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Ch. 1 The New Boy

I've always been a good girl. Nothing in my life has ever been consequential nor have I ever done anything risky. I've always followed the rules, listened to my parents, got fantastic grades in school, went to Church every Sunday with my family, wore clothes that left just about everything to the imagination and tried to be nice to everyone I met. The perfect daughter, most adults used to call me. The kids at my school tended to stray away from me though. Not only was I a genius but I liked to have actual intellectual conversations that freaked them out. Most boys liked me for a split second before getting over it and moving on not because I had 4 older brothers but because I offered nothing that they wanted. Well at least nothing that they couldn't get easily from other girls. At first, I got a little insulted since I did have the curvy body that most girls wished they had but I realized that my motives would just result in me having to wait for the right guy. That would save me more trouble than going out with a bunch of jerks.

I had a big family so I guess that has helped me not worry about friends or boys. Having 2 loving parents and 7 siblings was good for me. My parents have been happily married for so many years that it's hard to keep up. Raina is the oldest out of all us kids. She's 23 with a college degree in psychology and a fiancé. Next is Arianna who's 21 who's graduating college this year with a degree in science. Her twin brother is Alex who is also graduating with a degree in chemical engineering. He and my other brothers decided to go to the local state campus while my sister's ventured out farther from home. Anyway, after Alex is Troy who's 20 and is the play boy of the campus. I swear, for someone who wants to come off so religious he can be a pimp. Then it's Randy who's 18 and is more of the wild boy of the family. He does whatever he feels like doing no matter what anyone else thinks. Sometimes I doubt he even thinks a good half of the time. The last of my siblings is Ray who's 17 and is the quiet one. He's shy around groups of people but is actually pretty hilarious once you get to know him. Then there's me. I'm the baby of the family, being only 16. I'm the perfect daughter as well. I think my parents were hoping for that too since Raina and Arianna did whatever they wanted. Ray was the perfect son for them. I guess that's why we were so close. Both of us had a lot of pressure from our family that we kind of needed someone to talk to who understood. We were fine with it though. Ray was my best friend as I was his.

That night at dinner, my dad asked Ray about how school was going. It was the beginning of the school year so my sisters were already gone leaving me with a house full of boys and my mother. Ray was a senior this year which everyone thought was pretty huge but he was being humble about it. Lots of colleges such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Villanova were looking to admit him into their school but he was taking his sweet time choosing one. Ray shrugged one of his lanky shoulders. Unlike my other brothers who built up muscle from playing sports, Ray was tall and a bit scrawny. Sure he had muscles from lifting weights and everything but he wasn't as buff as the rest of my brothers. "It's okay I guess," he said, before shaking some of his red hair out of his face.

"Any new students this year," my mom asked with a soft smile. Since Ray was student body President, he would know if there was someone new.

"Yea, there is this one guy." Ray shrugged. "He's okay I guess. Nothing I'd hang around."

"What do you mean," my dad asked.

"Unless you want me hanging around someone who parties every night, smokes to get high, got arrested multiple times, and has a reputation as a man whore then that's fine."

"Oh it's that guy," I said, my soft voice polite. I'd heard the rumors about the new kid. I hadn't seen him yet since he was one year older than me and was in Ray's graduating class. Ray nodded.

"Yep. He's a class clown/bad boy. I think he can't pick a side."

"Maybe he just needs some guidance. You should invite him to Church one day," my mother said softly.

"I think he needs more than Jesus," Ray muttered causing me to giggle quietly. Ray shot a mischievous smirk my way as he snickered quietly as well.

"All you can do is try to help," my mom told Ray who nodded.

"I'll try but I promise you there are no guarantees." My mother merely shrugged before moving on to talking to Randy about how his first year in college was going so far. Later that night, Ray came into my room and plopped down onto my bed. I took my attention away from the book I was reading to look up at him.

"Who said you could come in," I asked with a smile as I shoved his shoulder. He smiled.

"Oh little sister, you do not yet know of the privileges of being an older sibling. Technically I can do whatever I want."

"Ha, yea right. What did you want though, seriously?" Ray sighed, sitting up. I put my book down, seeing that there was serious concern in his eyes. "Are you still thinking about that new kid?"

