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Chapter – 7

Syo didn't know which way to look, anyways; he wouldn't be able to look at them at all. It was mortifying! He had a vague idea of how everyone will react. Syo just peeked through his closed eyes to see everyone's reaction.

Camus was in the mid of drinking water, which was flowing freely through his mouth as he was agape. Syo would have laughed of the situation had been different, but now he only felt like punching his gut so that he would shut that mouth.

Ranmaru was just frowning deeply, as the very idea of Haruka half naked just intrigued him and continued with his dinner. Yeah, Syo wanted to punch his gut as well. Then, kick his ass. Yep, definitely better.

Haruka was still wide eyed as she recovered, Syo half-feared and half-expected her to break down in tears, but she just looked a little hurt and Syo visibly sighed in relief at that. Haruka was definitely getting stronger and Syo started to love her more.

Ichinose was wide eyed as a piece of cucumber just hung on his mouth and this time Syo snorted.

"What?" Ichinose scowled and his mouth pressed shut, only to feel the cucumber piece and he blushed in chagrin and ate it quickly.

"What was that about?" Cecil asked. To say he was pissed was an understatement of the century. He was livid. And Syo slightly flinched at that.

"Well, I can explain guys…" Syo started and squeaked as his now petite body was dragged to a empty room and turned around to find Jinguji with a furious expression.

"What did you see? What did he see? I wanted to be the first one to see Haruka's breasts, how dare he? You were in your clothing or your underwear? Because then I can hope I guess. Which position did you-", Jinguji was cut off by Masato smacking the back of his head.

"You nasty pervert!" Masato furiously glared at the cocky Casanova.

"I bet something must have been wrong! It must have been the situation! Syo isn't the type to show skin willingly!" Natsuki pumped his fist towards his chest and gave a cute determination look.

"How do you know?" Cecil drawled and Ittoki piped up at that.

"I-I am sure Syo isn't the type who swings that way!" Ittoki defended his friend. Everyone just stared at the ruby haired boy for two minutes as he entirely missed the point and started arguing among themselves. The voice just got louder and louder and Syo felt a migrane approaching.

"I am going to the room, Haruka. Come with me." Syo groaned as he walked away while the group still argued and Haruka sighed, her head muddled up and confused. For the first time, she felt like kicking someone's ass.

"Who says he swings that way? The main focus of the discussion was Haruka's breasts!" Ren said and Masato threw him the most disgusted look he could muster.

"But Ai said half-naked, so we still have hope." Cecil added and Masato frowned and nodded, but reluctantly.

"Yeah, it must have been a misunderstanding. I mean, Syo's is pure! And I believe in him!" Natsuki was close to tears, Ren just rolled his eyes.

"But that is totally irrelevant as Syo is currently possessing Haruka's body now!" Ren reasoned.

Ittoki was waving his hands helplessly in front of them in a desperate attempt to stop the fight while Ichinose just pinched the bridge of his sexy nose. (A/N: Sorry guys, couldn't help it, but that was the author talking. I will shut up now.)

"Wouldn't it be best if you would have let Syo explain, instead of bickering like children?" Ichinose said in a cutting voice which demanded attention, and he got it.

"Where did they go?" Masato asked and Ichinose sighed.

"It doesn't matter now is it? I am leaving." Ichinose said and turned to leave the room. He's got research to do. He really wanted to growl out loud at them for their behavior, but thought better than wasting his time.

"It's your fault that they went away!" Ren accused Masato, who just scowled at him.

"It's actually your fault!" Cecil retorted for Masato and Ren threw his all to famous cocky look and Natsuki fidgeted between them, his eyes shining.

"C'mon, really stop bickering now! I would bet my Piyo-chan boxers that Syo is innocent!" Natsuki tried to diffuse the tension, only it added more as Ren turned to stare at Natsuki incredulously.

"Why would you bet your bloody boxers on that? Piyo-chan? Seriously?" Ren asked disbelievingly and Natsuki nodded vigorously. Anyone could tell that his boxers were very precious to him. Ichinose sighed and turned to Otoya, who was sweating profusely as his hand waving got faster and wider as he tried to end their nonsensical argument.

"It's better if you leave them alone," Ichinose suggested and shrugged and turned to leave, Ittoki following suit with a long tired sigh.

And the fight went on.

"Ah… so that happened…" Haruka nodded in understanding, while Syo paced in a frustrating speed.

"Calm down, Syo-kun. It's me who should be angry right now," Haruka said in an amused way and Syo turned his head towards her in such a speed that Haruka wondered if he cricked his neck.

