Welcome to another Ben 10 Fanfic. XD This fanfic is about my OC Heaven Elizabeth Levin. Those of you who read Truth or Dare know who she is. For those of you who haven't you don't need to read it to understand this fanfic.

Now how did Heaven meet Gwen and Ben? Was she a criminal like Kevin? This fanfic is bits and pieces of Heaven and the gang. Don't know if it will be in any order… She's the same age as Gwen and Ben.

Edited on 4/10/17: It's been about 4 years since I wrote this fic so I figured, hey let's fix all those errors that have been in here for years. The plotline is the same as it was before, just with some changes where needed.

The Meeting

Heaven's POV

It was night time and I was at my house sitting on the couch watching TV. Where else would I be? Kevin is off who knows where probably doing something against the law… I rarely see him anymore… I hated that he became a criminal. I tried to stop him before he left us 5 years ago. I hated Harvey. He was our stepdad and was the reason Kevin left… I'm so glad mom divorced him. She knew that he'd go after me next since I have the same powers as Kevin. Not that I would tell mom this, but sometimes I do meet up with Kevin. It's always the same deal. He tells me not to worry and that I shouldn't care about him. Then I heard the door open. I absorbed the material from my cell but the metal only went up to the middle of my arm. It wasn't much but it would work for whoever was trying to break in.

"Alright who are you and what do you want?" I asked to whoever was coming.

"What I can't visit my favorite sister?" The person asked.

When he came into the light, I saw that it was Kevin.

"Kevin!" I said while getting up from the couch and hugging him.

"Alright, alright get off me Hev," He said.

"Sorry, it's just I don't see you anymore and I missed you…" I said hoping he missed me also.

We went to the couch and sat down.

"Why do you think I'm here?" He asked.

"Wait you missed mom and I?" I asked surprised.

"More or less…" He said..

"I can't stay long I have to go do something," He said.

I knew he was hiding something.

"Can I come?" I asked.

"Fine but don't ask any questions," He said.

Wait… He was actually letting me go with him? Was this my older brother?

"Alright who are you and what have you done to the real Kevin Levin?" I asked.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"Well you never let me go with you before…" I started to say.

"Let's just say I had a change of heart. Come on I'm going to be late if we don't go," He said while getting up.

"Hold on let me leave a note for mom," I said.

I got a sticky note and wrote:

"Mom I'm going out. Kevin came home and I want to make sure he isn't doing anything illegal again. We'll be back later." ~Heaven

I put the note on the counter and followed Kevin to his car.

"I know you said not to ask questions, but I want to know something. Where are we going?" I asked.

"We're going to pick up a few of my friends. They're the same age as you so you guys should get along pretty well," He explained.

I just shook my head.

After some driving through town, Kevin parked in front of a brown house. Was this where his new friends lived? I had hoped that his new 'friends' were good influences for him. After everything he went through as a kid I had hoped he finally found people who cared about him, not counting mom and me. A few people came out the house later. One of them was a boy with brown short hair, green eyes. He wore a green jacket with white stripes going down it. On the left pocket there was a black circle with a white 10 in it. The other one was a girl with red long hair, green eyes and wore a white long sleeve blouse with a blue vest, and a black short skirt with black stockings. Kevin and I got out of the car.

"Who's this?" The boy asked.

"She's my sister Heaven," Kevin said.

"You have a sister?" He asked.

"Yea I do," Kevin said.

"I'm Ben Tennyson," Ben said while waving at me.

"I'm Gwen Tennyson," Gwen said while offering her hand out to shake it.

"I'm Heaven and as Kevin said I'm his younger sister," I said while shaking Gwen's hand.

We got back in the car. I sat in the back with Ben. Gwen sat up front with Kevin.

"So what are we doing?" Ben asked.

"Well I think we should fix up your grandpa's rustbucket so it will be good for when he comes back," Kevin said.