"No, I actually came in here to talk to you about something."

"Okay, shoot." Ray nodded.

"Alright, well you know how Mom and Dad think of me as their perfect son right?" I nodded. "Hypothetically, what do you think they'd do if they found out that I wasn't straight?"

"Wait, so you're telling me that you're gay," I asked quietly. Honestly, I didn't care. If that's what made him happy then it made him happy. I couldn't judge him for that. No matter what he was still my brother and I loved him. Ray gave me a long look before nodding.

"I've tried really hard to be happy with girls but I can't help it. Then I met this guy at the academic program I went to in the summer and we had a summer romance. Now I learn he goes to the local community college and I don't know what to do. I really like him and I just want Mom and Dad to accept this, ya know."

"I understand. Have you told anyone else besides me this yet?" He shook his head.

"It's too risky. Besides, I trust you more than I trust anyone else." I smiled at my brother, giving him a hug.

"Well just know that I'm here if you ever want to talk about your new boy toy." Ray chuckled.

"He's my boyfriend, thank you very much. But I will need your help with skirting around the fact that I'm dating a guy and making up reasons of why they can't meet him yet. I wanna tell them with you and him by my side." I hugged him closer.

"Well just know that I'll be there and I'm sure your boyfriend will be there too."

"His name's Jace. Petty badass right?" I giggled.

"Definitely. Now get out my room, I'd like to finish this chapter before going to be. We do have school tomorrow."

"Alright, alright," Ray said, getting off my bed. He ruffled my curly pink hair. "Thanks little sis."

"No problem big bro." He did our secret handshake before he finally left my room. With a soft sigh, I plugged my earphones back in and resumed reading my book.


"I heard he hooked up with two girls the other night," I heard some guys gossiping as I walked down the hallway. We've been in school for a week and people are still gossiping about the new kid. I think it's kind of a bit late to keep doing it. Unless he's really that interesting, I see no reason to do it much longer than a few days.

"I heard he likes girls who can ride him like a bull," a girl giggled loudly. She was just a freshman too. Quietly, I thought of how she thought she had a chance with him. He was a senior after all. Most seniors don't spare freshman much mind if any at all except if they knew you.

"I wonder how big it is," another girl who actually was a senior mused aloud to her friends. I shook my head. Why did so many whores go to this school? Yes, I was nice to everyone who attended this school but what I really thought of them was not very nice. I was just trying to do the right thing by being nice.

Suddenly, I bumped into a broad chest by accident. My books fell out my hand due to the impact and me myself almost fell if it weren't for the strong hands that caught my waist. "Whoa there," I heard a deep Hispanic accented voice say to me. I looked up to see a beautiful boy that had really tanned skin, vibrant ice blue eyes, lime green hair that fell messily into his face a bit that covered his naturally arched eyebrows, full bubblegum colored lips, and a tall, very muscular body. I knew he had to be the new boy here. Not only could I see all the rumors being true about him just from how he looked but also because I'd never seen him before. Around here, everyone knew each other so it was obvious when there was a new face around. "You alright," he asked with an amused smirk. I noticed that my cheeks were burning in embarrassment.

"Yea, I'm fine," I said, moving his hands off my waist before bending down frantically to pick up my books. He bent down to help me. I looked up a couple times to see him staring at me, that same amused smirk on his face. "Sorry for bumping into you, I should have been watching where I was going," I said. The boy shook his head, handing me the books he'd picked up. His fingers brushed against mine as he did so, sending soft butterflies to my stomach.

"No, no, it was my fault. I was just too shocked by how beautiful you were that I forgot to move out the way," he replied. Blush burned even harder on my cheeks as we both got back to our feet.

"It's alright. Um, I have to get to class," I said before hurrying around him. He caught me by my elbow, causing me to stop and look back at him.

"Wait, I never got your name," he asked as he looked over my body. Today I had worn a plain black tee shirt with a gray and black swirled flouncy skirt that fell a couple inches above my knees with a pair of black flats. I had left my natural curls down to fall down to my waist. You could see the curves of my breasts in the shirt but not much else through the rest of the outfit.