Syo mimicked a gaping fish, and then he finally sighed and sat beside Haruka.

"I can't believe you are taking this so well. I thought by now, you would be streaming tears by now." Syo admitted and Haruka chuckled awkwardly.

"Well, I am not," Haruka shrugged and Syo frowned in confusion.

"Why?" Syo questioned curiously. He was so pissed at himself for not protecting Haruka's body properly, but Haruka looked surprisingly calm, which was absurd. And this Haruka seems so different. Stronger. And he liked that.

"Well, it won't really help if I break down right now would it?" Haruka said in a tad sarcastic way which made Syo smirk.

"Nanami Haruka using sarcasm?" Syo raised an eyebrow and Haruka chuckled.

"Being… in your body… has sort of taken the shackles of my identity. I am not Haruka Nanami anymore. I am me.", Haruka gazed into his eyes and got lost in them. Again he felt his stomach coil and that urge to practically stick her body on Syo's.

Neither of them realized as they grew closer and closer, until they could feel each other's breath. Haruka breath was cool and minty, Syo's was like cherries…

"SYO-CHAN!" Natsuki came barging in and the extreme reflex of their tingling feeling made Haruka jump a foot in the air as her new body straightened itself from its inbuilt quick reflexes while Syo wasn't that lucky. He was on the verge of capturing Haruka's lips, so where her lips would have been, was now empty air so he fell on Haruka's lap, his torso supporting him from falling, and in the process squishing Haruka's… assets on her lap, which was his lap.

"Syo-kun!" Haruka was either oblivious to the accident, or was beautifully ignoring it. It turned out to be the former as only Syo's cheek were red. He straighted himself up with Haruka's help and ran a hand through his now orange-pink hair while he glared at his best friend. He quickly stopped glaring as Natsuki looked on the verge of tears. His anger at being interrupted was now evaporated.

"I am sure you have heard of knocking?" being the Tsundere (Syo: Hey! I am NOT!) he was, that was the approach he could muster for his best friend.

"I swore on my Piyo-chan boxers Syo-kun! Tell them you are innocent!" Natsuki pleaded with a huge hazel puppy dog eyes and Haruka blushed profusely. Syo let out a low growl inaudible to anyone.

"Really, go to hell you idiots." Syo muttered as he walked away to find his 'adorable' group members.

Ai was lost looking at the stars that he didn't notice Haruka (Syo) sitting beside him. So when he tapped him on the shoulder, he looked rather surprised.

"Surprise, that emotion is called." Haruka (Syo) said amusedly and cocked her head to the side. Ai gazed deeply into his eyes and Syo blinked multiple times as he avoided his penetrating gaze.

"So let's start the lesson." Haruka (Syo) suddenly clapped his hands and grinned at Ai. He gave a thoughtful look and turned to Ai, who still held a poker face, Syo sweatdropped a little.

"You know, you can be a little enthusiastic about it. Just a little?" Haruka (Syo) said smiling weakly at Ai. Ai blinked once and stared blankly at him.

"And… how should I do that?" Ai said monotonously. Haruka (Syo) rolled his eyes. He pulled on an enthusiastic expression his eyes gleaming wildly and she pumped his fist in anticipation.

"Hell yeah! I can't wait to start the lessons thought by the awesome S-Haruka-sensei! OMG!" Haruka (Syo) pulled an attempt to squeal as he remembered his fangirls and then immediately turned sober and looked at Ai seriously.

"Like this." Haruka (Syo) explained. Ai's lips turned up at the corner and he suddenly snickered which turned to a full blown laughter. He was clutching his stomach.

"H-Hey it isn't funny you brat!" Haruka (Syo) blushed as he glared holes at the Ai who was now rolling on the grass wiping a liquid from his ears as his laughter subsided. He gazed at the drop in wonder and confusion.

"I am not sad, so why am I crying?" Ai asked suddenly. Haruka (Syo) gave him an expression mixed between reassurance and annoyance.

"No you are not sad. These are tears caused by strain of laughing too much. You were amused and happy at something I did which you thought was rather funny, which was definitely not as Haruka-sensei was patiently trying to teach you. But no, you have to make fun of me." Haruka (Syo) ranted on and on. Ai frowned.

"But I wasn't making fun of you." Ai said. Haruka (Syo) stopped his rant and looked at him, mildly exasperated.

"No you weren't, but it is you actions that determine it. You laughed at me without any intention of making fun of me, but I took the offense. It is rather rude but not between friends and close ones." Haruka (Syo) explained.

"So I am not your friend?" Ai asked and Haruka (Syo) frowned.

"Yes, you are."

