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So I got a review about how this kind of thing isn't creative at all. I started this back in 2013 when this type of writing was unheard of in the Ben 10 fandom. A few of my friends did it with Code Lyoko, and it turned out well for them. Personally I find it creative because I adjust the canon to fit Heaven's presence. Other people in other fandoms, as well as the Ben 10 fandom have done this, and people praised them. How is mine any different?

Okay sorry, had to rant in the beginning. Okay so this chapter, will be mostly fanmade because in the episode Ben doesn't know Julie kept Ship as a pet, but in this story Ben, as well as Gwen and Kevin, knows about Ship. So btw, this entire thing isn't just taking from the show. The main plot will be the same, just taken a different way.

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Ship, Ship!

Heaven's POV

"Hey boy," I said to Ship.

I was in my room getting ready to go shopping with Gwen. Kevin was already out, and decided to pick Gwen up then come back here for me. It was evening and I could see the moon shining in the dark sky from my window. Ship was sitting on the table that was next to my bed staring up at me. I petted him on his head. He made his bark, as I like to call it.

"You want to go outside?" I asked.

He barked happily and jumped down to the floor. Then he pounced out of my room.

"Okay, okay I'm coming boy," I said going after him.

We ended up at the back door and Ship tapping on it. I opened the door and we went outside. Ship looked at me.

"You want to show me something?" I asked kneeling on the ground.

He barked happily. He jumped up and a flash of green light later he turned into a refrigerator. He opened the door and some drawers came out and went behind me. I laughed at it. Another green flash later and he turned into a pot and hit the ground. A third green light appeared and he turned into a cruise ship. It barely fit into our yard and hit the bordered fence.

"Okay Ship," I said, "change back to normal."

One more green flash later and he was back to his dog like self. He came by me and I patted his head and rubbed his body. As I petted him, he shook his tail.

"Good boy," I said.

"How many things is that now?" I heard a voice say.

I turned around and saw Kevin leaning against the door. I just shrugged since I didn't know. I picked up Ship and stood up. We went through the house and to the front door to the driveway. Kevin's car was parked outside the house and Gwen was sitting in the backseat. I got into the car and joined her in the back. Once I sat down I put Ship on my lap.

"Are you ready to shop?" Gwen asked with a smile.

"You know it girl," I said.

The two of us threw out hands in the air and started to shriek. Ship made some noises at the loud shriek, and I could see Kevin wince from the rear mirror.

"Okay," Kevin said turning his head towards us, "no shrieking in the car."

"No promises," Gwen said, "Sometimes we're gonna shriek."

"We're doing the same thing you and Ben do when you guys watch football," I said.

"We do not shriek!" Kevin said shrieking, "Uh, shriek," he said a little calmer.

"Sure you don't bro," I said laughing along with Gwen.

"Anyway," Kevin said, "I'll drive you to the mall as promised, but I'm not hanging around and watching you shop."

"That's okay," Gwen said.

"You weren't invited," I said finishing her thought.

Kevin started the engine and drove down our street. As he drove, Ship was bouncing around on my lap.

"Someone's excited," I said petting him.

"Why'd you bring him anyway?" Gwen asked.

"Haven't brought him on missions because it may be too dangerous, so I figured a harmless trip to the mall wouldn't hurt him," I explained.

I moved Ship in the middle of Gwen and I. He bounced around to and from our laps with us petting him.

"I forgot to tell you," I said smiling, "after the whole Cooper stuff, Ben texted me later that night after I was already home asking if I was okay."

"Aw," Gwen cooed, "that's so sweet. Don't you think that's sweet?" she asked looking at Kevin.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," Kevin said sarcastically. "Where is Ben anyway?"

"I asked if he wanted to come," I said, "he said and I quote," I said putting my hands in the air bending my fingers for quotes, "'No offense, but I don't want to be in a car with two shrieking girls, shopping for stuff I don't care about,' end quote," I said end quoting with my fingers.

"Isn't he the lucky one?" Kevin rhetorically asked.

We were on the highway at the point in the journey. Ship was sitting on my lap and it looked like he was asleep.

"And McDuffy's is having a going out of business sale," Gwen said.

