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"So, are we staying another night here?" I swallow the rest of my food and look at Taylor. Then at Zach.

"Um…." We say at the same time.

"Guys…" we look at Haylie. She points in the forest that is starting to become dark with a large shadow. My eyes widen as I look at it.

A bear. There is a fucking bear standing about twelve feet away from us. Oh shit.

Taylor screams. I quickly stand up. I slowly walk over to my ax and grab it. "Taylor, I want you to stay with Haylie, okay?"


I turn and look at her. "Go, I'm going to tell you again." she does and Haylie grabs her and takes her into their tent.

"I didn't know there were bears in Washington, well by the highway." Zach sighs and he pulls out a sword. The hilt is red and the sword looks more like a machete than an actual sword.

"Well, you never know-"before I can finish, the bear comes straight at me. I dodge, and miss it barely.

Zach slices it and it roars and comes at him. I swing my ax at it and it spins around and swings its arm at me. This time, it doesn't miss. Its claw gets my arm. Right where the freak scratched me. I scream in pain. It starts to swing at me again before I hear a gun shot. Blood spurts out of its eye and it roars.

The only thing is… it lands right on top of me.

My head painfully hits a rock before I go deep into darkness.

(I am LINE, and you will obey me…. oh, and its three hours later)

"Do you think she is gonna wake up?" I hear Zach say. Wait Zach? Wha….

"I hope so…" I hear Haylie sigh.

"I shouldn't have shot it." Taylor says. Wait, Taylor… WHAT?!

I don't open my eyes, but I can feel the hard, rocky floor of the forest underneath me. Ouch! Why does my arm hurt like hell?

Wait, we were eating, and then a bear came out… oh shit! I internally groan.

"No, it was good you killed it. She's gonna be pretty pissed you did that though…" Zach continues. I think I can hear his voice above me. Something shifts underneath me. oh wait, my head is on his lap. That makes so much more sense now.

"God is she gonna get up?!" Haylie suddenly yells. Ouch, my brain!

"Maybe if you would stop yelling she would!" I yell and open my eyes. I see three faces looking down at me. I groan and sit up. A little too fast, because I have to hold my head.

"Sorry." She blushes. I close my eyes and quickly open them to blink repeatedly. My eyes focus on my surroundings, to see that it is already almost dark and the fire is still going.

"It's fine. How long have I been out?" I ask slowly standing up. My arm suddenly starts to sting and I look down at it, to see my jacket missing. The scratches are covered with a large white bandage.

Everyone eyes stands. "For over three hours." Zach answers me. I look at him.

"Okay then…" I rub the back off my head and I feel that my braid is gone. I look at the girls.

"Um, your head was bleeding." Zach says touching the side of my head and face. I follow his hand to feel another bandage, and the goose bumps I got when his hand touched my face.

I groan. "Just great!" ugh. "I can't believe it fell on top of me." I sigh.

Taylor shifts uncomfortably. "Well, I might have shot it… he-he."

I stop touching the bandage and look at her. "You what?!"

"She killed it." Zach says louder. I roll my eyes.

"No, I heard her; I just don't understand why she did it."

"She saved you… it was a pretty good shot too."

I look at Taylor, about to yell at how stupid and dangerous it was. But, then I saw her. Actually saw her. Somehow, I don't know how, she grew up. She's brave now. She killed a fucking bear, for me. Me of all people. She saved my life.

I grab her and kneel to her level. I smile. "Thank you Taylor. What you did was brave, stupid, but brave. And if you didn't do it, then I probably wouldn't be here. But you do it again, and I'm gonna beat your ass into next week." I hug her and she grins in my hair.

"Wow Nat, that was surprising." Taylor lets go of me and I glare at Haylie.

"Yeah, that was a very non- Nat thing to do." Zach grins and I playfully shove him.

"Yeah, yeah. So fricken funny. Now, can we go?"

Haylie frowns.

"What? We're leaving? But it's already dark."

I suppress an eye roll.

"She's right Natty; you told me that we don't move in the dark."

Dammit. I should really think before I say things to this child.

"Well, I think that we should leave, you know, before any more wild animals come out to try to eat us." I give them a look.

"It's not that dark yet, let's get going." Zach nods at me. I give him a grateful smile. Thank god he's on board.

