This is my take on OP characters reading FanFiction, about themselves, and their reactions to it. Mostly the reactions will be in letter-format, but some will be their initial reaction. This is no way my idea (just that I read these but no one has updated theirs in months). Each chapter will have two letters (if it's about a pairing from both sides).

There will be bashing and cursing. Be Warned.

Vegapunk sat down his tools and looked at his new invention; the Communication-Transporter, or Computer; which Sentomaru called it. He smiled; this invention was going to change the world, for better or for worse.

Everyone brought their own computer and hooked up to the World Wide Web. Even pirates who sailed the seas have gotten their hands on one. Even the Strawhats.

The engineer of the ship made space for the large complex device inside of the Sunny. And people took their turns. But one click after another, Nami found a website when browsing for a one piece to wear. The site had their names on it; no bounties, but stories instead. She squealed at all of the information written about her and the others on the ship.

"What is it, Nami-Swan?" asked Sanji. Once he heard her scream, he ran to her side. He looked at her with a worried expression.

"Look," she pointed at the white screen. Sanji bent down and his jaw dropped. "All of these stories about us."

"About us?" questioned Sanji. Us. Him and Nami-Swan~! He thought of the wonderful things written about them. Maybe this website was a paradise, or told the future~!

"Look! All of these people are pairing us together! Why am I paired with that baka? Luffy!?" exclaimed Nami at the screen. Her hands smacked against the flat table top. A slight blush of embarrassment shined on her cheeks and she grind her teeth.

The thought of Paradise quickly changed to hell."What?! Why is my angel paired with that shitty bastard!" yelled Sanji at the screen.

And thus started the spread of letters throughout the region after finding this website; addressed to the shitty authors. Even those in heaven heard of the news and wanted their words to be seen.