We heard a loud explosion from behind us, and Kevin swerved the car. From where I was sitting in the car, it was hard to see what was shooting the road, all I saw was what looked to be a red rocket. Kevin stopped the car and we got out. Gwen and I knelt behind the car. I shook Ship and whispered to him to turn into a backpack. He morphed on my back into, what looked to be, a normal backpack. I looked up and saw someone in Forever Knight armor.

"Just when I thought we could have one day without someone shooting at us," I said absorbing the material from the car.

The guy had this sword that was about to shoot a laser at us. Gwen put up a shield around us. There was an explosion behind us where the ray hit.

"Watch the paint," Kevin said absorbing the car's material, "that's four coats!"

The Forever Knight shot a blast at Kevin and he hit the ground. Gwen pulled out her phone and started dialing Ben. As she dialed she had a mana shield up once again. A road sign, I assumed Kevin threw it, went directly to the Forever Knight and knocked him off his rocket to where he hit the ground in front of us. Gwen took her mana shield down.

"Ben," Gwen said, "Elsworth avenue, south of the mall. Now!"

The Forever Knight was punching around Kevin.

"Need us to jump in?" I asked.

"No I'm good," Kevin said before going after the Knight.

He tried to strike a punch but was deflected by the Knight's shield.

"Nice kinetic face shield," Kevin said to the Knight, "What model is that, the plester 3?"

"Well," he said, "ain't you the observant one?"

The guy held out his hand, and the laser he used floated to him. He grabbed it and shot Kevin with it.

"Kevin!" I yelled about to go after him.

Gwen held me back.

"Stay behind me," Gwen said.

We got made our way from the car and stood in front of the Knight.

"Back away from him," Gwen threatened.

After a few more blasts, he turned around.

"Relax girl," he said walking to his rocket, "It's not your boyfriend I'm after."

He pulled out three magnetic discs. He threw them in my direction and they stuck to my armor. I was about to throw them off me, but before I could I started to scream in pain. I dropped to my knees and my armor unabsorbed, but the discs still stuck to me. I still felt the shock of volts go through me. Last thing I heard was a noise of pain from Ship.

I opened my eyes and I realized my head was on something soft. I pulled away and realized my head was on Gwen's shoulder and she was kneeled on the ground as well. She had her arm around my shoulders.

"W-What happened?" I asked.

I saw Jetray in the air and he flew down and turned back into himself. He quickly ran over when he saw me.

"What happened?" Ben asked.

My back felt lighter and I looked to my shoulder to not see Ship there.

"Where's Ship?" I asked.

"He took Ship," Gwen said.

I tried to get up and almost lost my balance. Gwen put an arm around me and helped me up. I went by the car and used it to lean on so I could stay upright.

"He fried me to get to Ship?" I asked.

"He fried you?" Ben asked looking at me up and down.

I looked at the car and saw it was pretty beat up.

"That flying jerk in a can fried my car," Kevin said.

"I thought I got the blunt of being fried?" I asked.

"He threw another disc at Kevin's car," Gwen clarified.

Kevin unabsorbed his armor, and pulled out his phone as the rest of us piled into the car. Once I got inside I took a look at myself. My jeans had holes in them, and my sleeves of my purple shirt had tears in them. I still felt weak from being electrocuted. Ben moved over to the middle and carefully put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

"Does that hurt?" Ben asked.

"No," I said.

I put my head on his shoulder and fell asleep.

I heard some honking and woke up. I took my head off Ben's shoulder and sat up.

"That guy is so paying for a new paint job," Kevin said.

"Is that all you can think about, your car?" Gwen asked.

"No," Kevin said in defense, "sometimes I think about food."

"Wow," I said softly, "no sympathy for me is there Kev? Think about the car more than your sister who got fried way worse."

Everyone just looked at me.

"Have you ever been electrocuted before? It's a shocking experience," I said.

"D-did you just?" Ben asked.

"Not so burned out that I can't make a joke," I said.

"Oh my god stop," Gwen said trying to contain her laughter.

"Watt?" I asked, "Am I not amping you up with my humor?"

Kevin stuck his head out the window while Gwen and Ben were laughing.