"Rosalinda, but most people just call me Rosy. What's yours?"

"Scourge. Weird name I know but I think it's pretty bad ass." I almost smiled; thinking of the way Ray had thought his boyfriend's name was bad ass as well. "Where are you headed to?"

"Room 432. You?"

"430. I'm walking in that direction too so I can walk you there if you want."

"That'd be sweet of you but I'll be okay." I quickly walked away before he could say anything else. Everything about him screamed bad boy. From his black leather jacket, to his fitted tee, to his black ripped jeans and his red sunglasses that lay on top of his head. He was everything I'd be taught to stay away from. It was only my duty to keep following in what I knew was right and keep my distance.

Later that day as I was walking home from school, I heard a car pull up beside me through my music that was blasting in my ears. Cautiously, I looked over to see an old black mustang crawling beside me. The window lowered, showing Scourge's beautiful face. Again my cheeks burned in blush. "Hey, want a ride," he asked.

"You're pretty consistent seeing that we barely know each other," I commented, keeping my voice plain. Scourge smirked.

"We can change the barely knowing each other thing." I shrugged a shoulder.

"I'm fine with walking by the way."

"I promise to take straight home.""

"But then you'd know where I live and I don't think I'd like to have a stalker." Scourge's smirk grew. "Besides, my parents told me not to get in a car with strangers." Scourge shrugged.

"Alright, suit yourself," he said before driving down the road. I watched the car speed down the street, silently wondering what he did to make that car move that fast. The thing looked in good shape and everything but by the model, it had to be pretty old. Unless he brought it at some vintage store. I mentally shrugged. Whatever.

When I arrived home, I saw that there were moving vans out front of the house next to mine. We must be getting new neighbors or something. I went into my house to ask my mom about it to see that my whole family was home. Well not my whole. My mother, father, Ray and Randy were home. Still, that's more than what's usually here when I come home from school. My brothers were playing on the Xbox while my mother and father were talking quietly on the couch.

"Hello sweetie," my mother said, smiling at me when she noticed my presence. My sisters and I looked like my mother while my brother's took more of my father's features. My mother and I looked exactly alike though. The only difference was that my skin was tanner, my curves were bigger, my eyes were green and I had pink hair.

"Hi mom. Are we getting new neighbors or something," I asked as I set my book bag down.

"Yes. We were waiting for you to get home to greet them. I baked them a pie," she said, holding up the small pie tray that was covered in aluminum foil that she was holding. "Since they're new to the neighborhood, I thought I'd make them feel welcome. They just got in last night."

"Oh okay." So as a family, we all walked over to the other big farmhouse that sat next to ours. My dad let me knock on the door. I was surprised to see Scourge open the door. Blush burned against my cheeks again when I saw that he was in a white tank that hugged his muscular torso, black basketball shorts and a pair of black sneakers. With all of his arm muscles exposed, I found it a bit hard not to stare. His ice blue eyes connected with mine and he smirked.

"Hello, we're the Roses. We live next door. Are your parents home by any chance," my mom asked politely. Scourge nodded before opening the door wider.

"Come on in," he said, smirking politely at my family before shooting me a very mischievous smirk. "Mom, Amy, Sonic," he yelled, "Our new neighbors are here!" He guided us to the living room. "You guys can wait here. They should be down in a second." My brothers and parents sat on the sectional couch, leaving me and Scourge with the loveseat. "I'm Scourge by the way," he said.

"Nice to meet you," my dad said, weakly smiling at him. I could tell he was judging Scourge by the tattoos he had on his shoulders and one peeking out on his toned breast. Scourge grinned at them before looking to Ray.

"Hey, you're in my calculus and AP English class," he said to Ray. My brother nodded, smiling politely at him.

"Yea, you're the one who throws sticky notes at Mr. Peters to piss him off," Ray said with a laugh. Scourge laughed too.

"Hilarious isn't it? The way he tries to yell at us."

"It's priceless," Ray said, still laughing. Suddenly, a girl with short wavy pink hair, dark green eyes, pale skin and a short but curvy body walked in with a boy who was taller than her that had tan skin, light green eyes, blue spiky hair and a muscular body.

