Bold Piglet

The piglet would not stop following him. When they had slaughtered the mother, most of her litter had fled into the underbrush. Not this one. It sat staring at him even as he ordered the carcass of its mother to be properly butchered and transferred to the ships. It stayed near him all day, following him, watching him. It was near him as he lay down to sleep for the night, and he felt its gaze upon him when he awoke in the morning with a mouth full of blood. Some of his men offered to kill the small creature, but Victarion dismissed them. He found the piglet's boldness amusing. When he returned to his ship to bed down for the night, he found himself feeling a strange loneliness without its beady eyes following him. Though he would have never admitted to anyone, he was looking forward to returning to the island, so he could be reunited with his tiny porcine shadow.

When he returned the following day, the piglet was nowhere to be seen. He felt a surge of disappointment. Perhaps it had gone off to be with its siblings deeper in the forest. Or perhaps one of the men had made good on their offer to do away with the little beast. That thought made him frown. He did not dare raise the question, however, for his crew would think it terribly strange for him to care either way. So, it was with a rather heavy heart that Victarion Greyjoy went about the day's business of overseeing the food collection.

Close to noon, he stopped for a break, sitting in the shade under one of the large trees that covered the island. He had tried to pick one free of monkeys, but the chattering he heard above his head told him that he had failed in that endeavour. He glared menacingly up at the beast, a glare that would make any man's knees tremble. Unfortunately, monkeys were not men, and this one seemed to simply find him amusing. When he looked back down with a sigh, he met a familiar pair of eyes watching him. The bubble of happiness that filled him at the sight of his piglet stalker was so absurd that he was fearfully glad Euron was nowhere near, for he would surely mock him mercilessly. The piglet stepped closer to him, it was now practically in his lap. Victarion considered it thoughtfully.

When Victarion Greyjoy, Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet, and veteran of countless bloody battles, stepped out of the forest with a tiny piglet in his arms, his men were at a loss for words. The look on his face was deadly serious, and none had the courage to question what he was doing.

When he entered his chambers, the Dusky Woman's smile changed to a look of confusion. He placed the piglet on the floor, and it set off exploring the room, no trace of fear. "Care for this creature," he commanded the Dusky Woman, who was watching the piglet with a look of disbelief. "For he shall bring us good luck on this voyage. The Drowned God's ways are mysterious, yet it is clear he meant for this pig and I to make this voyage together." If Aeron were there, he would surely say the same thing. Satisfied that he was making the right decision, Victarion left the piglet and the Dusky Woman to get acquainted, and went off to go over voyage plans with his captains.