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I'm waking, I feel weird, I feel locked, what are those sounds? Where the hell am I? Why is it so difficult to open my eyes? Oh oh oh who is touching me? "She is ok and her brain is ok" One person says, my brain is ok? It's perfectly fine! I want to wake up now!

"Oh fuck!" I say, why the hell am I so hurt? Am I in a hospital? Why am I here? Why are these tubes in me?

"Hey call the doctor, she's awake" shouts a nurse. Why do I need a doctor? "Hey Santana, you are ok, please stay calm"

"Why am I here?" I'm so confused, they are staring at me "What the hell happened?"

"Ok, honey, lay down and stay calm, if you can wait a minute we'll explain everything to you ok? I'm going to call your parents, is this ok?" She asks me and I nod.

I keep staring at the wall, I want my parents here, why aren't they here? I hear the nurse from the hallway "hello Mr Lopez.. Yes she's ok, she's more than ok.. I mean that she's awake.. No I'm not joking! Can you please come here?" Why was my mum thinking the nurse was joking? Did I miss something? Now I'm even more confused.

"Ok Santana your parents are coming, how do you feel?" The nurse asks.

"A little tired" I say "why am I here?"

"Maybe it's better we wait for your parents to arrive before telling you the story"

"Ok, you are scaring me"

"I'm sorry for that, but trust me. Ok this is your doctor, he is going to ask you some questions ok!?''

"Ok, but why?"

"We need to hear you speak to find out if there's any problem. Can we start? Are you ready?"

"Ok, I am"

"Hi Santana! Ok... What's your name?"

"Santana Lopez" are you serious? My name? What am I? A child?!

"Who are your parents?"

"Maribel and George Lopez"

"Are you married?"

"What? No" he looks at me. Did I say something wrong?

"Do you have children?"

"No" I'm starting to get annoyed.

"Where do you live?"

"New york"

"Ok, do you have a job?"

"I'm studying law" they look at one other, they're making me crazy.

"How old are you Santana?"

"You know all the answers"

"Yes, but can you please answer?"

"I am 18"

"Ok, you were perfect, we are going to wait for your parents now, ok? They will be here soon"

"Ok" After 10 minutes my parents arrived.

"Oh honey" my mum hug me "I'm so happy, really really happy" My dad come to hug me too.

"Ok mum now I'm fine, the doctor doesn't want to tell me why I am here, can you please tell me?" I ask.

"Well sweetheart you and ..." The doctor interrupt her.

"I'm sorry Mrs Lopez, but before that I need to tell you something, Santana lost her memory, from some years to now"

"I what?"

"Yes Santana, you told me you are 18, but you are not"

"How old am I?"

"You are 27, honey" my dad says.

"This is not true..." I'm so scared, why this is happening?

"Honey we can help you and you'll be better"

"Thanks mum, what happened to me?"

"You had a car accident, a drunk guy hit your car and you were crashed against another. We were so worried, but now you are awake, you had so much blood on your face and on your body, but you'll be fine now."

"How long did I stay here?" I ask.

"About two months" my dad says.

"Wow... So I'm 27, did I finish law school?"

"Yes honey"

"Do I have a job?"

"You are a lawyer"

"Fucking yes!"

"Santana, please!" My mum laugh.

"Sorry but that's the job I wanted."

"We know and we are so proud of you!"

"But, what now? What am I suppose to do?"

"You'll start again, at your time but you can start again."

"Do I live in New York?"

"Yes, you have a beautiful house."

"Are we in New York now?"

"Yes" they say.

"Ok, do I have a girlfriend?"

"Well we can wait for this." my dad says


"Because you just woke up, it's a little too much for today" my mum says.

"What is too much?" I don't understand what they're talking about.

"Santana maybe it's better if you sleep" the doctor says.

"What? No, what are you talking about? Do I have a girlfriend or not?" I ask firmly.

"Yes you have a girlfriend" my mum says. I have a girlfriend, why isn't she here? Doesn't she love me?

"I don't remember her."

"I know honey, you met her at college here in New York" my mum explains.

"Oh, is she pretty?"

"Yes she is"

"Is she sweet?"

"She is the sweetest girl that I've ever met" my dad says.

"And how does she look like?" I ask. And then the door opened.

"Oh god Santana, you are awake" she's crying.

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