushed and cleared his throat.

"I just… I just wanted to check if you are doing fine.", Tokiya said, feeling a little awkward. Haruka was touched and felt remorseful. She was worrying people just because of her weakness. But she has already resolved that she would handle it.

"I am doing fine Ichinose-san. Thank you.", Haruka smiled and Tokiya nodded.

"Okay…", Tokiya and Haruka just stood their awkwardly and Haruka decided to dissolve it.

"Come in.", Haruka offered and Tokiya nodded.

Tokiya and Haruka stood there awkwardly for a minute. Haruka started to wrack her brains to start a conversation. Finding none, she sighed out loud. What? It wasn't her fault that she rarely opened up to Tokiya. This guy was like a block of ice.

A very beautiful block of ice and Haruka sighed again.

"Its just… I am sorry you have to go through this.", Ichinose apologized and Haruka was unsure what he was referring to, their awkwardness or soul switch? The answer was same though.

"It doesn't matter Ichinose-san. Shit happens.", Haruka clasped her hand to her mouth. She just blurted that out without thinking and Tokiya was gaping at her like a fish. Tokiya suddenly pinched Haruka's cheeks painfully.

"Owwww!? Ichinose-san! Please stop!", Haruka protested to which Ichinose let go and shrugged in apology

"Sorry for a moment I seriously thought you were Syo.", Tokiya apologized an Haruka just shook her head.

"It doesn't matter. I am basically in Syo's body, so my tongue is has no leash since I am a male. Being female is hard you know.", Haruka shrugged and Ichinose nodded in understanding at what she was implying, she was a man now, she could do many things she was not allowed to do just because she was a girl.

"You are an amazing woman, did you know that?", Tokiya blurted without thinking with the same cool face, but again the blush on his cheek gave him away and Haruka grinned.

"You are amazing too, and I know you know that!", Haruka flashed her most adorable smile and Tokiya turned his whole body away and walked lithely towards the door.

"Bye.", he said monotonously and closed the door behind him.

Haruka frowned in confusion. Ichinose-san is definitely hard to crack, she thought. She just shrugged and grabbed her seat at the study table, she opened Syo's work notepad and saw what work she has to do since she was in Syo's body. She only had an ad shoot tomorrow and nothing today, ad of a soda drink. She shared this ad with Kotobuki-san. Great, now how was she supposed to do it?

Tokiya was leaning against the door he closed while trying to get away from Haruka. He managed his usual calm demeanor as always, well it comes out naturally anyway. But that was far of a problem for him anyway. The biggest problem was his face, and apparently his nose.

He was having a nose-bleed. He walked briskly to his room, knowing that it would be empty. It would have been a dent on his pride if he let Haruka, or anyone in that case, sees it. He walked to the washroom and grabbed a towel to wipe his bloody nose and tuned the tap on in the sink. But then he frowned. As far as he remembered Syo, he was famous for his 'cute' crooked smile isn't he? Since, when did his smile change?

Since his body switched with Haruka, the back of his mind offered.

Yes, that. He made an additional note to go to Shining's library; it was filled with weird books when he first went there when he explored the dorms here. No one knows of this place, only him. He was determined to give Haruka and Syo their bodies back.

He would try everything in his power.

Syo sighed for the nth time today. She was thinking of ways to apologize to Camus like: 'Hey! I apologize profusely for punching your sculpted nose, perks of soul switch you know?' or 'Hey man, we are males you know, punching and kicking is fine between boys.' Or 'It's PMS, kind of hard to deal with. Peasant remember?'

Ugh he was screwed. Seriously screwed!

How about this one: Camus-san, I wanted to apologize for my behavior yesterday. It was totally unforgivable. But I still wish you to forgive me.

Syo wondered again that why he was even apologizing. That haughty git didn't even deserve it! But then he reasoned with himself again for the nth time.

This was for Haruka! Haruka! You don't want to make her life hard by holding a grudge with senpai! Not that Syo would deal with it even if Camus tried, but he was taking certain measures when their souls switch back. Haruka was not a fighter, even if Syo would have protected her even then. So to avoid future problems, he has to dent his ego, swallow his pride.

And apologize. Sigh.

Syo finally reached the cursed room and started pacing in front of the entrance, he was nervous and angry at the same time, a unique combination only Syo could muster and handle. He started muttering incoherent sentences, which were probably his apology lines.

Double sigh.

Suddenly the door opened and Syo jumped 3 feet in the air and clutched at his now cushiony chest which he didn't notice.

"You scared me!", Syo managed to say, still calming his heart, blushing a little when he saw where his hand was placed and balled them into a fist as his hands fell down on the either side of him. It was a test of his pride now, which he has to pass for Haruka. But man, this is hard!

"What do you need?", Camus asked, genuinely surprised and Syo was momentarily shocked, he expected that he would bark something - no offense – like always. But he was talking to him normally. He felt a sparkle of hope deep inside him.

Too normally, his conscience spoke up, trying to diffuse the sparkle.