A little while later we were in a trailer park and by a vehicle. When everyone was out of the car I decided to start a conversation. We were all on brown chairs except for Kevin who was under the vehicle with his tool box.

"This is the rustbucket?" I asked.

"Yea," Ben said.

Gwen had a box of, what I assumed to be, old photos on her that she got from the Rustbucket. Gwen took a photo out and stated laughing.

"Hey Ben look," Gwen said laughing, "it's us in front of the old Rustbucket.

Ben started to laugh also.

"That's so like Grandpa Max to lose one dumper, then run out and find another," Ben said with a smile on his face.

Both of there voices sounded like they were reminiscent of old times.

"Let me see the photo." I said.

Gwen showed the photo to me and I started to laugh. The picture was of a younger version of Ben and Gwen standing in front of an elderly man I assumed to be their grandpa. Ben was wearing a white shirt with a black stripe going down it and green cargo pants. Gwen was in a blue shirt with a blue kitten on it and light blue pants, and their grandpa was in a red Hawaiian shirt with a white shirt underneath and navy blue pants. Their grandpa had his arms around the two. Gwen was giving Ben a glare, and Ben was picking his nose. Ben had a watch on that was similar to the one I saw on him earlier. I felt like I've seen Ben before, but I didn't say anything.

"That whole summer was incredible," Ben said standing up and looking up at the sky, "Remember Gwen? Hero time, all the time," He said turning his head towards Kevin. "Kevin was still a bad guy,"

"Let it go Tennyson," Kevin said from underneath the rustbucket.

He then rolled himself out from underneath it.

"I know you're here to keep an eye on me," Kevin said.

"It's sweet that you wanted to fix up Rustbucket 2," Gwen said.

Kevin got up and took out the tools from underneath the rustbucket. As he was doing that Gwen put the photo back in the case. She got up and was about to put it back in the rustbucket until Kevin stepped in front of her.

"Not yet," Kevin said.

Kevin went inside the rustbucket and closed the door.

"Still not buying the nice guy act Kevin!" Ben said.

"Ben," Gwen said while giving Ben a glare.

"He ain't that bad…" I said shrugging.

Although to be fair, I didn't know his history with these people so who was I to talk?

"I'm going to try the engine," We heard Kevin say from inside the Rustbucket.

We heard the engine rev up.

"Go Kevin!" Ben said while giving a thumbs up.

"Well look at that," I said, "it works."

Then the Rustbucket started to drive off and was about to hit the picnic table we were by.

"Hit the deck!" I screamed.

Ben pulled Gwen on the ground and I got to the ground. As the vehicle went off the tarp that was on top of it blew near us.

"Kevin!" I screamed.

"Come back!" Ben screamed.

"Ben!" Gwen and I screamed while Ben was running after him.

Ben then turned into a blue creature, I knew they'd explain later, and flew after Kevin.

"Just when I thought Kevin turned good…" I said.

We started to run after them.

"I'll explain later just follow me." Gwen said when she made us run on these pink platforms. As we ran after Ben she explained to me that what Ben turned into was an alien, and that he could turn into multiple ones with the watch on his wrist. She also explained how she's had magical powers since she was born.

We got to where Ben was after he changed back into himself.

"He got away…" Ben said.

"Wow… I mean oh no," Gwen said obviously hiding something.

"How could I have let my guard down? He's a liar and a thief," Ben angrily said.

"Ben that was back then… I don't know you guys that well, but I know my brother. He wouldn't have done this if there wasn't a reason…" I said.

"That was then. He's different now and we're different to. I can track him with this," Gwen said while pulling out a handkerchief.

"You kept his sweaty handkerchief?" Ben asked.

She looked at Ben then closed her eyes and the handkerchief levitated in the air with a pink aura around it. About 30 seconds later she opened her eyes and grabbed the handkerchief.

"Got him," Gwen said with a victory smile.

"How are we going to get to him?" I asked.

"The same way we got to Ben." Gwen said.

