Written for the Transfiguration Class (Write about something that is difficult to do) and Ghoul Studies Class (a character must hurt another character), Globetrotter Drabble Competition (Toronto, Canada), The Greenhouse Competition (Rose – white) and 100 days of Inspiration (Day 8). I would like to thank my beta, colorful swirls, for the her amazing beta work, which add so much to my stories, always.

Optional Prompts: Angst, Dangerous, a character must hug another character

It's the small things that drive you away from them, rather than the big things.

It's the little bruises on your mum's arms, the silent tears streaming down Narcissa's face, the screams of Bellatrix after her first kill that drive you away, rather than the beatings from your father, the ruined face of Narcissa, or the deranged, dangerous mind of Bellatrix.

It's the little touch of Ted's hand, the small smile playing on his lips, his clumsy arm wrapped around your waist that pulls you to him, rather than the hard pushes of Rabastan, his murderous glances and his constant attempts to rape you.

Because it's the small, everyday things that got you thinking (pleading, more like, to run away) rather than the big things, which were always present in the meaningless background of your life.