"Hey can you hurry it up?" Kevin asked.

It took me until now to realize we were being towed to his garage.

"Sure," The guy said sarcastically, "if you know how to fly."

"Anyway," Ben said, "Why would the Forever Knights want to steal Ship?"

"Please," Kevin said, "It can turn into anything it touches. It's like an instant weapon."

We got back to Kevin's garage. It was a good thing I had a set of clean clothes here. I changed into them in the bathroom while Kevin was fixing his car. I sat on his tool side table reading the newspaper.

"Okay," Kevin said wiping the car, "new paint job and new tires."

Gwen sat on the floor in a lotus position with her eyes closed trying to track Ship.

"I'm searching for his mana," Gwen said.

"And?" Ben asked.

Kevin came over by us. Gwen opened her eyes.

"And nothing," Gwen said, "Ship is technology, and I have trouble tracing stuff that isn't alive."

"There's got to be some way to find him," Ben said.

"I think I got something," I said opening the newspaper to show them a picture.

The picture was of a new housing development called 'Lancelot Lake Estates'. It was a huge settlement with what looked to be a tower next to it. Reminded me of those old fairytales. Gwen and Ben came over to look at the article.

"'If a man's home is his castle, isn't it time you owned one?'" Ben quoted.

"Possible," Gwen said.

"Kind of a long shot," Ben said.

"It's the only lead we have," I said hopping down to the floor.

I stumbled as my feet hit the floor, but I was able to balance out. Ben put his hand on my shoulder.

"We'll go check it out," Ben said, "you're going to stay here and rest."

I glared at him and swatted his hand off my shoulder.

"Ship is my pet," I said, "and you can't stop me from coming on this mission."

I shoved the paper in Ben's hands and made my way towards the car. It did hurt slightly to move around, but I wasn't going to stand by and miss the action. I opened the door, got in the back seat, and closed the door. I saw Gwen and Kevin come into the car as well.

"Way to agree with me guys," Ben said.

We were stopped at a red light. You could sense the tension in the car, you could even cut it with a butter knife if you wanted to.

"And we're not talking because?" Ben whispered.

"Because," I said glaring, "you tried to force me to sit out the rest of this mission."

"Heaven," Ben said, "I'm just trying to protect you. You already got hurt once, and you're still not fully healed."

"I don't need protection," I said crossing my arms, "I know what I can handle, and I can handle this. Do you not trust me?" I said poking at his chest.

"This isn't about trust, It's-" Ben said.

Kevin and Gwen turned their heads towards us.

"You mind if we discuss this later?" Ben asked, "I don't want your brother killing me."

I turned away from him in response. The light turned green and we made our way down the street. We made our way to Lancelot Lake Estates in silence. We got out of the car and went towards the side of the building. I was behind everyone else, Gwen was in front of me with Kevin in front of her, and Ben took the lead keeping a look out for the Knights.

"Looks like a giant miniature gold course," Ben said after banging his fist on the side of the building.

"Is it time to bust the door down yet?" Kevin asked.

Ben turned to look at him.

"How about we try a more subtle approach for a change?" Ben asked.

We went inside and opened another door. We heard a click and turned around as I opened the door more. Kevin was standing at their refrigerator drinking a soda.

"What?" Kevin asked, "I was thirsty," he said closing the fridge.

He came over behind me and opened the door fully.

"Whoa," Kevin said.

In the room there were red couches in front of a fire place. Above the fireplace it looked to be the Forever Knight's crest. All around the room there were Forever Knight armor with grey weapons by them. We walked inside and went towards the armor. Ben snapped his hands in front of one, then he grabbed the red curtain.

"Do these drapes really go with chain mail?" Ben asked.

"Well it works for us," A voice said.

We turned and saw it was the same knight from earlier, and he had the same weapon as we saw near the armor. It fizzled a blue spark. The lifelike armor, actually turned out to be actual knights and they pointed their weapons at us. We took a step back. They shot towards us and I fell into the top of the chair and it went backwards. Ben came over and helped me up.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Better than what they're going to be," I said noticing Gwen throwing a mana whip at the knight who stole Ship.

