Duck meets his ancestor Ch6

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The Loonatics continued to follow Duck Dodgers(Daffy) around the forest, not knowing exactly where he was taking them. After a few hours of wandering, Ace finally spoke up.

Ace: Hay Doc, mind...

Dodgers, spun turned around and scolded him, before he had a chance to finish.

DD: Don't call me that, Rabbit!

Dodgers' strange reaction cought all of them off guard. As he turned back around, they all exchanged confused glances. They were all still uneasy from, being sucked through space and time and the "Noble" captain's aditude, wasn't doing much to help the situation. Ace decided it was time for some answers.

Ace: Lunatics, stop!

After what they'd been through, he definatley didn't have to ask twice, as the team practiclly fell to the ground. The leader of the Lunatics, than turned to the Duck "leading" his team.

Ace: Okay Captain, we ant taken another step, till you give us sum answers.

Dodgers barley gave them a glance, before saying.

DD: Fine, wonder around thesthe god foresaken woodsth all day for all I care. I should probably warn you, it'sth sthill legal to hunt anthrosth in thisth century. Stho, look out for huntersth. Alstho, some anthrosth sthill don't mind making other anthrosth their lunch, stho look out for thosthe too.

Ace: Ok Captain wise guy, go on your own all day. I'm sure da great Captain Duck Dodgers, will be fine walkin around in da middle of nowhere with no rest, no one to help him set up camp, and no one to help him find food.

As much as he hated to admit it, Daffy knew he couldn't make it on his own. He barley survived in this area back in his prime, and even with his little cryogenic nap, he was far out of his prime and still shakin up, from that little ride that brought him back here.

DD: Fine rabbit, what do you want to know?

Ace: First of all, what was your deal, wid me callen ya doc?

DD: You reminded me of my besth worsth friend.

Ace: Okay...

DD: Isth that all?

Ace: No, I still...

DD: To bad busther, that'sth all the quistionsth you get.

He stopped and noticed the sun was going down already, so he looked around to see where he was. Even after all these years, he still knew every singal inch of these woods, and he knew where there was a place to stop and rest.

DD: Come with me, I know a spot we can camp out for the night.

The group looked at him curiously, even though they were still frustrated with the duck, they still had no better choice then to follow him. Daffy cut off of the trail they were on and lead them through the trees, and into what looked like a rocky creek.

Ace: Hey doc? Where are we, exactly?

DD: It'sth a little creek that runs through an old lime stone caveran me and my friend used to usthe to esthcape huntersth. The caveran leadsth out into the desthert. We can camp out here tonight and in the morning, we'll cut through the caveran and into the desthert. I know a guy that might be able to help usth.

The Loonatics gathered some wood and started a small fire, but while they all sat around it trying to get warm, Dodgers was just sitting about 10 feet away brandashing a small knife he had in his boot when they got here. He seemed to be avoiding them for some reason and had no interest in discussing things with them.

Meanwhile, the Loonatics were discussing there situation, mostly what they were going to do to get home, but also things like...

Slam: rojiosjosioifgjo...

Ace: I know wat ya mean buddy, I'm starvin. How's bout you Lex?

Lexi: I sure never thought I'd be as hungry as Slam. How you holding up Duck? Duck?

Duck wasn't even paying attention to the conversation. He was more interested in his long lost ancestor sitting 10 feet away. This whole thing started with him trying to meet someone he could finally call family, but the whole time they were with him, Duck hadn't gotten a chance to say a word to him.

Ace: Earth to Duck, come in Duck.

Duck: What?

Ace: We were askin if you were as hungry as we are.

Duck: Oh yeah, sure.

That night, when every one was fast asleep, Duck decided to finally try and talk to the captain. Earlier, Ace asked him if he was going to take watch while he was moping over there and he his only response was flicking him off. So, they assumed that meant yes. Duck snook over to where his ancestor was sitting and tapped him on the shoulder. He quickly woke up and almost stabbed him, but Duck cought it just in time.

DD: And what do you want?

Duck: I just wanted to talk to you a little bit. You know I'm you biggest...

DD: Fan? I've got hundredsth. What makesth you any different? Now beat it busthter. I'm trying to get some resth.

Duck stood there allstruck by Dodger's callouse attitude towards him, before he snapped.

Duck: Fine, you know what? I got my self in this mess, just so I could meet you, but now I don't know why I even bothered. Your just dispecable.

Duck turned to walk away, as what the you duck said to Dodgers began to sink in. Somthing about it was familier and he had to stop.

DD: Kid, wait!

Duck: What? You want to...

DD: What'sth your name.

Duck: My name?

DD: Yeah, your parents didn't justh name you Duck did they?

Duck: Uhhh, no, it's Danger, Danger Duck.

DD: Danger, that'sth a cool name.

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