"So why not let me laugh?" Ai asked again. Haruka (Syo) growled.

"… Why are you growling like an animal?" Ai raised another question and it was a restrain for Syo to not claw out his eyeballs.

"Did too."

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"I said I did not!" Haruka exclaimed with exasperation and clutched her head and moaned. Reiji had a smug smirk plastered on his face.

"Admit it or not, you did." Reiji twirled mockingly and clapped his hand, his eyes shining. Haruka looked a little wary. She sighed and shrugged.

"Ha! You admit it!" Reiji said and giving a pumping fist while exclaiming a 'yes!' Haruka rolled her eyes.

"No I conceded defeat." Haruka bit out but Reiji was too busy grinning.

"Same to me." Reiji replied smugly and Haruka was tempted to punch his gut to drop off that annoying expression.

"What are you two going on about?" a rough baritone asked and those two jumped up in surprise. Ranmaru raised their eyebrows at them while Haruka blushed and turned her head, remembering the incident. Reiji smirked and wrapped an arm around Ranmaru's shoulder who tried to shrug it off in a vain attempt.

"We were just discussing about Syo's reaction on Haruka." Reiji started; ignoring Syo (Haruka) pleading looks to shut up. Ranmaru's eyebrows scrunched up in a very deep frown.

"What?" came his intelligent response. Reiji rolled his eyes and walked to sit beside Syo (Haruka).

"Is that all you could come up with? 'What?'? Honestly!" Reiji waved his hands while pouting. He was the next recipient of Ranmaru's frown.

"You know, you are starting to sound like a fag." Ranmaru said honestly. Reiji blanched.

"I do not!" Reiji growled indignantly. Ranmaru shook his head.

"Nope dude, you do." Ranmaru replied. Reiji crossed his arms and glared at him.

"When do I sound like a homo?" Reiji bit out. Ranmaru had a look of deep thought on his face while he collected the facts.

"You spend two hours a day in front of a mirror. You giggle and jump excitedly at the newest gossip, you share intimate contacts with boys, you often admire boys shirtless, you often pull Ai's cheek, you try to touch Camus hair even if he doesn't allows you to, you even drag boys alone in a confined room for god-knows-what reason-" Ranmaru was cut off by Reiji.

"Halt it! I spend two hours a day in front of a mirror because, for your kind information, we are idols, if I needed reminding you. I know it is unhealthy, but worth it. I don't giggle okay!? Fuck you. Yeah I jump excitedly and all, but that's it! And I am not a gossiper! I was merely curious about Syo! I don't share intimate, as you word it, contacts with boys, they are just gestures of companionship you dolt. I often admire boys shirtless because of their built, not their skin! And what's that got to do with pulling Ai-Ai's cheek? I mean he is a junior and he is cute! I admire Camus's shiny hair and I am tempted to touch it." Reiji huffed as he explained it all , his cheeks flushed and breathless.

"Wow. Do you always argue like that?" Syo (Haruka) asked. She raised her hands in a surrendering gesture as both of the sempais glared at her.

"And as for dragging boys alone in a room, it's just for a talk!" Reiji ended when he caught his breath. Ranmaru rolled his eyes.

"Yeah yeah I got it. You are innocent. Not a fag at all. I got it." Ranmaru dismissed, Reiji glared but let it drop.

"Now back to the topic, Syo!" who tried to call while trying to run after Haruka who successfully ran out of the room.

"Damn, he ran away! All because of you!" Reiji cursed and glared at him. Ranmaru ignored it and frowned at him.

"What were you talking to him about anyway?" Ranmaru asked. Reiji sighed and sat down.

"His relationship with Haruka. Did you see his reaction when Ai said… about that." Reiji said, blushing slightly. Ranmaru glared and got up.

"I don't think there is anything to it. It can be that he thinks of her as his sister?" Ranmaru reasoned. He didn't like it, at all, not even one bit. Why would he have any interest at an ordinary girl like Haruka anyway? There are so many of his fangirls who revel on his cute looks. He knew Haruka was special, he always felt that about her. But god, she didn't have a strong personality which matched Syo's. She blushed and stuttered and it was enough to trample her in he world awaiting for her.

But then again they complemented each other because Syo was there to fill her flaws, he is quite opposite to her isn't he, a voice answered.

Shut up.

"Ranmaru!" Reiji snapped his fingers in front of his face. He was startled but threw Reiji a chilling glare.

"Feeling tired, going to sleep." Ranmaru said and scampered off before Reiji could say anything to him.

"Honestly, what's with him?" Reiji frowned. He only used curt sentences when he was really angry about something.

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