Bella's POV

Rosalie is 8 months pregnant and while she's been miserable she's had a sudden burst of energy and she dragged me and Leah and Cara shopping.

We've become pretty good friends since the day she found me crying and then she helped me a lot keeping up with my business while my ankle was broken. She got married just 3 months after she found out she was pregnant in a huge wedding that was planned quickly and expensively. A month after that Quil and I flew to Las Vegas with Edward, Tanya, Jake and Leah to get married.

We're eating lunch when Rosalie suddenly grabs my arm and is I don't know… trying to squeeze it to death?

"Ouch Rosalie, that really really hurts." I tell her and she tells me she's sorry but it really really hurts.

Leah asks if it was a contraction and she says she doesn't think so, just a sharp pain.

"Pretty sure that's what a contraction feels like Rose." Leah tells her laughing.

Rosalie tells us she's fine but 10 minutes later she's grabbing me again.

"Damn Rosalie that hurts!" I yell at her and she starts crying.

Leah tries to talk her into going to the hospital but Cara informs us they won't admit you with the contractions being so far apart. Why we're listening to the teenager I'm not sure but no one knows otherwise so we decide to just take her home and call Sam on the way.

He tells Leah he will meet them at their house. It's a 30 minute drive and her trying to kill my arm seems to be getting more frequent.

"Rosalie please stop trying to murder my arm!" I hiss at her making her cry again. "Don't cry I'm sorry, it's OK, you can squeeze."

We're almost to her house when her water breaks so we turn back towards the hospital and Leah calls Sam again. We get to the hospital and somehow I get voted as the one that gets to be with her in the room until Sam shows up. Only once Sam shows up she won't let me leave.

Sam asks me to please stay and she's scared to death so I don't leave her even though I am not comfortable with this at all.

All I can think is… this is not going to happen to me. Having a tiny person come out of my body seems like the most horrifying thing I can possibly think of but the worst part is when the nurse says she can see the baby and I look and then I pass out and wake up in a hospital bed.

"Hey beautiful, glad you've decided to come back to reality." Quil tells me trying not to laugh.

"That was really, really awful. I hope you don't want kids. And if you do maybe we can adopt or something." I tell him completely serious.

"Yeah, about that… you're 3 months pregnant." He tells me cautiously.

"No, no that's not possible. I'm not doing that."

"You're going to be fine, I'll be with you the whole time and you still have months before you have to think about that. Other than the pain are you OK with having a baby?"

"I don't really know, I guess I don't really have a choice do I? I mean I think I would rather have a puppy, do you think we can trade it in for one?" I ask him and he laughs and kisses me. I wasn't entirely kidding… I mean I did OK with Mason but I was always so ready for him to go home. My own won't go home.

There is a knock on my hospital door and then Sam walks in.

"Hey Bella, I just wanted to check on you and to tell you thank you for staying with Rosalie until you passed out…" He tells me quietly. He looks so happy.

"How is the baby?" I ask him.

"She's perfect. We decided to name her Nadia." He tells me smiling.

"I like that. Tell Rosalie she'll have a friend in about 6 months. Unless I can convince Quil to let me trade it in for a puppy." I tell him and he looks concerned for a second before deciding I'm kidding. We'll see.

"Congratulations to both of you. I'm sorry Bella for everything I put you through but I'm glad that you're happy now. You two are perfect for each other." He tells me coming over and hugging me.

"It wasn't your fault Sam. Blame Woody and Buzz." He looks at me with that look again and then asks Quil if they gave me drugs.

"Sadly no, no drugs to blame. She just believes that the Disney characters control fate." Quil tells him patting me on the head.

I don't really believe that but it's fun because while Quil knows, Edward is still not sure and now neither is Sam.

"Um, OK I should be getting back to Rosalie." He tells us and then walks out.

"You cannot be telling people you want to trade our baby for a puppy beautiful. Not everyone knows how to take you." He tells me laughing.

A couple of hours later they release me and after seeing Rosalie and Nadia Quil takes me home.

Edward and Tanya come to check on me after going to see them.

"I can't believe you were in the room with her." Edward tells me still in a little bit of shock.

"Is that harder to believe than the fact that your sister just had a baby with the man I slept with a month before our wedding?"

"OK beautiful, bed time for you, you're kind of bitchy." Quil tells me as nice as possible. I hold my arms up and he picks me and carries me to bed and tucks me in.

Edward comes in and kisses my head and tells me he's happy for me.

"For a while I thought I would never be happy, every choice I made was the wrong way to go or just plain stupid. Thank you for sticking by me even when I screwed you over. I love you Edward." I tell him trying not to cry, this is stupid, I wasn't emotional before I found out I was pregnant, it's all in my head!

"I love you too honey. I'll see you soon." He walks out and a few minutes later Quil comes and lies next to me.

"How are you really feeling about the whole baby thing?" He asks putting his hands on my perfectly flat stomach.

"Besides the fact that I am going to get so fat and it's going to hurt more than I would like I'm happy and more than anything I'm so happy I get to this with you." I tell him pulling him to me and kissing him.

And then I fall asleep in the arms of the man I was always meant to be with.

The End