He hit the wall and then fell to the floor with a thud. Kevin climbed over the couch and went to punch him. I saw him absorb the metal from the weapon as he was being shot at. Ben kicked the table to one of the knights and his weapon was heading towards us.

"Look out!" Ben warned.

As I grabbed the weapon I spun around a few times.

"I meant duck not," Ben said as a Forever Knight came towards him.

I heard one coming up behind me and hit him with the weapon in the chest part of his armor.

"You're good at that," Gwen said throwing a mana shield by us as the Knights were blasting at us.

"When you get a free weapon," I said smacking the Forever Knight with it a few times in his head and groin area, "you have to use it."

I saw Ben trying to get a chance to transform, but the Knights kept coming at him. Kevin kept punching the Knights that came towards him.

"Gwen," Kevin called, "you want to wrap this up?"

Gwen had mana around her hand. She made a fist and mana wrapped around the Knights' bodies. She clumped them together in the air, and threw them in a door to which they fell down the stairs. After she did that I dropped the weapon to the floor. We walked to where the door caved in, and Kevin had his armor unabsorbed. We walked downstairs and heard the Knights groaning.

"You know most accidents happen in the home," Kevin said.

We all suddenly stopped when we saw a white light illuminating a person. He had a scar going down from the middle of his forehead to under his right eye, which looked like it was a light blue. His other eye was brown. He had dark grey hair, and was wearing a lab coat.

"Oh," he said, "you young people are so amusing."

"And you would be?" Ben asked.

"Dr. Joseph Chadwick, director of technology for the Forever Knights," Chadwick said, "and you are the meddler who freed our ancient enemy, the dragon!"

"I wouldn't say meddler," Ben said.

"Where's Ship?" I asked.

Chadwick just smirked.

"Ship?" Chadwick asked, "Oh is this what you mean?" he said before pulling out a remote control and pushing a button.

More lights turned on and revealed a gigantic weapon with a red outline. It looked to be an aircraft weapon. I knew the red outline was Ship. He flew up.

"Shiiiipp," he groaned out with a deeper voice.

The Forever Knights ran up by Chadwick. The one from earlier came up and stood by Chadwick. Ship pointed harmless lasers at us to, what I assumed, direct his shots.

"Looks like an Antarion obliterator," Kevin said, "Nasty piece of work."

"How nasty?" Ben asked while getting ready to dial the Omnitrix.

"Fire!" Chadwick commanded.

Before the blast could hit us we all hit the ground. Ben ended up pinned on top of me and I was under him.

"Stay out of the way nasty," Kevin said.

We all looked at Ship.

"Octurium plasters, Cassiopeia mass drivers," Kevin explained, "that thing's a flying arsenal."

"Fire! Fire! Fire!" Chadwick commanded again.

As Ship was firing at us, Ben grabbed my wrist and led me away from where Ship was targeting. Ben and I were behind some machinery. We saw Kevin slide on the ground and absorb the floor. Lasers were targeted at him, and Gwen stepped in front of him. She threw up a mana shield.

"Get behind me," Gwen said.

The blast hit her shield and she fought try to get it deflected. She deflected it, but it broke her shield and she fell to the ground.

"Gwen!" Kevin called as he ran over to her.

She ended up on the floor, and he picked her head up.

"Okay," Ben said standing up, "now I'm angry."

A flash of green light later and Ben was now Swampfire. Chadwick stepped back a little bit. It looked like it was out of fear.

"Shoot it! Shoot it! Shoot it!" Kevin yelled.

I stood up and went over to Ben.

"No Ben, no!" I yelled.

"Now Ben, now!" Kevin yelled.

I looked over to Kevin and gave him a glare. Another laser was pointed at Swampfire. He held his hands with flames in it. I really hoped he wouldn't throw the fireballs at Ship. He made one big fire blast and blasted the floor between the Knights and us.

Once Ben was done making a fire wall, Kevin and Gwen came over to us. He had his arm around her and she had her arm around his neck for support. Kevin had his armor unabsorbed.

"What was that?" Kevin asked.

"A compromise," Swampfire said.

"What are you waiting for?" Chadwick asked, "Go!"

