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Back in Business

Tonight was Henley's turn for dinner. Looking through the phonebook, she found a pizza place close by that had free delivery service.

"Guys!" Henley yelled, covering the bottom half of the phone so that the pizza place wouldn't hear her yelling, "I'm ordering pizza so tell me what you want!"

Henley was greeted back with a jumbled mess of words. Groaning, she asked again in annoyance. "What do you want, one by one?"



"King Kong Combo!"

Henley had a pen and paper in her hands, and quickly realized that the pizza man was waiting on the other side of the phone. "I was wondering if you took special requests – hey!" The pizza man hung up on her.

Angrily, Henley called back. "Excuse me, but it is extremely rude to hang up on someone, especially a customer! I'm sorry if you had to wait a moment but – hey!" The pizza man left Henley hanging, again.

By now, Henley was very angry. She stormed over to Jack's room, banged the door open, and handed him the phone. "Please. call. for. pizza," she gritted out. She stomped out of the room.

Jack realized that it would be best not to crack a joke, for he felt his life was at stake. Luckily, the pizza man didn't realize that this was the same number that had called before. Jack managed to make the pizza man agree to a customized pizza. And so, he ordered an extra large pizza so that each person got four slices of his or her choice.

Merritt came into the kitchen a few minutes later. "You know, Henley, if the pizza isn't delivered in 30 minutes, we get the whole pizza free."

Henley said, "Of course, but these people wouldn't offer that deal unless they were sure the pizza would come on time. Though, I would love to get a free pizza after that horrible service. I'm going to take a shower."

Merritt nodded as he watched Henley stomp off. He was upset that someone had made Henley upset, and wanted to get some healthy revenge. He noticed that Jack came in soon after and said, "Say Jack, would you be willing to help me in a little mischief?"

Jack nodded eagerly, "Sure thing. What's the plan?"

"Well, the pizza guy was awfully mean to Henley, so we're just going to serve some justice."

"I'm in," Jack grinned.

Just as they were about to head out, Daniel came back from his jog. "Whoa, where are you two going? And why are you dressed for a memorial service?"

Merritt waved his hand dismissively, "Jack and I are going out for a little revenge. These outfits are our," Merritt paused for dramatic effect, "spy outfits. So that we will blend in with the surroundings as we carry out our plans."

Daniel shook his head. "Whatever it is, I'm coming too. I have to make sure you two don't attract any attention."

Merritt pointed to Daniel's room. "Go change into your spy outfit then."

Daniel looked skeptically at Merritt. "How about no?"

And so, much to Merritt's dismay, Daniel simply changed into jeans and a sweatshirt. The three drove until they reached the halfway point between their house and the pizza place. Along the drive, Merritt explained the plan, but Daniel remained doubtful.

Soon enough, they saw the pizza car come up the road. Jack was the first to spring into action. He pulled out his trusty cards and aimed at a wheel of the car. Not a second later, the card slit the wheel and the car stopped.

Grumbling, the pizza guy came out of the car and kicked the flat tire. "Damn, now I have to walk the rest of the way," he grumbled. Taking the pizza box from car, he was about to walk. But first, he paused and took out a magazine, Time, and wiped his forehead.

To Daniel's shock and horror, the Time magazine was the issue that featured the Four Horsemen, with Daniel's face right where the sweaty pizza man's forehead made contact. Merritt and Jack held in their laughs as Daniel's face contorted with disgust and anguish.

As the pizza man walked, Daniel came up to him. "Good evening sir," Daniel said politely.

"Move it kid, I've got a delivery to make," the pizza man snapped.

Daniel kept his patience. "Well, see, I was going to order pizza tonight actually, but I wanted to see the quality before I decided which store, and so, if I may, perhaps take a glance at your fine pizza?"

The pizza man eyed Daniel suspiciously before nodding and handing him the pizza. Thanks to his sleight of hand, Daniel quickly pulled the pizza out of the box and tossed it into a box that Merritt was holding. Merritt had gone into the truck and found an empty pizza box inside. Daniel wondered briefly how dense this guy was; he was facing Daniel, who was smack on the front of Time, and didn't recognize him.

