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Story... ... ...

Tinystorm was crouched in a nearby bush, watching on the fight, reluctant to join in. She spots Darkheart engaged in a fierce battle with Feathersong, well fierce was a bit of an over statement. Darkheart was fierce Feathersong was…well…not. Tinystorm squeezed her eyes shut.

Cats are going to die because of me, I should have told them about the extra cats. She was just as surprised as the others when the kits, no, young cats jumped from the tree. She had thought them dead, like the rest of the clan, and grieved for them with everyone else. She had never pitied Feathersong more than she did now, her kits that she had once thought dead, had returned, but not in the way a mother expected, raised by her most hated enemy and fighting against her.

Darkheart had somehow knocked Feathersong to the ground; Darkheart was a cruel tormentor, all the life was drained out of her, she had nothing left to live for. As Darkheart's black paw came whizzing through the air and yellow ball of fur crashed into her side, throwing her away from the grey she-cat. Lionfang had recovered from his injuries and was back and ready to fight. Feathersong seized the chance and ran to safety as fast as her injuries allowed.

Darkheart stared at Lionstar in surprise.

"How did you get nine lives" she asked incredulously more amazed than scared. Her voice carried easily across the sill air.

"Father convinced them that what I did was for the good of the Clan and that he wouldn't have been as good of a leader as me"

"Father was wrong, you are an awful leader, you can't even protect your clan, look around you, you lead them to their deaths and now you will meet yours" She lunged, claws flashing coldly in the bright moonlight. Her brother dodged the attack and Darkheart landed on empty ground, quick as a mouse Darkheart leapt at him again, this time he wasn't so lucky. Tinystorm gasped as Darkheart tore chunks of fur off his skin. Lionstar tried shaking her off but she clung on like a burr, ripping the skin off his back where his fur was moments ago.

Lionstar roared in pain and stood up on his hind legs, Darkheart let go and fell onto the ground on her back. Quickly she scrambled away just as Lionstar brought down his paws where her throat was.

"I've got nine lives, you've got one, so who do you think will win this battle?" he shouted at her.

"Actually" Darkheart started, dancing around Lionstar's paws. "I already took one so only eight more to go" Lionstar managed to hit Darkheart round the head with a heavy paw, she stood swaying on her feet. Tinystorm cried out a warning causing Lionstar to look in her direction with an angry glare, by the time he looked back, Darkheart wasn't there. The space where she had stood was empty, as bare as a branch in winter. Lionstar yowled his fury and started stalking his way to her bush. Tinystorm curled up tighter, wishing he would go somewhere else, he probably thought that she was to blame for Darkheart's disappearance. She felt a drop of cool water splash on her nose followed by others that landed elsewhere on her body. Soon the light drizzle became a down pour and dark rolling clouds covered the moon holding back the light, she saw a flash of lighting and a rumble of thunder followed close behind. She looked out of the bush once more to see Lionfang's eyes no more than a fox-length away; another streak of lightning illuminated his face and twisted his features, making him look more demon than cat. She met his eyes as he started to advance, water dripping off his sodden fur, weighing him down so that every paw step was cumbersome.

A sharp cry came from above and Lionfang looked up. Another short, bright light showed a dark shape landing on Lionstar. It looked at Tinystorm with ice blue eyes then focused back on its prey. Lionstar struggled under the weight of Darkheart, slipping on the ground which had quickly become mud in the sudden rain. His fur was caked in mud by the time he managed to stand up; the effort had quickly tired him out. Darkheart had fared much better, her short messy fur was much lighter and only her paws had touched the ground. She ran circles around Lionfang who tried to keep her in sight but failed. A high trill of laughter filled the air.

"The very thing you insulted me for was the one advantage I had over you; don't you just hate long fur?" Lionfang tried to bat Darkheart away but his aim was poor and his speed was slower than a snail.

"You have to do better than that Lionstar" she mocked.

"I have eight lives left, you will have to kill me eight time before I die" he replied smugly.

"Starclan can't heal wet and muddy fur" Darkheart sneered. "And besides what's to say I don't kill you as soon as you open your eyes again, who's going to stop me" Tinystorm saw genuine fear creep into Lionstar's eyes.

"You wouldn't do that, you're too honourable, and you still want to get into StarClan."

"Ah little brother" he growled at the term "you're right, It would be nice to get into StarClan, but I'm afraid that that passage is closed to me and what's one death to the Dark forest? Perhaps they would all be so scared of me they would elect me to be their leader, and don't forget that's where you're going as well, I mean you did kill father, didn't you?"

"I would never- how dare you- I have never" he flustered. "How did you find out?" He asked finally.