Gwen did the same thing she did earlier when we found Ben. It took a little bit but we got to where Kevin was. When we got down to the ground, Kevin was already out of his car.

"I know this looks bad…" Kevin said.

"Bad? Bad?" Ben said coming up close to Kevin, "If you don't get the rustbucket back then I'll show you bad!" He said almost poking at his chest.

"Doubt that," Kevin said while smiling.

"What happens when this is all over and Grandpa Max does come home? Where is he going to live then?" Ben asked angrily.

"Do we need to separate you two up?" Gwen and I asked.

Gwen's fists glowed pink.

"He stole Grandpa's home," Ben said. "What kind of jerk steals an old man's home?"

"One with a very good reason… right?" Gwen asked before the glow from her hands stopped.

"Yea this is important," Kevin said.

"Yea important to you!" Ben yelled.

"Ben I'm pretty sure there was a very good reason for what he did… I hope." I said while whispering the last part.

Gwen and I walked closer to Ben and Kevin.

"One second," Kevin said while pulling out his plumber's badge.

A blue glow rose from the badge, and showed a map. There was a red dot that was beeping in the middle of it.

"You hid a tracking device in the undercarriage," Gwen said.

"Like I'd let anyone swipe a fortune of plumber tech from me," Kevin said.

We got in the car and drove to where the plumber's badge led us. We got out of the car and followed where it led us. Kevin kicked down the door and Gwen created a pink mana ball so we could have light. We walked straight to the rustbucket. Once we got there the ball of light went towards the door of the vehicle.

"Stripped!" Kevin said.

"Great so where's your fortune Kevin?" Ben asked crossing his arms and smiling.

He walked away and picked up something.

"What's this worth five bucks?" Ben asked while kicking down tires. "We're supposed to be keeping the planet safe from an alien invasion, and yet we can't stop a mobile home from being stolen?" He said stretching his arm out.

"Drop it!" Kevin said while walking away.

"Don't walk away from me!" Ben said while walking in front of Kevin.

"Is this where you turn into an alien and try to kick my butt?" Kevin asked.

"I'm considering it," Ben said.

"Guys I think I hear something!" I said.

We all looked at a knob turning and Gwen shushed everyone. She dropped the mana ball and we went to hide. We all hid in different places. I jumped by where there were some boxes and wires. From where I was, I saw someone walk in and go to the Rustbucket. When he came out he had something in his hand. Then everyone else came out from their hiding places. I couldn't move because my foot was stuck under some heavy boxes that were around me. Gwen gave more light from her mana and the person knew they were there.

"Uh oh…" He said before running out the boarded window.

Everyone else followed him out there. I tried to get my foot out from under the boxes, but to no avail. I tried to use my powers to absorb the wall and it worked, but it wasn't enough to move the heavy boxes.

I didn't know how long it was but Ben and Gwen came back inside.

"Heaven?" Gwen asked.

"Over here my foot caught underneath some boxes," I said.

She came over and used her mana to lift the boxes.

"Thanks," I said while getting out.

My ankle was a little sore from being under the boxes but I was able to deal with it.

"Where's Kevin?" I asked noticing his absence.

"Who cares?" Ben said.

"Ben!" I yelled.

"What he left us? He didn't even bother asking where you were. Face it Hev he isn't trustworthy," Ben said.

"Ben that's enough," Gwen said.

"We need to find Kevin," I said.

"I can track him," Gwen asked.

We followed Gwen to where Kevin was. I absorbed the ground before we came into the place. Ben turned into the alien he called Big Chill. We heard, what I assumed to be, and alien tell Kevin that he wasn't in a position to make demands. Big Chill was invisible.

"He would be if he were alone, but he's with us." Big Chill said turning tangible next to Gwen and me.

"You followed me?" Kevin asked while covered in Taedenite.

"That whole get mad and storm off act…please," Big Chill said.

"You have friends?" Vulkanus asked.

"He also has a sister you freak!" I said.

"Had friends and a sister," Vulkanus said.