"Thank you, good sir," Daniel said as he began walking away. "I'm assured of your pizza quality."

The pizza man stared at Daniel, but continued on his way. Quickly, the three Horsemen drove the car back to their house before the pizza man could arrive. Henley poked her head out of her room and asked, "Hey, where'd you go?"

No one responded and as Henley was about to ask again, the doorbell rang.

The pizza man began to speak, "Delivery for Mr. Jack Wilder."

Jack and Henley went over to the door. "Thanks dude, but you're late, so I get the pizza free," Jack answered

"No," the pizza man said, "You called at 5:30pm, and it is now 5:58pm. I delivered it in half an hour so that'll be $27."

Jack smiled, "Nope. Your policy says that a pizza is to be delivered in half an hour. It's true you made it in time, props on that, but there's no pizza."

The pizza man, flustered, opened the box. The pizza was not there. "Impossible," he muttered. "The pizza was there!" The pizza man fumbled with the box again and set it down on the bench next to the front door of the house.

Henley wondering if this was karma in action. "Hmmm…I suppose since there's no pizza, we don't have to pay," she wondered aloud.

"It's you!" the pizza man recognized her voice. "I don't know how you did it, but you sabotaged me!"

Henley shook with anger, "Excuse me? You dare accuse me after you hung up on me twice?"

Jack looked away from the feuding man and woman and noticed Daniel had come out the back door and switched the pizza boxes.

Jack glanced at his watch and sure enough, it was now 6:01pm. He raised his hand as if in a classroom. "I have an idea!" he exclaimed as he clasped his hands together. "Perhaps, if we just looked again, maybe we missed the pizza the first time."

"You idiot! The pizza wasn't there! What makes you think it will be there again –" the pizza man shut up once he opened the box and saw the customized pizza he had made a half an hour earlier.

Jack smiled and glanced at his watch. "And, since the pizza didn't come until after 30 minutes, I believe this pizza is free." He took the pizza out of the man's hands and slammed the door.

Jack brought the pizza over to the kitchen. The three other Horsemen smiled knowingly at each other and helped Henley set up the dinner table.

As they ate, Henley retold what had happened to the pizza guy. She was very happy that the pizza delivery guy got what he deserved. And she didn't even question the luck of the events.

Suddenly, Daniel's phone went off. He answered it and put it on speaker. "Hello?" Daniel said.

"Hey guys, it's Dylan," came the voice.

"Hi Dylan!" Henley said.

"Hey!" Jack yelled through the phone, but it was muffled by the pizza in his mouth.

"What's up Dylan?" Merritt asked.

"One of my groups of agents from the Eye got hurt on a mission," Dylan replied.

The Horsemen nodded silently. They knew how dangerous their job could get. In fact, they found that out on day one of their recruitment.

"So, I need another group of four to fill in and complete the mission. I know you all are still in hiding, but there's no one else for the job. What do you say?" Dylan asked.

The four Horsemen looked at each other.

Not a moment later, they replied, "Definitely."

Dylan smiled, "Great, I'll give you the details. You all leave tomorrow." And with that he hung up the phone.

"It looks like we're back in business," Daniel confirmed. He set the phone on the table and picked up his pizza again.

Jack and Merritt nodded enthusiastically.

"I propose a toast," Henley said. She raised her soda can up high. "No matter what we do from here, we stick together as a team. Even if we don't all live in the same house, promise me we won't become strangers." She couldn't lose her boyfriend or best friends.

"Agreed," Jack replied. He couldn't lose the family he actually liked.

"You didn't even have to ask," Merritt laughed. He couldn't lose his go-to people for teasing and bothering.

"You have my word," Daniel replied. He couldn't lose the girl who wouldn't leave him when she found out his many flaws, or the two guys that gave him excitement and annoyance in his life.

This house that the Horsemen stayed in wasn't particularly nice or luxurious. But it was the place for all their bonding. They told each other secrets, made each other laugh, shed some tears, attacked each other, and showed each other the sides of them that no one else could ever see just from their stage appearances. The memories in this house will remain unknown to the Horsemen fans, their enemies, and basically everyone.

Well, except for you.