"I'm not as stupid as you think little brother. I didn't give father bad enough wounds to kill him, Tinystorm wouldn't dare disobey StarClan, and what would she gain? A dead father? See he was deputy and next in line to be leader, he was also in your way so you snuck in while Tinystorm was healing him, quite superbly I presume" she shot a look at Tinystorm who was still in her bush. "And slipped him a little something"

"You weren't even in camp, you can't prove anything" he proclaimed.

"I don't need to, though I will remind you that StarClan sees all. Say hello to my future clan for me please, and why don't you get the place ready for my arrival. It would be most pleasant to see it in tip top shape just for me, Hurry along now" And without hesitation she pushed Lionfang down to the ground and grabbed his throat in on swift motion.

"This isn't over" he growled.

"Oh, I disagree" Tinystorm heard his bones crunch between Darkheart teeth and Lionstar went limp. She then proceeded to gouge long deep scratched into his belly and back.

"There that should do it" she said to herself.

"Darkheart, over here" she heard the young cat called Smokefang call. Darkheart made her way over. Tinystorm looked closer at Smokefang, beneath his claws was his father; dead or dying she could not tell.

"Well done Smokefang, you did well today" The mound beneath Smokefang moved and Tinystorm let out a sigh of relief.

"Kill him" Darkheart ordered. Tinystorm had to stifle a scream as she watched the young son of Rockfall kill his own father.

"Smokefang and Hawktalon, gather the dead bodies and move them into a pile, we'll let their 'family' sort them out. Firewisp to me" The beautiful black she-cat trotted up to Darkheart.

"So how many dead?" she asked.

"Only five, by my count. The rest ran back to camp"

"Who died?" Darkheart asked promptly.

"Scratch, Lionstar, Rockfall, Some she-cat called Honeysplash and Echosand, I think she was called"

"Echodust, she was my mother"

"Oh I'm sorry" Firewisp shuffled her paws awkwardly.

"Don't be, she was never a mother to me, come lets go inspect the grounds" Darkheart sounded weary and Tinystorm barely understood the words. A cat on the ground caught Darkheart's eye, and Tinystorm recognised her instantly. Her tail was twitching and her eyelids were fluttering, signs that she was alive. Her heart soared until she remembered what they did to Rockfall.

Just as Darkheart approached Swallowshine, Tinystorm dashed out and ran to them. Firewisp saw her and intercepted her before she reached Darkheart. Quicker than she would have thought possible she was held down to the ground with claws digging into her throat.

"Leave her be Firewisp, she was the cat who warned me of this battle" Firewisp released her and Tinystorm stood up.

"Thank you Darkheart, but-" Darkheart held up her tail for silence. She didn't look angry, or ready for a fight, her eyes held no happiness or the crazed look she sometimes got. She looked wise and exhausted. She had seen far too many battles than a cat should when there is only one clan and had never been loved. For the first time she admired Darkheart for what she had been through but that feeling quickly disappeared when Darkheart turned around and got ready to kill Swallowshine.

"No, wait!" She surged forward and stood between Swallowshine and Darkheart. Her eyes held no pleasure only the grim sense of duty.

"You can't kill your sister" she pleaded.

"I killed my brother" she replied gruffly and pushed her aside.

"But this is Swallowshine, not Lionstar"

"If you don't stop talking I'll kill you as well" Darkheart aim for the throat and Tinystorm had no arguments, left, not that she had any in the first place.

"She's carrying kits" Tinystorm blurted out. That caught Darkheart's attention. A grin played on her face.

"Kits, you say? Why didn't you tell me before? I could use new recruits"

"You can't take her kits" Tinystorm protested.

"Are you going to stop me?" Darkheart asked sweetly. Arguments and insults danced around her mind but anyone she chose would mean her death as well.

"I can't, you know I can't" she meowed sadly, hanging her head in defeat. "So how are we going to do this?"

"Well" Darkheart started. "I want them once they are weaned, no disagreements I will send one of my kits to pick them up. Swallowshine better know of this agreement and how merciful I was and that she is in great debt to me"

"Is that all?" Tinystorm asked dully.

"Oh and thank you for your generosity" She bowed, low and mocking then took one lingering glance at Swallowshine's belly before darting up a tree with the young cats close behind her. Tinystorm crouched besides Swallowshine.

"Oh what have I done?" She cried.

I know this is not the most dramatic of endings ever, but it does leave it open for me to create a sequel if i wish to do so.

I just want to say thanks to all my followers, favourites and reviews (Over 300!) I don't really say thank you a lot so know that you're special :)