"Lion's Den"

Kitty Am I

A Doctor Who Poem


You kept running, never stopping.

You threw their lives away.

You picked me up. Took me with you.

Like a kidnapper, I can't escape.

You'll save a thousand, millions more,

You'll protect them like a shepherd's lamb,

You'll take me to see what hasn't been seen before,

All to save your soul from the lion's den.


A/N: So this is my second Doctor Who poem, and basically it's about a companion who know's all about the time war and such and isn't very, well, happy, with the doctor. It's not any specific Doctor or specific companion it's just... In general, ya know?

Favourite and stuff so everyone will seeeeee! I worked freaking hard on this! (even though it's kinda short oh well)

Thanks for reading and what not :)