"Hi," the girl said. "I'm Amy and this is Sonic. We're Scourge's foster siblings."

"More like foster get a rooms," Scourge muttered causing the two of them to glare at him.

"You guys don't go to our school," I asked, tilting my head.

"No, we go to the Catholic school. Our real parents are both rich so they give Bonnie and Sky money to send us there," Sonic explained.

"So you two aren't related," Randy asked. They shook their heads.

"We all aren't. Scourge's mom just takes care of us," Amy said, taking a seat on Sonic's lap in the lazy boy.

"There are guests here," Scourge said. Amy glared over at him.

"We need to save a seat for Ms. Bonnie and Ms. Sky so there's nowhere else to sit."

"Whatever," Scourges said with a roll of his eyes. My mother looked around, a bit confused.

"You guys have two foster moms?"

"Yes. They've been together for…Scourge how old are you," Amy asked.

"They've been together 9 years," Scourge said in a bored tone before looking over at me. He smirked. "I see we're next door neighbors. Fun huh," he whispered. Blush burned against my cheeks again as I looked away.

Two very attractive but opposite women walked in. The first girl looked like Scourge with her arched eyebrows, light green hair, violet eyes, really tanned skin, tall but skinny body and red lips. She wore a nice dress with wedges and let her long wavy hair fall down her shoulders. The other was a bit shorter than the first woman but was still very curvy and pretty with her light skin tone, wild curls of red hair, bright green eyes, and soft cheeks. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a tee shirt. You would have thought they were friends if they weren't holding hands. I looked over to my parents to see their jaws had dropped. Ray stared at our parents, his lips forming a frown. I don't blame him. If they couldn't take this then how could they take him?

"Hola," the taller woman said her accent stronger than Scourge's, walking up to my parents with her hand outstretched. "I'm Sky. This is my girlfriend, Bonnie. We're thrilled to meet you."

"You two are gay," my mom struggled to say. Bonnie walked up next to her partner, looking a bit confused.

"Yes, is there something wrong with that," she asked, her voice holding more of a New York accent.

"I just thought that maybe you guys were just roommates seeing that Scourge is your son, Sky," my mom said, forcing an apologetic smile.

"That was a mistake, his father," Sky said, shooting a sad smile at Scourge whose face hardened as he looked away from them to me.

"Wanna see my room," he asked me, getting up. Ray and Randy's eyes darted to us.

"Can we come," they asked in unison.

"How about we give you two a tour of the house," Sonic said as he and Amy stood up. Scourge's eyes shot a thank you to his foster brother.

"No, no, we just came to drop this off. We'll be going now," my mother said, handing Bonnie the pie before getting up and walking to the door. "Thanks for having us," my father said, his eyes apologetic for his wife's behavior. I don't know why. He probably felt the same way she did.

"Thanks for coming," Sky said, smiling sweetly at him. I could see where Scourge got his looks from. She was absolutely stunning. If I hadn't known any better, I'd think she was a supermodel or something. "We hope to see you all more often."

"You bet," Ray said, smiling at the pair. Randy just shrugged and walked out. He tried not to associate too much with people younger than him unless it was me and Ray. He liked being around people his own age.

"Bye," I told the group, shooting all of them a soft smile. Scourge followed me to the door where my family had seemed to already left. A soft sigh escaped my lips. It wasn't so much my brothers but more my parents. I bet Ray was worried now more than ever about his secret and Randy was just being Randy. My parents were just being the hypocritical people they are. "Tell your parents that I'm sorry about them," I told Scourge. He nodded.

"Sure. So, can I get your number?" I smiled, slight blush coming across my cheeks.

"What kind of girl do you think I am? I don't just give out my number to random guys."

"Hm, what do I have to do to work for it then?" I smiled wider.

"You'll figure it out eventually," I replied before walking out the door. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked back over to my house. Of course Ray was in my room, flipping out over what he was going to do. It took my forever to calm him down but I did it. Once he was taken care of, I wondered myself about what I was going to do about Scourge. It was obvious that he sparked interest in me but guys like him only wanted one thing and I really was not the type to give it away. One thing I will admit though: this school year ought to be interesting.

To continue or not to continue?