"I-um-well-I-", Syo stammered and Camus looked at him curiously as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he started again.

"I just wanna say I am sorry for yesterday!", there he spoke it, all the practice he did was now ready for the trash can in his mind. Camus raised an eyebrow, still surprised at the brash language Haruka (Syo) used, but it only served to burn his curiosity more. She was timid shy girl, which suddenly blossomed to a fearless and bold girl, nice too as she apologized cutely. To say he was angry was a lie. He wasn't angry at all for yesterday, it was oddly amusing that she managed to push through the barrier he created using his attitude. It was amusing.

It was fascinating. And he needed to entertain himself.

"Like I would forgive you!", Camus eyed her sternly, inwardly amused when her dainty balled fist were trembling, as if begging herself to control.

"Please, Camus-san.", Camus could hear a beautiful apology in her voice, but her eyes burnt with an ardent passion to burn him right then and there. If looks could kill, then she was definitely doing it.

"Apologize properly. I know I crossed my boundaries a little, but it was no excuse to raise a hand against someone older.", Camus said, easing the girl a little and the burning in her eyes stopped. Now she looked slightly apologetic.

"I am sorry, Camus-san. I didn't mean to.", there went his sincere apology. What Camus said was right, and he was accepting his mistake, so he felt like apologizing now. But Syo wondered what's with Camus? He wasn't usually like this. Maybe it was because he was a girl? But he has a nagging feeling that this wasn't it.

"I will accept you apology on one condition.", Camus said with his all-to-famous drawl which usually left many girls swooning and Syo wasn't a girl.

"What?", Syo asked in a deadpan voice, which surprised Camus again. This girl, Nanami Haruka, was indeed full of surprises. No wonder she made the whole STARISH fall for her and still is oblivious about it. His curiosity burned again.

"Be my maid for this whole week.", Camus said in an amused tone.

Syo was openly gaping at him now. No! No! No way!

"… You have got to be kidding me.", Syo whispered.

Syo dragged himself outside the room and found the nearest wall where he could find his solace to. And he did, by banging his head.

"I am an idiot.", bang one.

"What was mom thinking of when she gave birth to me?", bang two.

"I am a disgrace to STARISH", bang three.

"Forgive me Haruka, I couldn't protect your body.", bang four.

"I am a motherfu-", he was pulled away by a ridiculed and angry Cecil.

"May I know what the hell are you doing?", Cecil asked angrily.

"Introspection.", Syo replied and Cecil bobbed his head quizzically, he didn't understand complex Japanese.

"Say what?", Cecil asked and Syo growled.

"Soul-searching.", Syo said and Cecil's eyes lit in understanding.

"By destroying Haruka's beautiful face?", Cecil asked in accusation frowning a little.

"… Sorry.", of course he didn't want to destroy Haruka's lovable face. She was adorable, and he was a jerk.

"So, want to share what made you do this?", Cecil asked and Syo sighed. He was sighing a lot today.

"No, don't want to be reminded of it, honestly.", Syo said truthfully and Cecil nodded in understanding. He ruffled Syo's hair a little to which Syo glared and Cecil grinned and walked away. He was still thinking why the muses were so happy. His locket was glowing and humming happily. Like this was supposed to happen, this soul-switch. It was frustrating. He had this same reaction when Syo and Haruka collided yesterday.

Like that the whole day passed and there came the evening. Haruka was cooking food, due to the maid's absence because she was sick, she was more than happy to do all the cooking. Now for the whole week she has to cook and serve, while STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT will eat together. It's cute; Haruka clapped her hand in excitement.

She finished preparing the meal and Syo came walking into the kitchen, curious as to what Haruka was up to.

"What's up?", Syo asked and Haruka looked at him, blushing slightly.

"Eating food together with you people, it just makes me happy!", she grinned and Syo felt his heart would stop. He couldn't help and cracked a grin.

"Yes. It makes me happy too.", Syo grinned. He wanted to add, because you are happy, but thought better.

Syo helped her serve food for dinner, while controlling himself from drooling. Man, it smells so good! It would stand equal to Hijirikawa's cooking. Slowly the dorm members started to appear one by one: it was Natsuki first, who hugged Syo into a bear hug and asked him if he was okay, and surprisingly hugged Haruka in a little intimate fashion which made Syo burn in jealousy. Then came Jinguji and kissed Haruka's hand, to which Syo growled and Jinguji gave a mock admonishing look before seating himself, then came Tokiya and Ittoki, the former just nodded at them and the latter just gave a worried grin, if that was possible. And the list goes on until the 11 members arrive.

Ai was a surprising one. He was eating his food slowly without any emotions and was staring at Syo the whole time, which didn't go unnoticed by anyone except Syo, who was busy enjoying his food. Ai got up as he finished his dinner.

"I apologize again for seeing you half naked today. It wasn't my intention. I will wait for you at the garden.", Ai said monotonously, not even trying an apologetic fake smile he usually did and turned towards the door. Everyone coughed up on their food, especially Haruka, whose eyes turned watery.

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