A/N this story was inspired by den blue some parts of the story may be the same but i'll try to make it different as i can!

" were going on tour?" stella asked as she sat down with the band at donte's pizzeria." were not kidding stella our first world tour!" mo said, she stella and olivia started screaming while the boys plugged their ears." CAN YOU KNOCK IT OFF BEFORE MY EARS FALL OFF!" charlie screamed over the yelling,the girls finally calmed down." were excited too you know, and you don't hear us squealing." scoot said. " well sorry for being girls." stella said. " ok guys we better go home and pack we leave tomorrow, our first stop is paris!" olivia got up and said. the band said goodbye and left the restaurant. oilvia asked wen to walk home with her." so are you excited about tomorrow?" olivia asked." yea it's gonna be awesome!" wen said in a weird voice that made olivia laugh. when they got to olivia's front proch something came to wen's mind. " whats wrong wen?" olivia asked. " oh nothing olivia it's nothing." " doesn't seem like nothing." olivia said. " ok have you ever get the feeling that something else is going to happen tomorrow?" wen asked. " wen! were going on tour and that is something!" " i don't mean by the tour liv!" " then what do you mean?" olivia interrupted. " i-i don't know. wen said. " wen everything is going to be ok just wait and see. bye!" " bye liv see you tomorrow!" wen said as he headed home.

STELL'S POV: it was 9:00 am and the plane leaves at 10 so i got up, ate breakfast brushed my teeth and fixed my hair.
i putted on my favorite t-shirt, the one that says question authority on it. i also putted on a black no sleves jacked to go with it and matching white pants. i said goodbye to my family and headed to the school where everyone else was waiting for me.

it was almost 10:00 and everyone was there with their luggage, a boy with a blue pilot suit and raven hair greeted us as when the plane landed. " hello lemonade mouth i'm brady and i'll be your pilot for your whole tour." brady said as i got on the plane. " wait your the pilot? you look kinda young." olivia said . " yea i finished college early and my aunt got me this job." the raven boy said." sweet you know what this day gets better and better!" charlie said as he got was a private plane so only the band and brady in it." ok everyone take your seats we're about to take off." brady said over the intercome. the plane took off and we're heading to paris.

a couple of hours just to get to paris for two weeks was torture! ok i admit it wasn't so bad, the ride was pretty sweet and once in a while brady makes some jokes on the intercome. right now mo and scott were listen to music, charlie was playing a video game on his i pad, and olivia and wen was reading a book together, man they make such a great couple. right now i'm just sraring at the window waiting to get to paris. suddenly the blue sky above us turned grey, and i thought i just saw lighting." hey- guys did you just see that?" i said but nobody was listening. just then brady called from the intercome, now's not a time for joking! " ladies and gentlemen it appers we have a storm comming towards us and we might-" brady didn't get to finish his sentence wwhen a lighting bolt hitted the plane and we started falling. great way to lighten things up!

A/N: well i hope you liked this chapter i think breaking things up into povs make it easier. just to be clear i do not own lemonade mouth or pair of kings. and if you want to see how i got the inspration to write this go see den blue's account and check out breakthrough.