A little nozzle came out of the top of Ship and foam came out of it. All the flames were put out by the foam. Ship flew at us and directed more lasers at us.

"We're toast," Swampfire said.

"Indeed you are," Chadwick said, "I have complete control of the creature. My wish is its command."

"This is like that movie I was watching," Swampfire said, "'Brain Stealers From Outer Space.'"

"That was on tonight?" I asked.

"Yeah," Swampfire said. "around the time Gwen called."

I sighed, there was no way we'd be able to win this by attacking Ship. I knew what I had to do. I walked up in front of Ship.

"Ship, stop!" I said, "It's me, it's Heaven!"

He pointed a weapon at me and roared. There were lasers at my chest.

"Ship, please," I pleded, "Remember who you are," I said walking closer to him, "you're not a weapon. You're a lovable dog-like pet. You're a good boy, and you don't have to do what he says. You are in control of what you want to do. Not him, not me, not anyone here."

"I command you to fire all weapons at then intruders now!" Chadwick said.

The lasers went away and I saw a green flicker at the top of Ship. Everything red, turned into green instantly, and all the weapons went away. Ship turned back into his dog like self.

"How did you know that would work?" Swampfire asked.

"You're not the only one who saw 'Brain Stealers From Outer Space,'" I said with a smirk.

Ship came back towards me and I kneeled to the ground to grab him. I picked him up and hugged him. Ship made noises of content.

"'Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it,'" Swampfire said mocking Kevin.

"It was a suggestion," Kevin said in defense.

"A suggestion we'd be happy to take," Chadwick said while Forever Knights lifted up their weapons.

Forever Knights left and right started to try and circle us with their weapons. I took a step back. Ship jumped out of my hands and turned into the spaceship. One of the weapons opened up, and he had the lasers targeted to the Forever Knights.

"Uh oh," Swampfire taunted.

"Sir Morton, would you kindly ask your men to lower their weapons?" Chadwick asked, "Please?"

"Sorry doc," Morton said, "It's time we got rid of this bunch, even if we all got to go in the bargain."

They started to shoot at Ship. Then he blasted them in retalitation. The Knights that were on our sides started shooting at us. Gwen put up a mana shield in front of her.

"Not liking where this is going," Kevin said.

I heard a blast hit Swampfire's arm and saw it on the ground in front of me. He tripped and almost fell. Then he regrew his arm. The Knights kept shooting at us. I heard missles go off and saw that Ship sent them at Morton and Chadwick. Ship lowered down and opened the walkway up. Ben grabbed my wrist and lead me inside. He let go and stood out on the top. I sat in the seat near the door. He made a fire blast towards their machinary which caused a chain reaction.

Once Ship started hovering in the air, Swampfire turned back into himself. Kevin turned his head as the door started closing. One explosion later and we were flying at the speed of light outside the complex. I looked out the window and realied it was morning.

"Good Ship," Ben said, "down boy."

As Ship flew us home, everyone had shocked looks on their faces as the ride was rocky. I closed my eyes and started to laugh. Ship stopped above Kevin and I's backyard and spit us out to the ground. Then he turned back into his dog like self. We all stood up.

"Cool," Kevin said, "we have our own spaceship."

"Excuse you?" I asked going over to Ship, "Ship is my pet, so he's my spaceship."

I knelt on the ground and started petting Ship.

"But we'll be able to use him because you're with us right?" Ben asked.

"Why do we even need a spaceship?" Gwen asked.

"Well you know," Kevin said, "for space stuff."

"You can borrow him," I said, "but only if you ask politely," I said standing up.

"Hey Kevin," Ben said, "could you drive Gwen and I home?"

"Oh sure," Kevin said before realizing something.

We all realized that Kevin's car was left at the Forever Knight's place. It was unknown if it survived the explosion, it probably did. Kevin looked at Ship and went after him.

"You stranded my car there!" Kevin yelled.

Ship hopped away as Kevin kept going after him. I knew Kevin wasn't mad at Ship, just annoyed.

"Come on Kevin," Ben said, "it's just a dog!"

The three of us laughed as Kevin was chasing Ship around the yard.

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