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Home Sweet Home

After the grand performances proved their worthiness to the Eye, the Four Horsemen were reassigned to a very tiny town where no one would recognize them. Dylan figured that they couldn't exactly carry out plans when the whole world was chasing their tails. Although he was met with stubbornness, Dylan managed to convince the magicians that this was the best option.

The Four Horsemen were to live together in a small house on the top of a hill for a few months. Until then, they were free to do as they wish – as long as they didn't attract attention. Dylan managed to seal the deal when he mentioned an unlimited, as long as it was reasonable, funding for living costs from the Eye.

And so, the Four Horsemen, after being given a few days to pack, were given the address to the new house. Jack was the first to arrive, for the house was very close to Brooklyn. He put his duffle bag at the front door. Idly, he lied down on his back and watched the sky. Soon enough, he fell asleep to the cool breeze.

Suddenly, Jack felt an omniscient stare watching him. He opened his eyes, and almost screamed like a girl, when he saw Henley's face right up in his.

"Hi Jack!" Henely greeted warmly. She wore a blue sundress and matching sunhat. In her hand she held her chocolate latte as usual, despite the fact that it was a sunny day. She set her latte down and held her arms out for a hug.

Jack quickly got up, brushing off some of the grass on his t-shirt and jeans, and gave Henley a hug. "Good to see you again. Beautiful as always." He helped Henley take some luggage to the front of the house.

"You know Henley is weak against the youthful and hot, Jack," Merritt surprised the two other Horsemen. Neither Jack nor Henley had heard his footsteps coming up the hill. Merritt wore a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, and pulled a suitcase along as he approached them.

Jack winked at Merritt. "Everyone is. It's one of my many flawless qualities."

Merritt proceeded to pull Jack into an arm hold, and Henley laughed, glad to see them together like a father and son.

Merritt heard a man mumbling to himself, and matched the voice to the person struggling up the hill with five bags too many of luggage. "Well, speaking of youthful and hot, here's the epitome of the opposite."

The three came down the hill to help Daniel with his rather excessive amount luggage. Henley took a suitcase and Daniel's laptop bag, Jack took two suitcases, and Merritt took the mattress and a duffle bag.

"Whoa Daniel. Did you leave anything behind?" Merritt questioned.

"Funny as ever Merritt," Daniel drawled out sarcastically. "And I don't think you got the memo, but we're not vacationing in Hawaii."

Merritt chuckled, "Nice to see you too."

The three brought all the baggage up to the house and opened the door. The living room had a flat screen TV, couch, and fireplace. The kitchen didn't have a dining table, but a bar-like table surrounded by the oven, and other appliances. In the backyard, there was a porch with a grill, and a small Jacuzzi on the side.

"Hm…not bad," Jack said as he strolled around the house.

The other Horsemen muttered in agreement. They proceeded to walk around the house and found a small hallway with four bedrooms all near each other.

Henley looked towards the men, "We each get our own rooms I suppose?"

"Well, you can room with me," Merritt said suggestively and wiggled his eyebrows. "We can do each other's hair, do each other's nails, and then, well, do each other."

Henley laughed and was about to respond, but Daniel cut her off. "Kinky – but she'll have to pass."

Henley frowned and was about to go into a rant about Daniel's inability to be friendly to anyone but hot girls at his magic shows. However, Jack, noticing the slight increase in the tension of the room, quickly raised a question out loud. "Why are there only two bathrooms?"

The Horsemen looked around and sure enough, there were only two bathrooms in the whole house.

"Well, if this is the case, I believe I am entitled to one," Henley said.

"Whoa there. I don't want to share with obsessive control freak and teen heart throb," Merritt said defensively.

Jack nodded in agreement. "How about, I get a bathroom, Henley takes a bathroom, Merritt gets the backyard, and Daniel takes the front?"

Daniel glared at Jack. "Thanks, I get to piss in the front of our house, which, may I remind you is on a hill, for the whole. entire. world. to. see."

"It'd be a great attraction. Probably higher ratings than even your best magic trick," Henley suggested, barely containing her laughter.

"Yes. Front row seats to J. Daniel Atlas and his bodily functions," Merritt laughed.

Daniel rubbed his temple in annoyance. Choosing to ignore his partners' statements, he said, "Okay. Henley gets her own bathroom for her, ah hem, feminine needs…OUCH!" he earned a punch in the arm, "Thanks a lot Henley. And we get the other bathroom."

Henley, satisfied, held everyone close together in a group hug. "This is it guys. Home sweet home."