Chapter 1 – Nathan

The Tardis landed in 2045 on the starship Armageddon. A starship with a crew of ten. Their destination the planet Obsidian. A planet where legend has it holds the key to time and home planet of the Weeping Angels. Clara stepped out of the blue box and stepped into what looked like a storage room. "Are you sure we're on the planet Barcelona?" she questioned the doctor who was now scratching his head confusedly. "What have you got in store for me now old girl" the doctor looked at his type 40 Tardis. The doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and scanned the storage room. "Storage room on a starship in the year 2045." Clara looked inside a box and took out an alien artefact. It was an oddly shaped thing. It was sort of a robotic blue spider. Suddenly an alarm blared across the starship. "Of course" Clara smiled. A door opened and three of the crew pointed their guns at Clara and the doctor. "Of course guns." "How the hell did you get on our starship" the tall bearded man spoke. The doctor took out his psychic paper and showed it to the man. "Colonel Smith and Mrs Oswald starship inspectors" he said. Clara looked at the blank paper. "There's nothing there" she told herself. The men put down their guns and let the doctor and Clara pass. They walked down a golden corridor with windows showing the beautiful silver planet outside. There was a city outside. Clara looked outside and was amazed by the beautiful city. She looked up at the sky and saw three white suns connected with golden lines. "What's that doctor?" the doctor walked over to Clara and looked up at the white suns. "Those are snow stars pure snow formed into a star, they are the coldest stars in the universe." "This way" the small ginger man spoke opening the door to the control room. The doctor and Clara entered the control room where the saw 6 men and women working away at controls and a tall boy standing in the middle of the room giving orders. "I want my perimeter up in the next five minutes" he said to a woman with black and white hair. "Sir" the bearded man saluted at him. The boy walked over to him. "I told you don't salute" he said then turning to face the doctor. "Have we met before" the boy asked the doctor. "I don't think so I always remember a face." "Nathan" the boy said. "The doctor" the doctor said to Nathan. Nathans face glowed with delight. "Really" Nathan smiled. "You've heard of me then" the doctor looked at Clara, Clara looked at the doctor. "Yeh I have but I doesn't matter" Nathan said walking towards the central control desk. "Deployment in T minus 43 seconds" Nathan said looking at the monitor on his desk. "Doctor, Clara welcome to the planted Obsidian."