"Well I guess this is goodbye Doctor" Rose hugged her old friend. Nathan looked at his uncle and said his goodbyes. "Come visit sometime" he said. The Doctor grinned and looked at Rose. "I'm afraid this is goodbye Nathan" he said. Nathan looked at mum. "Of course" he frowned. Nathan wondered off back into the Armageddon. Rose looked at The Doctor. "He always wanted to meet you" she said. "I told him all about you and the adventures we went on." Clara wondered off to the Armageddon too. She walked up the ramp and walked into the cabins. She stopped at a door with the name Captain Nathan Tyler on the top of it. She knocked on the door and walked in. "Hey" she said sitting on the end of his bed. Nathan sat up and looked at his desk. Clara looked at his desk and noticed a journal. "What's this?" she said looking inside of it. "It's my journal of all the adventures I've had with mum and dad in our Tardis." "You've been on loads of adventures Nathan. How old are you anyway" she asked. "16" he replied. The lights in the cabin began to flicker. "I need to get someone to fix that." Clara stood up and looked out the cabin. "Nathan" she shouted looking out the cabin. Nathan stood up and walked out of the cabin. "Where did that come from?" he asked. Clara moved in front of Nathan guarding him. "Clara no" he shouted moving in front of her. He stared into the angels eyes. "Nathan your hand" Clara said looking at his hand. It was stone. "I'm turning into a weeping angel" he said looking worried at Clara. Clara slipped past the angel. "I'll get The Doctor and your mum" she said running out the ship. Clara reached them and told them what happened, but by the time they got into the ship it was too late. "Nathan" The Doctor said looking at Rose. "Doctor…Clara stand back" she said standing away from the angel. "There's something I should have told you about Nathan Doctor." The Doctor and Clara stepped back and watched. The Nathan statue began to glow brightly like it was on fire. Then suddenly BOOM. The Weeping Angel was blown up into small fragments and the Nathan statue and cracked open. Nathan looked up at The Doctor and Clara. "You regenerated" The Doctor looked confused at him. Rose and Nathan smiled.