He pulled out a gun and shot towards us. I jumped in the way so no one would get hit. It flew me back and stuff fell on me. My armor came off after I was hit. I heard the screams of Ben and Gwen calling my name. I moved the stuff that pilled off me so I could see what was going on. I tried to get up but I couldn't. That just made my ankle feel worse than it was. Gwen shot her mana toward the creatures. Big Chill froze Vulkanus when he shot towards him. When Vulkanus punched Big Chill he turned intangible.

"Good way to break your hand," Big Chill said.

Vulkanus hand came out broke. Well I guess that robot-hand just broke.

"Told ya so," Big Chill said.

"You wouldn't even be fighting if you knew what he did to me." Vulkanus said.

"He stole, he ran, that's Kevin," Big Chill said.

Then Vulkanus shot, what I thought was oil, at Big Chill and he flew back. I had enough of watching him get hurt and I couldn't help. I absorbed the metal around me and was able to rise to my feet. I went to Vulkanus and gave him a surprise punch.

"Don't hurt my friends!" I screamed while punching him.

The creatures came towards me and I tried to fight them off.

"There's too many…" I said to myself.

Gwen came over and helped me fight them off. After we fought the ones that came after me more came over. We both did a midair cartwheel over them. Gwen shot a mana blast at their axes which made it explode and knock all of them down. The both of us ran towards Kevin. I stayed back a little bit to make sure Ben was ok. He froze Vulkanus and destroyed his armor. I looked back to Gwen and she ran at Kevin.

"Kevin," She said while running towards him.

She destroyed his cuffs with her mana blasts and then knelt in front of him.

"You alright?" She asked while putting her hands on his cheeks.

All the Taedenite went off Kevin and he returned to normal. Kevin's clothes were torn up, and he leaned forwards and leaned on Gwen's shoulders. Ben and I both watched. Then he turned back to normal.

"Easy." Gwen said while helping Kevin up.

We both ran towards them.

"You ok Kevin?" I asked.

He just shook his head towards me.

"Hey what about him?" Ben asked.

We looked at Vulkanus and he was throwing some bits of Taedenite in the air.

"What about him?" Kevin asked. "We're even."

Then we started to walk off until Kevin stopped.

"Wait," Kevin said while picking up something.

"What is that?" I asked.

"That's what you were after?" Ben asked.

"Another hollow viewer?" Gwen asked.

"I hear this one's special," Kevin said while giving it to Ben.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Ben asked.

"Think about it I'm an ex-con I've done a lot of stuff I'm not proud of. Stuff that if you guys knew about you wouldn't trust me again so next time I say drop it, drop it," Kevin said.

"That's not how it works Kevin," Gwen said while putting her hand on his shoulder.

"It's not what you did that matters. It's what you're going to do," Ben said smiling.

"Yea Kevin. Why do you think I came with you? I wouldn't have come if I didn't trust you," I said giving him a thumbs up.

"Uh huh," Kevin said giving us all weird looks. "You gonna look at that?" He asked looking at Ben.

Ben turned it on and a hologram came on of his grandpa.

"Ben, if you found this message you must be in pretty deep. There's a lot that I can't reveal yet, but here's one thing I can. You can't go at it alone. By now you're probably meeting some of the other plumber's kids, but you have to find more. You need to put together a team," Max said via hologram.

Then his hologram shut off.

"Heaven you in on helping us?" Ben asked.

"Yes." I said while shaking my head.

Although I wasn't entirely sure on what they were doing I said yes. There wasn't much I was doing at home anyway.

I knew this would be a start of a new adventure.

End Edit 4/10/17: Wow, yikes. I don't know how you people put up with this. I hope this is a lot better than the original first chapter. I attempted to describe more things that the reader wouldn't understand. I couldn't just assume the reader knew the episode. I tried to fit Heaven more into this than she was. It's still somewhat cringe in the beginning, but I feel it's better than it was.

Word Count:

Before: 2,821

After: 3,514

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