Duck meets his ancestor


A/N This is my attempt at making a Lunatics unleashed crossover with Looney Tunes. I am not the biggest Lunatics expert so if you notice some inaccuracies just bear with me please. In this story Duck finds out the famous space hero Duck Dodgers might be his ancestor, I know Duck Dodgers is 4 ½ centuries in the future and LU is 7 centuries in the future, but say there both 4 1/2. I'm making this up as I go so any suggestions would be nice. I decided to go with the Looney Tune show version of the Looney tune characters. I may use charecters from other franchises, so if I put in a charecter you don't think should be part of the story just tell me and I won't use him/her again.

Disclaimer: All charecters in this story are property of Warnerbrothers.

It was a typical day at lunatics HQ and as usual Duck was looking in the mirror trying to think of anything that could get him more attention, while the others went about their daily routines Ace was meditating, Slam was eating everything edible and some stuff that wasn't, Lexi was playing video games, and Rev was doing whatever he did.

As the day wore on with no sign of trouble, Tech watched his computer with shock on his face. He ran to where the others were chilling with the shocking news.

Tech: Team! Come here quick!

They all ran to were Tech was standing so they could see what is wrong.

Ace: What's up Tech.?

Tech: You know that computer I designed to search for information about our ancestors.

Ace: What about it?

Tech: It seems it has found something interesting about Duck's ancestral heritage.

Ace: Hear that Duck he found out somthing about you ancestors. Duck? Duck!

Duck was still standing in front of the mirror oblivious to Tech's presence. Till Ace's scream brought him back out of his fantasies of being as incredible as he wished he was.

Duck: What!

Ace: Tech just said he found out something about your ancestor from hundreds of years ago.

Duck: so what not like he's even alive why should I care.

Every one rolled thier eyes before, Tech spoke again.

Tech: Actually, that is the incredible part your Ancestor from ancient times is actually alive.

Everyone looked at Tech in amazement.

Duck: My ancestors is what!? How is that even possible?

Tech: According to my computer your ancestor was actually cryogenically frozen 4 and ½ centuries ago shortly after his wife left him.

Duck: Hold a second here if my ancestor is still alive then who is he.

Tech: According to my analyses he is none other than the famed space hero Duck dodgers.

Everyone's jaws dropped at this news, while Duck practically cheered in excitement.

Duck: ha I knew I was from greatness and now I have proof suckers! And sense I am decindid from such a born leader, I think that means I am clearly the most qualafied to lead us.

Everyone just rolled thier eyes again at their teammates quicknest to try and use this oppurtunity to prove how great he thinks he is.

Then, Ace budded in and said.

Ace: Owe really, I heard Dodgers was a hack who got by with dumb luck and relies mostly on his cadet to save him then takes all the credit for himself.

Duck scolded Ace and they proceeded to argue till Slam and Lexi broke them up. Then to break the tension Lexi spoke up.

Lexi: Actually now that I think of it Captain Dodgers always looked a lot like Duck on the news.

They all nodded in agreement. Then Ace continued to try and annoy Duck by saying.

Ace: And from what I hear that's not the only thing he has in common with Duck.

Duck: what is that supposed to mean?

Duck asked angrilly.

Ace: I heard he tried to have people build him a giant marvle statue of himself, at the football stadium with a big gold name plate that said the greatist duck in history, and when he saved a bunch of little aliens from being enslaved he asked them if he could have one of them as his personal sevant, as a reward.

Duck: And, why shouldn't somone of his greatness have nice things? Besides, it's great knowing not all ducks have to play second best with some spotlight hogging rabbit!

After breaking up the 2 of them again, Duck said.

Duck: Tech do you think I can meet him? I would like to be with someone who understands my greatness for a change.

They all rolled thier eyes yet again then Tech said.

Tech: Actually it may be useful or at least interesting to meet the one surviving ancestor of one of us.

Meanwhile, on duck dodgers ship. The cadet watches a news broadcast of the Lunatics latist victory, as Captain Dodgers (Daffy Duck) wakes up from his 4th nap of the day.

DD: Cadet!

Dodgers yells angrilly.

Cadet: Yes, captain Dodgers.

Said, the Eager Young Space Cadet. (Who resembled Porky Pig)

DD: I wake up from my nap and see you watching TV and not making nachos, you know I like nachos with choclate syurp, coverd in powdered suger with a side of fries and a 2 litter bottle of rootbeer after, my nap!

Cadet: But captain, I've been working 15 hours straight, I just thought I could take a little TV break.

DD:While you thought...

The scene on the TV catches Daffy's atinchin as, he notices an uncanny resimbalence in the group with some people he remembers from his past.

DD: Cadet who are those people on the TV?

Before the Cadet could answer, Daffy heard the Rabbit on TV speak.

Ace: While Docs, it was nothing we couldn't handle...

As, Daffy noticed the simmalarities in the way the rabbit talked he ran to his room saying.

DD: No, it couldn't be, it just isn't possible!

Leaving the cadet comfused, while on TV a familiar looking Duck tried to snatch the podium.

Cadet: That Duck really does look alot like the captain. Wonder if there're related