I pack all my stuff and help Taylor with hers. Zach and Haylie take the tents and I grab my ax.

"Where'd you learn to shoot like that anyways?" I ask Taylor, while we start walking.

She grins at me. "I don't know. I just closed my eyes and shot." My eyes bulge out of my head.

"But, you could've hit me!"

"Well, good thing she has good aim." We look at Haylie.

I nod and my gaze travels to Zach. His face looks serious, but he is limping. He must have gotten hurt with that fucking bear. Remind me to ask him about that later.

"There's a town that should be coming up soon." I shake my thoughts away and nod.

Sure enough, we do end up in a small town that looks to be a ghost town. I look around and it starts to get windy. I really hope it doesn't start raining on us tomorrow or it's gonna suck to walk in it.

"Are there any motels?" I ask Zach. He nods and we follow him. You can barely notice his limp. I don't think the others can see it. But I can.

We arrive at a hotel that looks like it's one a hooker would go to, to get some money.

I kick down the door and we get inside. There are two beds and a couch.

Haylie throws her stuff down.

"Night." I chuckle and take out the candles and matches. I light three of them while Taylor goes and changes.

She comes out in her pj's and I smile.

"Good night Natty." I tuck her in.

"Good night honey." I kiss her forehead and she closes her eyes.

"Well," Haylie slides in next to Taylor, "it's been a long, interesting day. Good night Nat." I nod and blow out a candle on the night stand.

Wait, there bed is closest to the door and there's only one bed left. Just wonderful. Yet, I'm kind of happy. Whatever.

Zach comes out of the bathroom in a white V-neck and black sweatpants. I go in and change. I put on a red tank and grey shorts. I put my hair into a high pony tail and come out of the bathroom. Zach is sitting on the floor by the empty bed.

"Let's see it." I whisper and plop down next to him.


I roll my eyes. "You were limping. Let's see your leg."

He sighs. "It's not my leg."

He surprises me by pulling up his shirt. Good thing he can't see me blush in the dark. He has abs. 'nough said. But what is catching my attention is the claw mark on the side off his torso. I look at him and reach my hand out to look at it.

"I'm sorry Zach. You should have said something." I grab my bag and open it up. I grab the first aid kit and set my bag down.

He looks at me and grins. "You know, a lot of girls would love to be in this position." He lies down and I roll my eyes.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." I pour some water on a napkin and dap it with it. He flinches at first and I smirk. He smirks back and puts his hands behind his head.

"So Zach, why are you going to Oregon?" I pull out some hydrogen peroxide and a large bandage.

He sighs and I look at him before pouring some of it on the scratches.

"My grandpa lived in Salem." I meet his eyes. "He's probably dead, but I loved his house, and Salem is pretty big. There could be some more food there." he shrugs. I nod and pull the wrappers off the bandage.

"You?" I look at him. The candle on the table next to us makes it seem as though he is golden. His hair is all disheveled. His eyes are greener right now. He looks beautiful. I wish I could get someone like that.

I quickly look away to the ground a couple feet away from us that seems much more interesting. "Um, I live in McMinnville. So, I thought that I could go back there…" I trail off and shrug.

"Do you think anyone else in your family is alive?" I put the bandage on him. He sits up, but doesn't put his shirt back on. I sigh and lean against the bed.

"I really hope so." Shrug. "But, I don't know. There is my dad and grandma that live there. So…" another shrug.

"What about Taylor?"

I look at him. "She's gonna stay with me… unless she wants to go with you guys."

He smiles. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's gonna wanna stay with you." He meets my eyes. "She loves you Nat." I laugh quietly.

"Yeah, doubt it. There's nothing about me to love. I don't even think my mom and dad loved me as much as my sisters. I was the different one. The weak one. But, now I have Taylor. Love comes from the heart, she loved her parents. She probably just likes me enough so I can take care of her." I don't meet his eyes, afraid of what I'm going to see.

"No," I do meet his eyes, he looks completely serious, "I see that look in her eyes. That look of adoration. She loves you; she wants to be like you."

I shake my head, not wanting to get into this right now. "Good night Zach."

I stand up. He grabs my wrist and stands up. I look at him. He sighs and let's go of my wrist.

"Never mind, good night."