hey fanfic viewers! i'm sorry i haven't been writing for this fandom for awhile, i'm having trouble i mean the lemonade mouth break up was a big hit and i'm proud of it, but the wen and gorgie one i'm really having second thoughts about it.

hey if your still reading this story can you do me a favor?

can you please read that story 'wen and gorgie's adventure' and tell me your honest opinion, you can pm me or send me a review if your a guest, i just need to get that story fix and done so i can move on, because i have so many ideas and this is getting in the way. thanks your my biggest fans.

anyway hopefully i will get a new chapter to this story and i'm going to focus it more on brady and mikayla, and that romance they have, lets just remember that brady is more mature but mikayla sees him as his old self.

and in other news i'm on a weekly blog for reviews on movies and t.v. shows so i'm open for suggestions on that. and i and working on two new stories called rise of the brave tangled dragon, and the beginning of peter pan. the rise of the brave tangled dragon one is based off of my friend kyra's version so if you like disney or into dreamworks you should go check it out. the peter pan one is how i would see peter's life before he met wendy or jane it really has emotion.

ok i have about 10 more story ideas for lemonade mouth, and i will get to them if i can find details to it, and i'm really getting details on one of them. i can only write on weekends now since school started, and sometimes i'm even doing stuff for school on weekends too, so i hope that you can keep in touch with my writing, school is actually giving me more ideas so thats good.

so i think thats all i have to say plz plz plz message me on the wen and gorgie's adventure story i really need your opinion, i mean you can hate it and if you do tell me why and give me tips, i am just a starting writer, so i need critic.

thanks for reading my stories and i will get to the next chapter i can feel it!